Kathy Hall (Sue Jones)

New prisoner in (213), inducted as Kathleen Margaret Hall on a two month sentence for theft and receiving, though she later tells Bea that she stole money from a shop till, so it's hard to see where the "receiving" comes in. Kathy seems to recognise the name Terry Harrison and when they meet she is amazed to find he is the same man she had been briefly married to many years before - but not quite as amazed as Terry is to see her. Kathy was now remarried and her current husband was in Woodridge. Several attempts are made to kill Kathy within the prison by various methods including tampering with a kettle to electrocute her and putting ground glass in her coffee. This is to put pressure on Terry by the underworld gang he has crossed. Kathy is released and is immediately killed by a hit and run driver outside Wentworth (220). [This was one of those events that has passed into Prisoner folklore, as the stuntman substituting for Kathy loses his wig during the accident].

Kathy Hudson (Kaarin Fairfax)

Andy's sister (322) largely employed to pass messages between Andy and Paddy Lawson after she is transferred back to Wentworth.

Kathy Silver (Tina Darby)

One of the residents at Driscoll House, who is arguing with another resident when Myra goes to inspect it (429-430).

Kay Desmond (Sallyann Bourne)

First seen in (430) as Myra's overdeveloped teenage daughter. Arrested but not jailed for possession of drugs at the party thrown by Gloria. Gives evidence against Myra at her trial. When she visits Myra in (455) she is in such bad shape that Myra decides to escape to help her get off drugs. Kay is over the worst by (465) so Myra leaves her with Wally and gives herself up. Kay returns in (524) to visit Myra in jail. Last credit at Myra's funeral (557).

Kay White (Sandy Gore)

Bookeeper (in the accounting sense of the word) at Andrew Reynolds garment factory, who gets very friendly with the women on the work release scheme, especially Margo and Judy, when she places a bet with Margo and Judy gives her winnings to Kay to get her a dress for her escape (127). She has been stealing goods from the factory for quite a while and sees the opportunity to blame it on the women on the work release: she sets up Noeline to be caught throwing a roll of material out of the factory window to her brother (132). When Andrew Reynolds announces the firm's accounts are to be audited, she stuffs the factory pay envelopes with paper and "borrows" the money to place a huge bet to pay back what she has stolen but her deception is discovered while she is away and she is caught when she returns to replace the stake money (134). Remanded to Wentworth for embezzlement and theft, where the women prey on her and try to tempt her back into gambling to undermine her defence of accepting psychiatric treatment for her compulsive gambling. Dr Weissman gives evidence aganist her at her trial and she is sentenced to 5 years (140). After Bea has been sent to solitary for giving Kay a bashing (142), Kay takes over the book from Margo, until Judy and Lizzie trick her into accepting bets she can't pay out for. When she finds out how she's been set up, she goes to Lizzie's cell and starts to throttle her, until Linda Jones smashes a kettle over her head (145). Kay dies in hospital and Lizzie initally takes the blame and is charged with manslaughter.

Kaylene Rawlins (Mickey Camelleri)

Prostitute who visits Helen Smart in Wentworth to warn about Lionel Fellowes (385).

Keith Fagan (Geoffrey Pullan)

A man who worked with Willie's father: he proposes a job she and May might be able to do, though they are more interested to find out information about Chuck "The American" Cooper (583).

Keith Moore (Peter Hosking)

Lorelei's fiancÚ (623). Never seen or mentioned after this first appearance.

Keith Scott (Jonathon Sweet)

Kurt Renner's associate (442-447).

Kelley, Doctor (Vic Gordon)

Family doctor for Sally Dempster and family. Called in by Maxine when Michelle has a cold (314).

Kelly (Karen Johnson)

One of the residents at Driscoll House, who is arguing with another resident when Myra goes to inspect it (429).

Kelly Fraser (Maryanne Fahey)

Halfway house resident who tries to seduce Wally to get special treatment (403-404).

