Newsreader (Adam Joseph)

An occasional invisible presence in early episodes: apparently Australian TV and radio have a very small staff. He announces news of Franky and Doreen's escapades on the run (13) and the failure of Doug and Lynn's payroll job (14).

Newsreader (Adam Joseph)

The news bulletin about Catherine Roberts' arrest for the murder of her daughter's rapist (21).

Newsreader (Annette Alison)

When the women watch the news of Judy's escape on the black and white TV in the rec room (131).

Newsreader (Bruce Mansfield)

Seen on the black and white TV in the rec room with news of the siege involving Margo and Wayne (185).

Newsreader (Adam Joseph)

All we hear is the weather report at the end of the news, though this has plot significance, as the forecast of continued heavy rain makes it unlikely that Jim will go to the park to "run into" the planted "witness" for Michelle Parks (211). There are also "atmospheric" muffled thunder effects throughout the episode, just so we get the message.

Newsreader (Rob Maynard)

Gives details of the drugs raids on McNally's massage parlours, after Kate has tipped off Inspector Grace (252), and in (316) credited as "TV Newsreader" reporting Chrissie's "escape" from hospital.

Newsreader (John Print)

Reporting on Lou's escape (608) and when Lexie is watching TV news (643).

Newsreader (Jennifer Hansen)

For the charity telethon (652).

Newsreader (Gary Mac)

Reads the news of the robbery of two bookies in which Lorelei was involved (656).

Newsreader (Jennifer Hansen)

Reading the radio news of Merle's "escape" (672)

Newsreader (V/O) (Jennifer Keyte)

Reporting on the forest fires in (597) but, as the credit implies, only in voiceover.

Nicholas Fletcher (Joshua Pascoe)

Jim and Leila's son, younger brother of Matthew. Too young to have dialogue in fact, but still credited for his final appearance when he fights with his brother to get hold of Geoff Butler's parcel bomb (109).

Nicholson, Mr (Denzil Howson)

Judy's parole officer (339).

Nick Clarke (Ned Manning)

Young offender who becomes one of Meg's cases while she is briefly a parole officer (201). When he gets obsessed with Meg and throws a rock through her window, Bob agrees to give him a job and a room in their house, challenging him to make something of his life (204). Unfortunately, he develops a crush on Meg and becomes jealous of Bob. After getting drunk in a bar and throwing a rock through a window, he is taken back to prison for breaching his parole (208).

Nicky (Dog) (Nicky)

Shane's dog (463)-(474). A versatile little actor who does an affecting "play dead" and a exciting "fetch", which is one more expression that his human owner.

Nielson, Det (Ian Cuming)

Investigating Paddy's murder by Nola McKenzie (339). He (or one of the other police officers in the same episode) is referred to in dialogue as Det Gilbert.

Nigel Mann (Paul Glen)

One of Queenie's associates in the plot to try to frighten Nikki Lennox (572)-(573).

Nikki Lennox (Vicki Mathios)

One of the teenage delinquents sent on a day scheme to Wentworth to "scare them straight". Nikki is the worst of the bunch, accused of mugging pensioners. Nora is not impressed when Nikki pulls a knife on her (568) but Nikki spends the next evening robbing a chemist and putting the blame on Joanne, another of the juveniles. Nikki gets above her station by attempting to blackmail Joan over her affair with Terri Malone (569). Nora and the other women trick Nikki into helping with an "escape" using the recently released Queenie to put the fear of God in her with her "thugs" (one of whom is an outrageous bald queen who wouldn't frighten anyone with half a brain). Other prisoners (like Lou) become convinced there actually is an escape plan and want to be in on it: Nikki eventually tells Lou there is no such plan (574).

Noddy McDougal (Jack Perry)

Rents a room to May and Willie while they are on the run (583).

Noeline Bourke (Jude Kuring)

First seen fighting with Monica for top dog position while Bea is in hospital (30). Her brother Col is killed in a failed burglary at Noeline's old employers' the Woods. Noeline is released shortly afterwards (37), but is back inside again very shortly (50) after a burglary with her daughter Leanne fails. Mother of a gang of petty thieves:- Leanne, Wayne, Norelle, and even her mother ("Gran"). Returns to Wentworth for another burglary. Uses work release to steal cloth by passing it to her brother George, but Kay White shops them. Erica has her transferred to Barnhurst for her own protection when the work release is cancelled after this incident (132). The credits usually spell the name as Noeline not Noelene.

Nola Douglas (Victoria Arthur)

The last person to see Marty Jackson alive when he has apparently died fighting the forest fires. She tells the story of the heroic rescue of her dog (649) . Not credited until (650).

