Bernie West (John Quinn)

Bikie friend of Maxine's, who visits her at her parents' garage to let her know Spud is being released (368)

Bert Gibbs (Reg Gorman)

Workman fitting the PA system which is used by the women to play a trick on Joan (438)

Bert Lynch (Nick Kislinski)

Mystery visitor for Martha, though he is only using her to pass on a coded message about Glenys to Toni McNally (60).

Bert Warren (Warwick Randall)

Gives Sarah Roberts a lift from school, telling her he is "Jack Harris", then rapes her (18). He is later revealed to be one of her father's employees. Sarah sees him in a shop and phones her mother, who drives to the shop and runs him over as he leaves, reversing over him to make sure (19).

Bert Warren (John Proper)

Marlene's father. He visits alone in (462) then accompanied by his wife (474). His gift of "The Guinness Book of Records" inspires the women to try to break the world waltzing record. Last seen at Marlene's wedding (533).

Berryl Simmonds (Jennifer Jarmen-Walker)

Mentioned in (545) as being very supportive to Norm Barry after Joyce leaves him. However, on his death bed after a heart attack, Norm asks for Joyce, leaving Beryl and Mervin outside the hospital room (580)

Beryl Hudson (Esme Melville)

Resident of halfway house, who brings her canaries with her (311)-(312).

Bessie, Mrs (Val Jellay)

Landlady who takes in Edith with a month's rent in advance, then tries to throw her out, leading to an encounter with the business end of an umbrella (45)

Bet Gowan (Rosalind Hill)

Joe McCormack's girlfriend. he would have run away with her, but fate has decreed he would have a prior engagement with the sharp end of a coffee table (591)

Beth (Anna Griffin)

Credited in (18) but no character of this name appears. Perhaps this is supposed to be Sarah Roberts' school friend, though she calls her Viv! [Though that may possibly be a slip-up by the actress - the aunt she goes to stay with later and who is referred to several times in dialogue is called Aunt Viv]

Beth Jones (Jackie Keren)

Mother of young baby, which is due to be taken away from her. Helen Masters promises to get her baby back, but there is little hope of this when Helen is released and appears on television to say what she really thought about the inmates (10).

Betty (Charmayne Lane)

Flatmate of Kathy Hall, who visits her just before release to warn her that their place is being watched (218).

Betty (Norma Brown)

Customer (with another woman credited as Ivy) of the halfway house shop who takes a fancy to Maxine's stolen goods (306).

Betty Collins (Babs Wheelton)

Neighbour of Driscoll House Mk 2, who tries unsuccessfully to keep her son Trevor from becoming friendly with Maxine and other residents. She complains about the noise in (349). She is re-introduced in (384) to bring the police to Driscoll House by complaining about the noise, just as Sharon Smart had stabbed a man in the attic.

Betty Daley (Suzanne Dudley)

Resident of the halfway house. She comforts Judy over Maxine's death (392) and lends Judy her car to go for a drive with Hazel (393). Her name is spelt Bette in the credits for this episode, and in (395) when she moans about Hazel, though it has returned to Betty when she is thrown out of Driscoll (399) and shops Judy to the cops in revenge.

Bev Baker (Maggie Dence)

Serial killer, psycho and ex-nurse, who cold bloodedly describes her crimes to the other women (472). She enlists Lou Kelly to provide her further victims for mutilation. The victim is selected by running a raffle and giving a "consolation prize" to the second place winner, Bobbie Mitchell, by re-opening the cuts on her hands from the barbed wire with a razor blade. She selects another victim at random as the next person to come into the laundry, which turns out to be one of the volunteer social workers, but the other women prevent from carrying out her threat. She eventually kills Rob Summerton, another social worker, with a skewer and when cornered commits suicide by injecting air into her veins (476)

Bevan Taylor (Rob Hewett)

Reporter from "The Standard" who comes to Wentworth to follow up on the story about the conjugal visting suite (189).

