Barbara Fields (Susan Guerin)

Middle-class character introduced when Doreen finds work in a shoe factory (300). Framed by her boss for arson and murder and sent to Wentworth. Eventually dies in the fire at Wentworth (326). More details

Barbara Kent (Fincina Hopgood)

Hazel Kent's daughter, who visits her in Wentworth with her father and brother (188). Hazel see her husband and kids for the last time in (396), where they seem to have adopted their father's surname rather than hers (though it is spelt Coxcombe in the credits rather than Goscombe).

Barbara Krantz (Myra de Groot)

Pushy PR person assigned to Wentworth for the dance marathon (479)-(482).

Barbie Cox (Jayne Healey)

Brought to Wentworth with Rita Connors, charged with an offence that perplexes Joan and Meg (586). We never find out what this is, and hardly anything else about Barbie, since she seems to have only two lines ("Hi de hi!" and "Naughty, naughty!") interspersed with girlish giggling. She is the "dumb blonde" character carried to its logical extreme, which ought to be intensely irritating, but in fact has considerable charm. On her release with Jessie Wyndham in (601) she whispers her crime to Jessie, but we never hear. Did even the scriptwriters know what Barbie why in prison? She returns in (602) to lob tennis balls filled with whisky over the fence to the women, and even here looks as if she is attempting to pose for the Pirelli calendar.

Barfield, Officer (Kate Fell)

This actress is seen as a background officer from the earliest episodes. First credited as Officer Barfield in (59), but she had also been implicitly identified as Officer Barfield in (56). Oddly, Delva Hunter - who takes over the role of Officer Barfield later on in the series - appears in a scene later in (59) and has the same flicked-up hairstyle as Kate Fell.

Barfield, Officer (Delva Hunter)

Officer at Wentworth, used to fill up the empty spaces in those implausible "staff meetings", stand by the gate in the dining room, and is only called on rarely to say anything. In (384) she has a scene with Pixie and a delivery man, and in (394) offers the opinion that Eddie Stevens is a very nice man. Also credited for (408) (418) (422) and (424). Despite her few credits, she is seen frequently, as she takes over from Susan Arnold as the officer walking the corridors in the final credit sequence between (295) and (481). Her first name seems to be Joan, but is only rarely referred to - for instance at the start of (370) - possibly to avoid confusion with Miss Ferguson. Thanks to Dave Smith for pointing out an early use of her Christian name in (223), where Terry Harrison calls her "Joan" also. Thanks to Mark and Kelly Skipor for the reminder that Jim refers to Officer Barfield as Connie in (151) - but not in her presence.

Barmaid (Lesley Caust)

For the scene where Lindy is picked up in a bar by the man who will later break into Driscoll House and rape her (354).

Barman (Shane Bourne)

In a bar where Chrissie goes looking for a job and gets an offer in her old line of work (196).

Barman (Les James)

When Nick Clarke gets drunk and disorderly and lands himself back in prison (207).

Barman (Lazar Rodic)

When a suspicious and jealous Janet goes looking for Jim (251).

Barman (Jack Perry)

In the dockside pub where Wally searches for the lassa fever contact (392)

Barman (James McRae)

Referred to as Max in dialogue, when Rick meets Eddie Stevens (431)

Barman (Barry Newton)

Referred to as Tim, sells Colleen a bottle of vodka for her secret drinking at work after the death of her family (438).

Barman (Dean Nicols)

Calls Joan to the phone for a call threatening her house will be torched (623)

Barman (Bill Manderson)

Credited in (632), but there is no bar in this episode, let alone a barman. Possibly a credit held over from the previous episode when Rodney goes for a drink with Meg.

Barman (Dean Nicols)

In the bar where Rodney meets Alison and Marty bumps into Lisa (679).

Barnes, Councillor (Max Davidson)

Asked by Erica to visit Driscoll to help Judy get her licence, but unfortunately for Judy, he runs into a drunken Spud and his gang (304).

Barnhurst Mother (Lyn-Marie Smith)

In Nora's flashback to the incident where she was accused unjustly of attempting to harm a child in the nursery (538)

Barnhurst Officer (Dorothy Cutts)

Escorting Helen Smart on her transfer back to Wentworth (419)

Barnhurst Officer (Val) (Lorraine Kindler)

Escorting Ettie Parslow (514)

Barnhurst Officer (Lorraine Kindler)

Escorting the eight women transferred after the fire at Barnhurst, including May, Willie, Julie, Daphne and Nora (537)

Barnhurst Officer (Andrea Swift)

In Nora's flashback to the incident where she was accused unjustly of attempting to harm a child in the nursery (538)

Barrett, Det Insp (Jeff Hodgson)

Arrests Joan for abducting Shane (472)-(473). Meg chummily refers to him as "Ernie".

Barrett, Det Insp (Ian Walker)

Investigating the murder of Lou Kelly (616) For no very good reason, he becomes convinced that Lexie is the guilty one. Wrong!

