MBW Rescuer 1 (Ian Shrives) * MBW Rescuer 2 (Bruce Alexander) * MBW Rescuer 3 (Ramsey Collins)

When Shane is trapped in a drain (470-471). One of them is killed during the attempt. It's not clear what MBW actually stands for.

McBride, Miss (Patricia Kennedy)

An old lady selected by Franky and Doreen for robbery while they are on the run and disguised as nuns (15). She sees through their disguise and lets them stay on, but her nephew Trevor betrays them to the police (17). When Doreen is released, she goes to visit Miss McBride's house, but she is told by the new occupant that Miss McBride is dead (70).

McCumber, Det Sgt (Doug Bennett)

Investigating the arson attempt after the big fire at Wentworth (327)

Mechanic (Rod West)

At the service station robbed by Denny and Leanne (55)

Mechanic (Danny Lilford)

Called to Wentworth to fix the press (445)

Media Man (Graeme Bowman) * Media Man (Peter Elliot) * Media Man (Peter Tandy)

Outside Wentworth for news of Ann and Meg - one of them is punched by Phil Cleary (497).

Meg Jackson/Morris (Elspeth Ballantyne)

A prison warder born in prison, and showing no inclination to leave: the only character to serve the full stretch at Wentworth. More details

Mel (David Cameron)

One of the kidnappers of Jenny Powell. It is because she recognises him from the garage where he worked that Mel's associate Doug demands that she is kidnapped.(275)-(???)

Melinda Crosse (Lulu Pinkus)

Introduced as a student friend of Karen Travers (47), but her own private life is stormy enough to land her in Wentworth. She is having an affair with a married lecturer Tom Burton, a colleague of sinister psychiatrist Peter Clements. Melinda tries to blackmail Tom with incriminating photos, but his wife outsmarts her, and Melinda is arrested (49). She discovers she is pregnant, and Greg talks to her father to get him to give character evidence at her trial: she is released on a good behaviour bond (53). She then asks Greg to arrange an abortion for her: he warns her she is risking perjury. When Karen next sees her at University (56), she avoids her, but Melinda invites her to stay in her flat. When Karen finds out that Melinda has had an abortion using her name, she moves out (58).

Melissa Norton (Robyn Gibbes)

Tony Berman's old flame, who turns up at a very inconvenient time for Maxine, who is just about to pounce (323-325). She eventually takes Tony away with her.

Melville, Det Sgt (Kevin Colebrook)

Comes to interview Hannah Simpson (292)

Merle Jones (Rosanne Hull-Brown)

Originally introduced (625) when Joan arranges her transfer from C block as muscle to support Kath Maxwell, who Joan is trying to set up as top dog. It is stated that Merle should not really be in prison at all, but in some other secure institution. Her low mental age gives rise to her nickname "Loony", but she is not mentally ill, though her confusion often expresses itself violently. Although she may be being Kath's protector physically, emotionally she becomes a substitute daughter for her, and this aspect of their relationship is well handled and manages to be touching without being over-sentimental. When she is utterly betrayed by Kath when Kath abandons her during an escape attempt, Merle has a breakdown and is transferred to a mental hospital. Marty Jackson is mainly responsible for her recovery and return to Wentworth, where she is reconciled with Kath in the penultimate episode (625-692).

Mervin Pringle (Ernie Bourne)

Applies for cook's post with false references (523), and after getting the job gradually gets closer to Joyce Barry, and he becomes her second husband. Omits to mention his epilepsy, but Lexie find out and uses it against him.

Meryl King (Marilyn Maguire)

Full name: Meryl Shirley King. She is inducted alongside Camilla Wells. She is a drug dealer, and tells Sonia about Eddie's corruption. However, she is really a plant to pass unreliable information to Sonia (429). After her release, Rick Manning visits her to get more information about Eddie (432), but she stalls him to get him to call back later. He narrowly escapes being killed by two hitmen, but Meryl is not so lucky and is shot, presumably to silence her?

Michael Bagley (Kurt von Schneider)

Officer at Blackmoor who fires tear gas grenades during the riot (667)

Michael Brennan (Norman Handcock)

Chairman of parole board for Julie's hearing (619).

