Cass, still under post-hypnotic suggestion, is determined to finish off Bobbie. Colleen has to decide how to spend the money from the sale of her house. Hannah receives some shattering news about her application for residency.

First broadcast ... 1984 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Wednesday 27 January 1999 04:40
DVD release: volume 29 disc 2 (AUS)
Duration: 0:44:40

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Judy ~ Betty Bobbitt
Joan ~ Maggie Kirkpatrick
Colleen ~ Judith McGrath
Ann ~ Gerda Nicolson
Myra ~ Anne Phelan
Rick ~ Andy Anderson
Reb ~ Janet Andrewartha
Bobbie ~ Maxine Klibingaitis
Pixie ~ Judy McBurney
Cass ~ Babs McMillan
Phyllis ~ Reylene Pearce
Hannah ~ Agnieszka Perepeczko
Jonathon Edmunds ~ Bryan Marshall
Rachel Milsom ~ Kim Trengove
Trevor Priest ~ Paul Young
Ross Heinemann ~ Rod McLennan
Kay Desmond ~ Sally Ann Bourne
Officer Barry ~ Joy Westmore
Det. Kendall ~ Greg Smith
Constable Mills ~ Gary McConville
Receptionist ~ Norma Guthrie

  • Written by James Simmonds & Sally Webb
  • Directed by Julian McSwiney
  • Judy arrives in the shower block to find Cass holding the scissors at Bobbie's throat : she distracts her by convincing her it is not Bobbie she is holding, but Sue from maternity. Judy goes with Cass to look for Bobbie, which she says she has to do or Bobbie will kill them all. Colleen arrives and takes the scissors from Cass and leads her to isolation, where she pretends Bobbie is. Jonathan returns to his office to find Ann still listening to his tape: she brushes off his attempt at an explanation and tells him she will report him to the Department. He follows her to the staff room for another go, but she tells him she contacted the Fox-Smith Institute and knows why he was asked to leave. Joyce calls Ann to see Cass in isolation. Bobbie feels ill, but is it shock, or something else? Ann tells Jonathan she won't let Cass take the blame for the attack on Bobbie: she insists that Jonathan reverses Cass's conditioning and sits in on the session to make sure. Phyllis pretends she was faking her personality change for the sake of free cigarettes. Jonathan is interviewed by the police and attempts to blind the detective with science, and claims he only used one cassette tape to record his notes. Joyce unwittingly hands over the real evidence when she gives them the briefcase containing the rest of his notes and tapes. Bobbie can't face Cass, who is upset not to be able to apologise to her. Colleen is told her house has been sold to the Webbs and is handed a cheque for $63,000, but she tells the agent she has no immediate plans to buy another. Pixie finds that Cass has slashed her wrists in bed, but as it turns out only superficially. Ann tells Colleen that Hannah's appeal against deportation has been turned down. Rachel opens the newsagent's shop to keep her mind off her father's death. Bobbie collapses after Pixie's graphic description of Cass's suicide attempt. Colleen tells Meg she has resigned, and invites her to accompany her on a world cruise all expenses paid. Myra tells the women the bad news about Hannah and announces that the first open day will go ahead, which she wants to turn it into a fete. Reb decides the fete will provide a perfect opportunity to get drugs smuggled in. Trevor Priest offers to pay for Pop's funeral if Rachel will say the accident was Pop's fault. Hannah returns from hospital: she sees Cass's bandaged wrists and is obviously shocked at the idea of her attempting suicide. Colleen takes the opportunity of her forthcoming departure to tell Joan exactly what she thinks of her. Joan calls into the laundry to gloat over the prospect of becoming Deputy Governor. Kay visits Myra, looking in bad shape, which she claims is due to dieting (judge for yourself ... ). She says she is sorry for what she did to Myra by giving evidence against her. Myra confides in Judy that she thinks there is something else wrong with Kay. Ann urges Meg to apply for the Deputy Governorship, as Joan has already applied. Judy suggests Myra contacts Wally. Myra sees Hannah sneak a knife up her sleeve and tells her not to get ideas from Cass. Bobbie is told that her test results show her to be eight weeks pregnant.


    Story Editor: Coral Drouyn
    Script Editor: Fay Rousseaux
    Storyliners: Coral Drouyn, Alister Webb, Ysabelle Dean

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