Big Boz (Rob Baxter)

Beats up Bobbie on Kurt Renner's instructions to get information to trace Eddie Stevens (446)

Biker 2 (Matt Brown) * Biker 3 (Barry Solomon)

Members of the gang who set fire to Joan's house (623). Biker 1 is presumably the one credited as Tailshaft.

Bikie (Brian MulQueeny)

One of Spud's gang, who all descend on Driscoll to visit Maxine and have a drunken party. Referred to in dialogue as Bob? (304)

Bill (Nik Forster)

Nola McKenzie's contact to the popstar she is blackmailing as a way of getting drugs into Wentworth (356-359).

Bill Desmond (Vince D'Amico)

Myra's husband, first seen when their son Alan goes to find him at the house of his girlfriend Gloria (430). When he decides to move back into the family home and bring Gloria with him, and to top it off makes a lecherous suggestion about his daughter Kay, Myra snaps and hits him with a bottle, and he hits his head on the side of the fire, and dies from his injuries.

Bill Harris (Robert Forza)

Friend of Tony Reid. While Tony is staying with him and girlfriend Sally, Sharon Gilmour is busted delivering drugs to the house (90). He is not credited until the trial (94) but has no lines.

Bill Jackson (Don Barker)

Social worker at Wentworth (2), married to Meg Jackson. Stabbed in (3) by Chrissie Latham during a riot.

Bill Rivers, Det Sgt (Doug Bennett)

Interviews Queenie and Co after they are arrested picking up guns - part of the silly plot to scare Nikki Lennox (573)

Bill Rodgers (Peter Heath)

Heather's elder brother, a policeman (476), who is the source of her information on Bev Baker's crimes

Bill Smith (James Shaw)

One of Fellowes' thugs, who break into Joan's and feed her LSD to warn her off (413), thus being responsible for the memorably lurid "bad trip"

Bill Todd (Neil McColl)

Known as Toddy. Doreen picks him up when she and Franky are on the run in order to have somewhere to sleep (19).

Bill Watson, Officer (Bill Maine)

Barnhurst officer (presumably), who brings Marie Winter to WDC, turns a blind eye to her drug smuggling (461)

Bill Williamson (Adrian Vanderdrift)

Rosemary's friend, who visits her, proposes and takes her back to the country (402).

Billie Dorsey (Kristopher Steele)

Credited in (407). As he often plays legal types, I suspect he may be involved in Petra's retrial.

Billy Johnson (Allan Chaplin)

Faye Quinn's "nephew", but who is really her son, handed over to her sister Glenys to bring up after a teenage pregnancy (348)-(350).

Billy Slocom (Glennan Fahey)

Blackmoor prisoner transferred to Wentworth after the fire there, and first seen when Merle tries to trade comics with him (668). Craven lets him and Stud Wilson into solitary to rape Lorelei (669), and when the women find out they were responsible, they are held hostage in a store room for some mental torture with a razor (683-684).

Billy Thompson (Rick Ireland)

With Sally Morgan attempting to steal Ettie's handbag. Ettie has the bright idea of giving the two of them money to take home with them so she can break in and steal it to get back in Wentworth (540-541). I'm sure you can see the little flaw in this plan instantly - Ettie doesn't.

Billy Vinton (Conor McDermottroe)

Impersonates a policeman in the fake transfer of the male prisoners. Both he and his accomplice Joe Nash are foiled by Dennis and Joan, and one of them is shot by Joan (518).

Blackman, Det Sgt (John Proper)

Investigating Bea's escape (353)

Blackmoor Officer (Mark Muggeridge)

Transferred to Wentworth after the fire at Blackmoor (668).

Blackmoor Officer (Alan Barrett)

Transferred to Wentworth after the fire at Blackmoor. Credited in the episode where Lorelei is raped and so perhaps involved with that (669)

Blackmoor Officer (Matt Brown)

Transferred to Wentworth after the fire at Blackmoor. Seen with men exercising outside (670).

