Protagonist (Neville Stonehouse)

Possibly something to do with officers' strike (475).

Proudfoot, Mr (John Heywood)

Prosecuting counsel at Karen's retrial (24)

Psychiatrist (Peter Flett)

Called to give evidence on Lizzie's sanity at her second trial for shoplifting when she is attempting to get back inside (105). Referred to as Dr Irwin in dialogue.

Pulman, Dr (David Ravenswood)

Psychiatrist who sees Bea after she has become deranged by Zara's phony messages from beyond (368-369).

Punk 1 (Carol Hitchcock) * Punk 2 (Arthur Le Fleur)

Customers in the grotty caff where Nikki Lennox is told to wait and meet a gun dealer (572).

Purnell, Inspector (Paul Zweck)

Interviews Reb in hospital (473)

Queenie Marshall (Marilyn Rodgers)

Prostitute brought to Wentworth for beating up a customer (556) and released in the following episode, though nor before she has embarrassed Andrew Fry into resigning when she recognises him as one of her customers. She is recruited by May to frighten Nikki Lennox and recruits some pretty unlikely looking "thugs" to do so. Last seen in (573) when she has to intervene with the police to prevent Nikki being charged.


See Marlene Warren

Race Caller (Clem Dimsey)

First heard when Lizzie is operating a book (with little success) and loses all her money after giving ridiculous odds on the favourite (205). The same voice is used when Faye is at home after her release having placed her first bet and is listening in for the results (346).

Race Caller (Barry Michael)

On the radio bought by Kath from Spider and later flushed by Rita (649).

Rachel (stunt double) (Szumai Chong)

When Rachel runs over Trevor Priest (457).

Rachel Freeman (Christine Earle)

Women's group leader demonstrating outside Wentworth (565). Her argument against using PMS as a defence on the grounds that it panders to male prejudices about menstruation is just about tenable in theory. However, in the real world this position is unlikely - any feminist group would have been demonstrating to get Daphne out of prison, not keep her in.

Rachel Milsom (Kim Trengove)

Full name: Rachel Louise Milsom. Another illustration of how unwise it is to date a prison officer, or at least anyone connected with Wentworth. She is first introduced as the nice girl in the newsagent's who Rick Manning takes a fancy to. Rick is invited to dinner by Pop Milsom (452) but the relationship barely has time to develop before Pop is run over by a drunk driver (454). When the driver is found not guilty of manslaughter, Rachel runs him over outside court and finds herself in Wentworth (458). Rick leaves for another job almost immediately (the scriptwriters perhaps realising they had stretched credibility far enough with all the officer-prisoner relationships before) and Rachel joins forces with Judy and Leigh Templar to try to get Reb to confess to her drug involvement. She plays the nice girl for a little longer, until she is written out after her trial when she gets a five year sentence to be served on a prison farm (472).

Radcliffe, Officer (Marion Dimmick)

One of those minor officers who skulk around the fringes of the action, though she seems to get her fair share of physical abuse. She may have appeared as an extra earlier on but gets credits for (416) (501) (516) (559) (584) and (592). She is knocked out and taken hostage in the riot (600)-(601); credited again in (608) and (612); she is knocked out by Janet Williams (615); credited in (633); and she is on duty when Lexie gives birth (648). When others officers talk to or about her, they use the first name Andrea.

Radio Announcer (Rob Maynard)

Announces Penny Simpson's murder (310) and the arrest of "Jean Carter" (334)

Radio Announcer (Gary Mac)

When Faye is listening to the radio for racing tips (347).

Radio Announcer (Gary Mac)

He reads out a request which is a message for Rita from Kath's kidnappers (653).

Ralph (Charles Gilroy)

Bobbie's boss on work release (510-511).

Ralph Cranton (Mark Morrisey)

Pixie's fifth (?) husband. He is an old flame who meets her again in Mr Schumann's shop while shopping for a wedding dress for his current fiancÚ. He asks her for lunch (426) and when she agrees to go on a picnic with he, he abducts her by convincing her that Colleen Powell has given permission for her release so she can marry him (427). He visits Pixie when she is back in Wentworth (449) to prove that she couldn't have killed him as she remembers having done.

Ram (Robert Hughes)

Leader of the "terrorists" who attempt to free Ruth Ballinger from Wentworth. Living up to such a self-consciously "butch" nickname is pretty hard, but the actor does a reasonable job of being quietly menacing. There is no real doubt about his ruthlessness when he shoots Tammy and Myra (bastard!). When the terrorists leave, they take Joan Ferguson with them, but the van is specially prepared and Joan and the driver use concealed firearms to shoot and kill Ram and another member of the gang when they reach the airstrip (549-552).

Randi Goodlove (Zoe Bertram)

Probably a working name. Serves a 14 day sentence in Wentworth for soliciting (394), and is briefly put to work in reception (395) before her release in (398). Her next appearance is at the end of (401) as a shock for Meg when her son Marty introduces his new girlfriend "Jenni", who is Randi under another (assumed? real?) name. Scott helps to expose Randi's true nature to Marty by taking him to a prostitute on his stag night, which turns out to be Randi (404). Shortly afterwards, Randi returns to Wentworth on a three week sentence (411). This time, she attempts to get back at Meg by framing her for stealing a diamond necklace, but this has been lifted from Meg's pocket by Pixie (412). Randi has the misfortune to encounter killer screw David Bridges, when Sonia Stevens fails to turn up and she takes her place in his plan to "free" her (414). Our last sighting of Randi is after Bridges has murdered her and left her body on top of a boiler. Considering how frequently the boiler room figures in the plot, it is remarkable that no mention is ever made of her body having been discovered - when she first disappears, she is assumed to have escaped, and nothing is said to contradict this.

