A new inmate with some eccentric ideas arrives at Wentworth; Munroe gives Joan his terms for her keeping Shane; and a prisoner goes over the wire.

First broadcast ... 1984 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Sunday 21 February 1999 04:40
DVD release: volume 30 disc 3 (AUS)
Duration: 0:45:21

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Judy ~ Betty Bobbitt
Joan ~ Maggie Kirkpatrick
Ann ~ Gerda Nicholson
Myra ~ Anne Phelan
Reb ~ Janet Andrewartha
Dennis ~ Nigel Bradshaw
Bev ~ Maggie Dence
Bobbie ~ Maxine Klibingaitis
Marlene ~ Genevieve Lemon
Dot ~ Alethea McGrath
Heather ~ Victoria Nicolls
Joyce ~ Joy Westmore
Shane Munroe ~ Robert Summers
Gordon Munroe ~ Jim Ewing
Nicky (Dog) ~ Himself
Mark Rodgers ~ Alan Chaplin
Ray ~ Alex Menglet
Lou ~ Louise Siversen
Off. Slattery ~ Dorothy Cutts
Det. Kendall ~ Greg Smith
Det. Insp. Barrett ~ Jeff Hodgson
Inspector Purnell ~ Paul Zweck
Constable Dawkins ~ Stephan Hutchinson
Nurse 1 ~ Abbie Holmes
Nurse 2 ~ Patrice Millar

  • Written by Fay Rousseaux & David Phillips
  • Directed by Steve Mann
  • Joan is told that Shane is backing his father's story. Marlene tries to convince Bobbie it's foolish to try to escape. Joan phones the hospital and learns that Shane has been discharged from hospital. Bev is mildly amused that more of her victim's bodies (or parts of them) have been discovered buried in her old house. Lou tries to sound out Bev to be the brains behind the rackets: Bev isn't interested in the money but seems intrigued by the possibilities. Shane runs away from his father and goes to Joan, saying his father threatened him and Nicky to make him give a statement against her: she tells him he must go back to his father until she can get custody. Myra and Judy decide to keep a watch on Bobbie to see if she's planning to escape. Joan turns on Heather when she happens to mention calling the hospital to see how Reb is. Bev deliberately puts her hand in the press to see what it feels like. Mr Munroe phones Joan to arrange a meeting. The women decide on a waltz marathon as their record breaker for charity. Gordon Munroe wants money from Joan in return for giving up Shane: she refuses and tells him she'll see him in court. The police interview Reb in hospital, and incriminates Joan again for the attack on her, but is only taken seriously when she provides a possible motive. Ann tells Myra she appreciates the women's fears but says she can't transfer Bev without appearing to challenge the court's decision that she is sane. The police go to Wentworth to interview Joan: she tries to hint it was Marie who bashed Reb. Bev deliberately shuts Dot in the cold room in the kitchen: Ray discovers her some time later. Bobbie drops some dishes so she is left alone in the dining room to clear up and Ray keeps her in the kitchen for a home made vanilla slice. Bev slashes Lou's arm with her fingernail to illustrate the sort of payoff she will want is she is to become involved in the rackets: Lou is to find other victims for her. Officer Slattery lets Joan go in to speak to Reb at the hospital to find out why she's lying, but Reb refuses to make a deal with her. Ray leaves Bobbie alone in the kitchen and she uses her key to get into the grounds. She climbs over the inner fence covering the barbed wire with a blanket, but hurts her hands on the second fence. In the rec room, Myra and the others notice that Bobbie is missing. The sirens sound and Bobbie is trapped on the wire .


    A prisoner called "Jenny" is twice mentioned in (473) in connection with the workshop. Could this be the source of the name of one of the background characters?

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