Blackmoor Officer no 1 (Rowan Brindamour) * Blackmoor Officer no 2 (Les Sumner)

Among the group of officers who beat up Rita on Craven's orders (671)

Blakely, Mrs (Janet Lord)

Mother of Sally. Tony Reid goes to see Sally after his release from prison, but Mrs Blakely tells him Sally has moved to Melbourne (128).

Blonde Woman (Carol Reason)

Mistaken by Shane for his mother on a trip with Joan to Luna Park (468). Strangely, this possible plot line is never taken up and Shane's "mother" is never mentioned again.

Blossom Crabtree

See Denise Crabtree

Bluey (Bob Jewell)

Dock worker who finds Joan Ferguson standing at the waterfront lost to the world when she starts to suffer blackouts following an incident with a bookcase (531). As with his co-worker Curly, there seems no obvious reason for his nickname.

Bluey Wilson (Rob Constable)

With Andrew Hinton when Joan meets him in a bar, and possibly he is the one challenged by Joan to a bout of arm wrestling? (613)

Blunt, Officer (Ernest Wilson)

Unclear whether he is a Wentworth officer or a Blackmoor officer transferred after riot (669).

Bob (Paul Glen)

Friend of Leila Fletcher, who disconcerts Jim by answering the door when he goes round to see his wife hoping for a reconciliation (48). Thanks to Steve West of Blockade magazine for sending me a typed list of the credits prepared by Grundy's publicity department, as the actor is only identifiable from there and is not listed in the broadcast credits.

Bob Barker (Peter Moon)

Visits Wentworth to meet Pixie after replying to her personal ad (402)

Bob Burton (Jeff Kovski)

Joan's contact, used by Rodney to have Lisa framed and returned to Wentworth (686)

Bob Johnson, Det Sgt (Bob Halsall)

Detective Sergeant with Inspector Grace interviewing Angel in (487)

Bob Michaels (Paul Makin)

The anchor man for the TV programme featuring Mervin's cookery contest (578).

Bob Miller (Lindsay Edwards)

Previously seen as News Reporter during the dance marathon. Phoned by Reb in (502) to leak the story of the male prisoners transferred from Woodridge

Bob Moran (Peter Adams)

Appointed as Governor during Ann's absence (595). His Vietnam training and hard-headed attitude cause much digruntlement among the women. His friendship with Kath and Alan Maxwell allows Kath to be introduced as a character before she becomes a prisoner. Bob leaves Wentworth shortly after Kath is imprisoned. Last seen in (620) when Jessie thanks him for believing her about Harry Bassinger. A short-lived character, given his importance to the plot. I suspect he was mainly introduced as a way of giving Gerda Nicolson a brief break from the series.

Bob Morris (Anthony Hawkins)

First introduced as the father of Tracey Morris, who is on remand in Wentworth on a drugs smuggling charge (143). Inspector Grace suspects he may be involved in the drugs smuggling himself due to his contacts in the import/export business. He becomes closer to Meg after she is shot by a sniper aiming for Tracey (148) and he visits her in hospital (149). The relationship develops gradually until he proposes and becomes Meg's second husband (165). Their married life is featured briefly when they come into conflict due to his unreasonable demands that she gives up her career to become a full time housewife and cater to his business clients (187)-(190), and again when Meg becomes involved with a parolee Nick Clarke (201)-(208). Bob appears to have been written out when Meg tells Janet Conway he has gone on a six month business trip to Indonesia (242), but he returns unexpectedly early in (259), only to find that Meg has been appointed Deputy Governor, and goes back to Jakarta in a huff (260). Meg tells Erica in the next episode that she is getting a divorce.

Bob Taylor (Terence Donovan)

Shane's adoptive family with wife Marnie and daughter Tracey. Their difficulties with Shane are aided and abetted by Joan, who is reluctantly drawn into their family. First appears in (513), when Joan goes to meet them after Shane has run away.

Bobbie Mitchell (Maxine Klibingaitis)

Young "delinquent" brought to Wentworth for shoplifting. If backcombing were an Olympic event, she'd be gold medal material. More details

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