Randy (Iain Gilbert)

Reporter in the news room when Hannah Geldschmidt's story is leaked to Steve Lockhart (453).

Ray Carter (Robert Morgan)

Credited in (444). Possibly the estate agent Colleen sees about selling her house?

Ray Foster (Thomas Coltrane)

Working for Lionel Fellowes. He visits Paul Reynolds' shop to case it (409), collects the setup witness from the police station (416), takes a payoff from Eddie Stevens (430) and visits Sonia with information to make her suspect Rick Manning (439).

Ray Proctor (Alex Menglet)

Camp prison cook, brought in to replace Mrs O'Reagan (471). Blackmailed by both Freak and Reb over smuggling goods into prison. Last seen in (507) but mentioned occasionally afterwards, for instance in (514). His presence is implied in (520), where he is supposed to be drunk in the kitchen over an argument with his boyfriend. The women discuss his sacking in (521).

Raymond Gilbert (Marc Allan)

Petra's solicitor (386-398).

Raymond, Dr (Les Tyrell)

Attending Mrs Hartley and fully aware of deviousness. He tells Jenny there is nothing wrong with her grandmother (544).

Reagan, Mrs

Credit for Wentworth's cook on her first appearance (135), even though she is referred to in dialogue - and credited on later appearances - as Mrs O'Reagan.

Reb (Stunt Double) (Maureen Jones)

For the backwards fall when Reb is pushed over the banisters by Marie Winter (466).

Reb Kean (Janet Andrewartha)

One of the classiest acts in Wentworth. More details

Reception Nurse (Mary Rose Casey)

When Kevin Stansfield is waiting at the hospital to help Reb escape from there (426).

Receptionist (Nanette Wallace)

Credited with just the job title in (11) (18) (20) (33) and (40). Erica calls her "Sally" in (40), which is how she is credited from (41) onwards.

Receptionist (Helen Noonan)

Credited in (20) and (39), unpacking goods for the buyup, when Erica calls her Wendy. The same actress is credited in later episodes as Wendy Scott.

Receptionist (Norma Guthrie)

Presumably for estate agent Ross Heinemann (455), but is she actually seen?

Receptionist (Lucinda Cowden)

When Joan confronts Terri at the security firm where she works (576).

Reid, Mrs (Marion Edwards)

Neighbour of the house which is to be used as a day centre, and curious to know who is moving in, introducing herself to Jim as Thelma Reid (226). When Colleen Powell turns up in uniform, she finds out that the house is to be used as an attendance centre for prisoners, and finds an excuse to report the centre to the police (230).

Removalist (Peter Rose)

Helping Dennis move from his old flat to a new one in the same block where Meg lives (531)

Rental Attendant (Noel Brown)

When Helen Smart hires the van to be used as a getaway vehicle for the tunnel escape (165).

Reporter (Rod Dorin)

Outside court after Catherine Roberts' trial (22) and later at the barbecue organised by Marianne de Vere (37)

Reporter (Patrick Roberts)

Credited in (35) TV reporter on the siege at the Woods' when Col Bourke takes Mrs Woods hostage after a failed burglary. He is called Gavin Jolley in dialogue which appropriate for his high fashion Sixties look - natty white polo neck and navy suit.

Reporter (Peter Carmen)

From "The Verity". He comes to Wentworth to get an angle on Jacki Nolan's story, and gets it by talking to Doreen and Lizzie through the perimeter fence, though when the story appears it is totally distorted (159).

Reporter (No. 1) (Bill Manderson) * Reporter (No. 2) (Jon Evans)

Hanging around outside Wentworth for information on the officers' strike (251). The second one is credited as Brian Rock, but he is clearly the same actor as later played Neville Sloan where his name is given as Jon Evans.

Reporter (Ernie) (Gino Varricchio) * Reporter (Gordon) (John Gibbard) * Reporter (Merv) (Adrian Patterson) * Reporter (Sam) (Mal Billings)

Waiting outside Wentworth for the story on Cass and David Bridges (419)

Reporter 1 (Tracey Hannigan) * Reporter 2 (Bill Manderson)

Outside Wentworth wanting news about Camilla Wells (475).

Reporter 1 (Ian Gilbert) * Reporter 2 (Gary Kliger)

Pestering Joan for a comment after her sacking (475).

Reporter (Petar Tolich)

At the PR event for dance marathon (479).

Reporter 1 (Traci Hannigan) * Reporter 2 (Bill Manderson)

At the gate asking Ann for news of Ettie's release (524).

Reporter (Gary Kliger)

Following Ann and Meg when they are shopping for Ettie before her release (525).

Reporter 1 (Jansis O'Hanlon) * Reporter 2 (Terry Brittingham)

Outside Meg's house when Ettie first arrives there after release (525).

Reporter (Terry Brittingham)

Referred to as Bob Menzies in dialogue, credited in (566).

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