Nola McKenzie (Carole Skinner)

Oddly likeable baddie: possibly due to a distinctly surrealist likeness to Linda Blair (in head spinning mode) in "The Exorcist". More details.

Nora Flynn (Sonja Tallis)

One of the prisoners transferred from Barnhurst after the fire (537). Jailed for murder of 3 hitch hikers. Becomes top dog. Escapes through the ventilation system (588). Despite Terry Bourke's book, she is not "finished off" by Reb Kean, but killed by Harry Bassinger and her body dumped just inside the perimeter fence.

Norm Barry (Bill Johnston)

First seen at Colleen's farewell party (456), which is strange as Joyce's husband had previously been a completely different man. He is at home with Joyce when union official Frank Bolton visits (477) and gets a credit in (495), (503). Dies in hospital (580) asking for Joyce, leaving the other halves of the two couples - Mervin and Beryl Simmonds - outside to console each other.

Norm Worthington (Robert Morgan)

Marty's parole officer after his arrest for possession, who advises him to give up trying to help Spike (685).

Nurse (Helen O'Neill)

Tells Greg Miller that some of the surgical spirit has gone missing - guess who? (6)

Nurse (Jackie Keren)

While Bea is in hospital after she is stabbed by Ann Yates (31)

Nurse (Debra Lawrance)

Appears in two episodes while Doreen is working at Wentworth General Hospital after her release. She appears uncredited in (155) and in (157) takes Chrissie to see Elizabeth in intensive care.

Nurse (Linden Wilkinson)

When Lizzie is in hospital after having a heart attack (169).

Nurse (Lucy Charles)

When Chrissie calls at the children's home to see Elizabeth and her brother Derek is there to meet her (196).

Nurse (Saturday Brander)

While Bea is in hospital after her kidney transplant (249).

Nurse (Julie Thompson)

In the old folks' home Lizzie visits to see if she 'd like to live there (310).

Nurse (Julie Nihill)

When Chrissie goes to hospital for tests arranged by Neil Murray (315)

Nurse (Heather Brookman)

After the fire. She tells Bea who is in the next bed (it's Joan Ferguson!) (327).

Nurse (Nicki Duncan)

In hospital where Joan is taken after the women attempt to hang her (412).

Nurse (Gael Andrews)

Not credited (420), but surely even after a breast op, Ann would recognise her Wentworth colleague Sister Johnston! Gael Andrews is also shortly to reappear as Sister Hall in (460).

Nurse 1 (Patrice Millar) * Nurse 2 (Cindy Calvert)

When both Ann and Paul Reynolds are in hospital at the same time (424).

Nurse 1 (Abbie Holmes) * Nurse 2 (Patrice Millar)

When Reb is in hospital after her bashing at the hands of Marie Winter (473).

Nurse (Mary Rose Casey)

When Dot goes to hospital for tests (476).

Nurse (Nancy Finn)

When Diedre gets Reb out of hospital by knocking out the policewoman guard. This nurse finds the policewoman unconscious and raises the alarm (477).

Nurse (Nancy Finn) * Nurse (Marion Lang)

When Stan Dobson is in hospital after his heart attack (494).

Nurse (Christine Anderson)

In the episode after the warehouse explodes (502).

Nurse (Joanne Rankin)

When Meg is released from hospital. (507).

Nurse (Gaytana Adorna)

When Major Ferguson is in hospital for the last time (522)

Nurse 1 (Ella Bowles) * Nurse 2 (Mary Rose Casey)

When Joan is in hospital for brain surgery (535)

Nurse 1 (Gaytana Adorna) * Nurse 2 (Christine Lucas)

When Joan is in hospital for brain surgery (537)

Nurse (Jessica Norton) * Nurse (Glenda Walsh)

When Joan is in hospital for brain surgery (538)

Nurse (Betina Eijsma)

When Dennis is in hospital after his knee-capping in (555) and (557).

Nurse (Nicki Woolington)

Credited in (556).

Nurse (Michelle Rowan)

When Norm Barry is dying in hospital (580).

Nurse (Janine Mackay)

When Joyce Barry is in hospital after being bashed by Eve Wilder (586).

Nurse (Louise Hemingway)

When Joyce Barry is in hospital after being bashed by Eve Wilder (587).

Nurse 1 (Robyn Hughan) * Nurse 2 (Amanda Colliver)

When Lou Kelly is in hospital after her faked suicide attempt (607).

Nurse (Nicki Woolmington)

When Jessie is in hospital after drinking the poisoned grog (611), and seen again when Jessie escapes (617). For the second appearance, she is credited as Nurse 2.

Nurse 1 (Meredith Abbot)

While Jessie in hospital suffering the aftereffects of the poisoned grog (617).

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