Kelly, Sister (Liddy Holloway)

Nurse at Wentworth. She worries Lizzie by making her think she is dying (350); credited in (362), (381); sedates Cass (420); in the infirmary when Belinda Johns steals a pair of scissors (421) and helps Bobbie (428) and Reb (429).

Ken (John Bishop)

Workman who comes to fix the press in (150) as part of an extremely convoluted piece of plot elaboration which seems to have no other point than to get Bea transferred to the kitchens and give Val Lehman (another) short break.

Ken Harvey (Paul Glen)

One of the men playing poker with Des Coulson (373).

Ken Pearce (Tom Oliver)

Founder of a prisoner's drama group, who visit the prison to perform a play (104). The women form their own drama group at Wentworth, and during rehearsals Ken becomes involved with Bea Smith. Bea agrees to show Ken's errant daughter Debbie that life in Wentworth is hard on a voluntary 24-hour stay there. Ken and Bea are discovered in the rec room store cupboard together when Sharon Gilmore lags on them (116). Erica bans Ken from the prison after this incident. Eventually, Bea gives up her relationship with Ken so that he can go back to his wife Marion for the sake of the family (191).

Ken Roberts (Tim Elliott)

Husband of Catherine and father of Sarah. First seen in (18). Reacts badly to his daughter's rape and wife's imprisonment. His fondness for getting drunk and listening to classical music provides some of the unlikeliest background music in the whole series, including Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony and Debussy's La mer. Last credit (22)

Ken Turner (Neville Stonehouse)

The electronics expert for the art theft gang that Willie and May infiltrate (586-587).

Kendall, Det (Greg Smith)

Arrests Jonathan Edmunds (455). He is also present in a later episode when Joan is arrested for abducting Shane (473) and tells Joan that the charges are dropped in (474).

Kennedy, Dr (Brian James)

Examines Bea when she is taken ill and diagnoses her as needing a kidney transplant (240)-(244).

Kenny, Dr (David Robson)

The doctor who tells Meg that Dennis may never walk again after his kneecapping by Frank Burke (555-556).

Kensai Tamura (John O'Brien)

Pippa Reynolds' Japanese boyfriend (561-563).

Kent, Dr (Robert Morgan)

When Major Ferguson in hospital for the last time (522)

Kerry Brodie (Keely Macarow)

A young girl who arrives at the halfway house calling herself Kim (317). She turns out to be Cookie's daughter and ran away from home because she was being sexually abused by her father. Last seen (321). Hard to say whether the acting is actually the worst ever seen by a juvenile performer, though Kerry's habit of always avoiding looking at the person she's talking to is possible "acting" rather than just lack of experience.

Kerry Jacobs (Penny May)

Debbie Smith's school friend, used by Joan to get information on Debbie to make the plot with Zara convincing (365)-(370).

Kerry Stratford (Bev Foster)

Prisoner from the workshop who appears in the laundry discussing the go-slow (450). As far as I can see, she never appears as a genuine background character and seems to have been drafted in just for this episode.

Kerry Vincent (Penny Downie)

Transferred to Wentworth from Barnhurst (112) and given special privileges because of her artistic talents. She had been a prositute and killed a man with an ashtray, but her artistic talent had been recognised by Ken Pearce. Her agent David Austin is unscrupulous and uses the fact that she is a prisoner to push up the prices of her work so he can profit from the examples of it he has got hold of. Kerry is paroled (117) but only on condition that she has no further contact with David Austin. Kerry's infatuation with her agent is used by him to make her turn out for him paintings he has presold. Her insecurity and confusion lead her back to alcohol and under Helen Smart's influence she gets drunk so often she is unable to work. She becomes jealous of David cultivation of rich female art patrons and after she has caught him with one of them in the gallery she loses her temper and knocks him unconscious with her favourite weapon - a glass ashtray (122). Helen's pimp sells Kerry drugs which she takes with alcohol, and her life is saved when Helen visits her and finds her unconscious. Paul Reid manages to argue that Kerry's parole should not be revoked if she will accept treatment in a sanatorium (124).