Michael Davidson (Michael Cole)

Erica's husband, who is first mentioned to Lizzie on her day out to visit her sick brother. He appears in (23) to plead for better treatment for Erica's niece Barbara.

Michael Dunn (John Rohan)

Reporter outside Wentworth wanting a quote about Bea's escape (353).

Michael Graeme (Bob Ruggiero)

Reporter contacted by Julian Phillips in his attempt to get publicity for Jacki Nolan's case (157).

Michael Landon (John Turnbull)

After kidnapping Mr Barlow, a building inspector due to visit Wentworth, he takes his place. He is working for Lionel Fellowes and takes Colleen hostage and plants a bomb in the boiler room at Wentworth (386).

Michael Simpson (Peter Ford)

Caroline's ex-husband, who seems to be one of the only people who could testify to her husband's violent nature and make her claim to have murdered him in self-defence credible. He visits Caroline in prison (95) but they argue and Jim asks him to leave. When he gives evidence at Caroline's trial, he is annoyed that it is rejected in favour of the evidence of criminals. He takes to following Jim, and thus comes across Geoff Butler outside the court where Jim has given evidence against him. Michael proposes a deal: he will pay Goeff if can get Carolien to leave Jim and come back to him. Geoff involves Michael in a campaign of terror against Leila, and then gets him to deliver a parcel supposedly containing drugs to Jim's hotel room. Michael does so, not knowing that the parcel contains a bomb, and it explodes killing Leila and her children. Michael is kidnapped by Geoff and taken to a deserted house, where Geoff plans to fake Michael's suicide after getting his fingerprints on the gun he intends to use to kill Jim. Michael escapes and seeks out Caroline at the halfway house, but she turns him in to the police (112), and we learn that he is to held in a psychiatric unit, possibly forever.

Michelle (Kirsty Grant)

Hazel's roommate in the halfway house, who becomes suspicious about the baby Hazel claims is her own (344-345).

Michelle Charlton (Tania Atkins)

Daughter of Arthur, who is Lizzie's real son, and therefore Lizzie's grand-daughter.

Michelle Dempster (Michelle Saundry)

Sally Dempster's daughter, looked after by Maxine until she finds out that her mother is hitting the little girl (313). Last credit in (320) under the rather odd description "Dempster Child" - it was obviously too much trouble to look up what the character was actually called!

Michelle Parks (Nina Landis)

Full name: Michelle Janice Parks. Long distance runner who comes to Wentworth on remand for stealing money from her workplace vehemently protesting her innocence (209). Jim Fletcher takes a liking to her and accompanies her on her training circuits around the prison grounds. She is eventually acquitted at her trial, thanks to evidence from an old woman who had been paid to give her an alibi. Bea reveals later that Michelle had admitted that to her she was guilty and really did do the burglary (213).

Mick (Phillip Mushen)

One of Gloria Payne's lowlife friends (438).

Mick "Foxy" Lawson (Reg Evans)

Lizzie's old mate, who contacts her suddenly to say he is coming to Australia and would like to see her. Bea persuades Irene Henderson to let Lizzie borrow her house and butler so that he does not have to visit her in prison, but need not have bothered, as it turns out that he too is not what he appears - he is deeply in debt. (398)

Mick Kirby (Neil Melville)

The father of Nora Flynn's child, who has to be contacted when doctors need to know his blood group. Nora is unwilling to see him in case he takes the child away from her, but she loses the child after being punched in the stomach (556-557).

Mick O'Brien (Michael Long)

Chrissie Latham's boyfriend. He visits her in Wentworth in (188), and Chrissie claims he is Elizabeth's father from their time together in Barnhurst in hopes that she may be able to get a visit in the new "marital suite". He continues to visit and eventually proposes to Chrissie, taking her back to his new flat to live with him when she is paroled. He is incredibly patient of Chrissie's tantrums, and the fact that she tells him she is only interested in him as it makes it easier for her to see Elizabeth in the children's home. When the police are called after Chrissie fails to return Elizabeth to the home on time, one of the detectives recognises Mick, and he is arrested (193) as his real name is Mark Brendan, and he escaped 10 years before and is still on the run. [So why didn't they recognise him at Barnhurst?]. He is sentenced to all the remaining period of his original sentence plus a year (195).