Kerryn Davies (Jill Forster)

Inducted as Kerryn Adele Davis on a two year sentence for fraud at the bank where she works (485). Distraught at separation from her husband Lyle, goes on hunger strike to get her husband to visit. Her stepson Tim visits and agrees to tell his father about his gambling debts which caused her to steal the money. Lyle breaks off contact and she hangs herself in the visiting suite (495).

Kevin Armstrong (Shane Connor)

Husband of Cheryll, a woman who seeks refuge at the halfway house (387). He follows her there and at first it looks as though his violence towards her led her to run away, but later sympathies change, and her addiction to pills supposedly drove him to hit her, or something equally unconvincing.

Kevin Burns (Ian Gilmour)

Meets Doreen while she is working at the same factory (89). Marries her.

Kevin Charlton (John Chilton)

Lizzie's grandson, who visits her in (408), supposedly having taken the day off school, though he appears to be in his early twenties. They get along well, which convinces Lizzie to give the rest of the family a second chance, and she goes to see them all in (409).

Kevin Stansfield (Tiriel Mora)

Gary Wilder's accomplice in the plan to help Reb escape by kidnapping Major Ferguson (425). He is involved in Reb's second escape plan using the Glee Club Outing (433-434), but Reb double-crosses him and leaves him behind. He uses his friend Tim to track down where Reb is, and finds her hideout at Sarah Webster's house. He is accidentally stabbed by Sarah during a scuffle (436).

Kid 1 (Nicholas Brennan) * Kid 2 (Scott Hailes) * Kid 3 (Tim Nelson) * Kid 4 (Cameron Kermaghan)

A group of boys in a snack bar who taunt Shane (527) until he is rescued by a kindly paedophile.

Kitchen Hand (Susan Cholewick)

Warns Marilyn Mason about the possibility of sexual harassment from her boss Mr Harris (8)

Klaus Werner (Robert Thompson)

Official from the German Consulate (453) called to Wentworth to prevent Hannah Geldschmidt being taken back to East Germany.

Klein, Doctor (Roger Boyce)

Heartless voice over as Lorelei is wheeled to secure ward (674).

Kurt Renner (Ray Meagher)

Crime boss who has Sonia kidnapped on the way to Barnhurst to exchange for Eddie. He treats Sonia as his mistress, and gets her to put Bobbie on the streets as a way of getting Eddie Stevens to show his hand. A meeting is arranged between Sonia and Eddie, but it is a trap and Renner shoots Eddie. Renner believes he has killed Eddie, but he survives (surely he would have checked?). Sonia escapes from Renner by hitting him with the butt of a pistol (442-447).

KVC (V/O) (John Larking)

On the police radio when Sergeant Thomas contacts the station from Wentworth (247).

Kylie Dence (Sally-Ann Creswick)

A phony witness set up by Lionel Fellowes to identify Paul Reynolds on an identity parade (414), but she withdraws her statement in (415).

Lady (Margaret Stephenson)

Pixie tells her fortune and lifts her visitor's pass for Myra to use to escape (459).

Lady Driver (Elizabeth Stevenson)

Gives Bea a lift after she's escaped from the crashed van bringing her back from Barnhurst (199). She drives Bea all the way to the house she used to live in.

Lady Resident (Gae Anderson)

Living in Bea's old house where Bea goes in a dazed state looking for Debbie after escaping from the crashed van bringing her back to Wentworth (199). The new resident tells Bea she's been living in the house for over two years, so presumably she moved in not long after Bea shot her husband? It certainly looks like the same front door as in (2), and by a strange and presumably deliberate touch, Bea is even wearing the same dress as she did in the earlier episode.

Lainie Dobson (Marina Finlay)

Tattooed delinquent, inducted in (354) along with her boyfriend Alan who is dressed (vaguely) as a woman so they are not parted. She is sentenced to four weeks for shoplifting (356) which she started in order to raise enough money to have her tattoos removed. When she goes for a job interview, the boss seems happy to employ her until she lets him see her tattoos, and attempts to remove them herself with caustic soda (359). She buys a joint from Nola McKenzie (360) and later LSD. She begins to hallucinate and is about to cut out her tattoos until Bea talks her down (363). She is released in (366). Although Lainie is not unique as a fairly minor character in being included in the opening mugshot credit sequence, she is the only character to be shown one episode before she actually appears (353).

Landon, Mrs (Eve Godley)

Librarian at the library where Laura Gardiner works, and seen when Meg first comes across Laura (373). When Meg remembers where she has seen "Brandy" and returns to the library to check up on her, Mrs Landon tells her that Laura has eloped (376).

Lane, Insp (Peter Drake)

Comes to Driscoll House to arrest Pixie (378).

Larrikin Kid 1 (Nicholas Brennan) * Larrikin Kid 2 (Michael Seen)

Two horrid boys who taunt Shane when Joan takes him to Luna Park (468).

Larry (David John)

The Bentleys' gardener, who can establish Lyn's innocence. First seen in (1), but not credited until (6).

Latimer, Mrs (Penelope Shelton)

One of Andrew Fry's bitchy friends, whose comments convince Ann not to accept the offer of promotion (520)

Laura Gardiner (Roslyn Gentle)

A sufferer from multiple personality syndrome. First seen as a timid librarian being harassed at work by a collection agent (373). When Brandy Carter, a foul mouthed prostitute, is brought to Wentworth on a soliciting charge, Meg thinks she has seen her somewhere before (374). Brandy confuses both the women and the officers by changing back into Laura. When Meg remembers where she has seen her before and challenges her, she changes from Laura to Brandy (375). In her Brandy persona, she fuses one of the dryers to get a maintenance man to come to Wentworth to mend it, and offers him sexual services in return for money and booze (377). Laura attempts suicide in (379) and when she returns from hospital it is in another persona, Susan, a confident middle class woman (380). Meg gets Laura's father to come and visit her in Wentworth, but she changes to Brandy and attacks him (382). Under hypnosis, Laura banishes Brandy and Dr Weissman recommends she is transferred to a sanatorium. This plot line is frankly stolen from "The Three Faces of Eve" and in the short time available is only capable of a superficial exploitation. Although the actress has some fun with her contrasting characters, she is unable to make the sudden breakthrough in one hypnotherapy session remotely convincing.

Lawson, Mrs (Gillian Seamer)

Paddy's mother in hypnotic trance flashback (313).

Leanne Bourke (Tracy-Jo Riley)

Noeline's eldest daughter, first seen when she visits her mother in prison in (33), where she is credited in error as Lisa. She next appears in (50) when she does a robbery with her mother, but manages to get away without being caught. When she visits Noeline in prison, she's told to do another job to support the (rather large) Bourke family. To her mother's disgust, Jean Vernon persuades Leanne to go on social security, though Leanne steals Jean's car to get to the CES. Leanne meets Denny there, and they burgle Meg's flat. Jean persuades Meg not to report it to the police and to let Leanne move in with them. When she visits her mother, she is passed Bella Albrecht's ring, which Noeline had stolen from Martha Eve's cell (53). Meg catches Leanne trying to hide it down the side of the sofa (54). Denny persuades her to go along with him for a "job" at a service station (55) but he means a hold-up and they are both arrested but not imprisoned. Leanne eventually ends up in Wentworth in her own right (120) but she gets involved in the rooftop protest organised by Judy after the death of Sharon Gilmour and dies in a fall from the roof (121).

Leanne Turner (Evelyn Bowie)

Resident of the halfway house involved in an argument over TV (405-406).

Leary, Dr (Paul Wentford)

Joan initially consults him about her blackouts (531) and he appears again in (535) and (538).

Lee, Detective (Terry Brittingham)

Arrests Lorelei (623).

Lee, Dr (Lawrence Mah)

When Dot Farrar attends hospital for tests (476).

Leigh Templar (Virginia Hey)

Model on remand for murder of porn boss, who was blackmailing her by threatening to publish pornographic films she had appeared in. She is then blackmailed by her agent Roland, who claims to have the films. Saved by Ann in the fire during the riot, and Leigh uses her influence to get Ann her job back (457-470).

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