Micki Wallace (Deborah Coulls)

Wally's daughter, first seen when Judy seeks refuge in his remote cottage. Mikki is a political type and persaudes Judy to tape a video message about the conditions in Wentworth (169)-(170). When she reappears years later, she is played by a different actress and her name is spelt Mikki in the credits.

Micky (Nick Carrafa)

A friend of Marty's from the Navy, who introduces him to Captain Muldern in (639), although he is not credited until his reappearance in (641). He goes out with the women on the boat for the work release program and takes them out into the harbour in (642) without the Captain. After Delia and Marty are lost overboard and swim ashore, Mick sights land but it is not the mainland. After losing all the other passengers too, he and Roach sail away, never to be seen again (643).

Middle Aged Man (Brian Parker)

Big bloke eager to bed Bobbie when she is working as a prostitute while on the run in Sydney (444).

Middle-Aged Client (Bruce Knappett)

Another customer who takes pity on Bobbie and gives her money for an air ticket (445).

Mighty Mouse (Jentah Snedden (or Sneddan))

See Mouse

Mike ("The Bike") (Jon Geros)

Georgie Baxter's boyfriend (180).

Mike Charlton (Robert Bennett)

Arthur's son, Lizzie's grandson. He is appalled that she has no knowledge of current popular music when she makes a visit to the Charlton household in (406).

Mike Farely (Bill Johnston)

One of the men who visits Wentworth to meet Pixie after replying to her personal ad (402)

Mike Slater (Ross Vernon)

The male physiotherapist who appalls Ann with his insensitivity after her mastectomy (422). From the way he flounces out, it appears that we are intended to think that he is an effeminate homosexual and what would they know about women's breasts? An example of the silly stereotyping that sometimes undermines Prisoner's attempts to be liberal.

Mike Williams (Rod Densley)

Mechanic at garage where Maxine works (368-369)

Mike Woods, Det (Bob Ruggiero)

Interviewing Nancy after her husband's "disappearance" (592-593). Peter later tries to confess his guilt for the murder in (595) after his mother is imprisoned.

Mike Wyler (Stephen Hutchinson)

With Inspector Rouse watching for the pickup when Ann drops off ransom money at a station (490)

Mikki Wallace (Christine Keogh)

Wally's daughter, first seen when Judy seeks refuge in his remote cottage, when she was played by a different actress and her name was spelt Micki. Years later, she is appointed to help at halfway house. She is a sort of parody of the "do-gooder who knows nothing about real life", and causes complications at the halfway house, most notably with Greek runaway Litza and her jealous rages when boyfriend Cliff flirts with her (369)-(376).

Miller, Sister (Joanne Rankin)

When Shane is in hospital after the accident when he gets stuck in a drain (471).

Millett, Mr (Murray Smith)

A small businessman, who is robbed by Maxine and Spud in an alleyway (371).

Mills, Constable (Gary McConville)

Arrests Jonathan Edmunds (455).

Minister (Patrick Aimer)

Marries Meg and Bob Morris (165). A bit of a scene stealer with a rather too noticeable Irish accent.

Minister (Robert Muddyman)

Ben and Pippa's wedding (588).

Minister (George Viskich)

Officiates at Merv and Joyce's wedding (617).

Minnie Donovan (Wendy Playfair)

The pink twinset top dog. More details

Miranda Denis (Christine Ashman)

Ralph Cranton's fiancÚ, who ditches him when she finds out he was married to Pixie (422).

Miranda Young (Natasha Love)

Daughter of Chris Young, the prisoner's husband Colleen is tempted to have an affair with (347)-(348).

Mitch (David Le Page)

Helps with Jessie's escape, taking her out in a wheelchair (618).

Mitch Wallis (Peter Tabor)

Tattooist who comes to Wentworth for the tattoo removal programme organised by Judy (362).

Mitchell, Mrs (Beverley Dunn)

One of the two old ladies taken hostage in their habadashery shop by Wayne, Margo and Bazza when their payroll job goes wrong (183). Rather less easy to scare than her friend Mrs Dyson, she even expresses sympathy that Margo's efforts didn't get her better TV coverage.

Mitzy (Jane Menz)

One of the girls at Mabel's house of ill repute. She loses heavily at cards to Lexie (600-602). Her name is spelt Mitzi in the credits to (602).

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