Barrett, Dr (Ivor Bowyer)

Karen Travers' doctor, interviewed by Steven Wilson in connection with her appeal (17) and giving evidence at her retrial (24).

Barrister (Colin Vancao)

At the inquest into the cause of Alan Jeffries' death (332).

Barry Lockwood (Bruce Kilpatrick)

Boss and later lover of Terri Malone (570-576).

Barry Nicholls (Sean Myers)

Inspects Driscoll House, put up to it by Alan Jeffries' father in an attempt to have it closed down (329)-(330).

Barry Rockman (Chris Milne)

Sarah Webster's wimpy boyfriend, first seen in (436) He visits her in Wentworth to make up with her in (441) before her release.

Barry Simmons (Ken James)

Social worker appointed briefly to Wentworth, asked by Meg to help Hazel Kent when she is framed for the bank job carried out by Nola McKenzie. He also finds a job for Paddy Lawson, but she is drowned by Nola at the end of the same episode (337-338).

Barry, Officer

This is how Joyce is credited in early episodes. See Joyce Barry.

Bartender (Ian Sprake)

Barman who talks to Toni McNally when she is trying to find Jackie Coulson (57).

Bartender (Rob Constable)

In the bar where Dennis is harassed by customers who believe he is a serial killer (529).

Bartender (Anita Keir)

In the bar where Joan takes Terri Malone for a drink (541).

Bartender (Hardy Stow)

When Rodney goes looking for Bob Burton, the contact Joan gives him to get Lisa Mullins framed (686).

Barton, Captain (Paul Young)

Salvation Army chaplain, who gives Lizzie a day on the outside to examine the Salvation Army hostel where she might go after her release (111). He traces Lizzie's "family", helps Lizzie again after Sid Humphries death and gives a speech at his funeral (223). He last appears when he helps Denise Tyler's family at Judy's request (363).

Barton, Doctor (Merfyn Owen)

When Ann and Meg are admitted to hospital after the booby trap bomb blast (501).

Basil Humphreys (Noel Maloney)

Yemil's solicitor for her retrial. His language is rather tactless to a (presumed) Muslim when he tells her that a witness to the accident turning up has "saved her bacon" (513)

Bates, Det Insp (Ian Walker)

Conducts Paul Reynolds' identity parade (414) and tells him the charges against him are dropped (415).

Bates, Miss (Uncredited)

Secretary to Steve Wilson (30)

Bauscomb, Dr (Vic Gordon)

Ann's doctor. He sends her to hospital for a biopsy when she eventually consults him over a lump in her breast, and he visits her in hospital after her mastectomy (416)-(423). In the credits for (419) his name is spelt Bauscombe.

Baxter, Mr (Burt Cooper)

Melinda Crosse's attorney (53)

Baxter, Mrs (Effie James)

Matron of the home where Shane is sent after the custody hearing (501).

Bazza (Tim Hughes)

Friend of Wayne's who arranges the payroll snatch to help pay off his gambling debts (182). This leads to Wayne being shot by the police and Margo being returned to Wentworth.

Bea Smith (Val Lehman)

Top dog and mainstay of the series for the first four hundred episodes. More details

Beamish, Mrs (Carmel Millhouse)

Runs the boarding house to which Susie Driscoll is paroled (283)-(291).

Beeton, Mrs (Marion Edwards)

Referred to as Betty in dialogue, she runs the boarding house found by Wally for Rosemary when all her money is stolen (391)-(392).

Belinda Johns (Jane Turner)

Truculent blind woman imprisoned for possession of illegal arms (414), who immediately takes an interest in Sonia Stevens. It transpires that she deliberately had herself imprisoned to get even with Sonia Stevens for the accident which took away her sight. She is responsible for the series of accidents and assaults which befall Sonia: mixing ground glass into her hand cream (417), stabbing her in the back with a fragment of mirror (420), strangling her with a kettle flex (425). When she has Sonia cornered in the dark in the library, she finds she cannot manage to deliver the coup de grace with a wrench she has hidden among the bookshelves and is transferred to another block (428).

Bella Albrecht (Liddy Clarke)

Brought to Wentworth in (50) but not seen until the following episode when she succeeds in shouting loudly enough to get herself removed from solitary. Erica warns her she is being kept in solitary for her own protection, due to the nature of her charge: the murder of her 5 year old child. As Erica advises, she thinks up another reason for being in Wentworth and tells Bea that she murdered her husband, but Bea is not satisfied and asks Karen to investigate during her study release. Peter Clements is tricked by Bea into telling her the whole story: Bella killed her illegitimate child who had come between her and the man she wanted to marry, and had mutilated the child to throw suspicion elsewhere. After Bella is attacked in the shower block, Martha Eaves is assigned to guard her, but is attacked again, this time by Monica Ferguson in the garden. When Bella is drowned in a wash basin in the shower block (52) and found by Melinda Crosse (53), suspicion falls on Bea and Monnie, but Martha confesses to the murder in (54).

Belle Peters (Lesley Baker)

A bikie nicknamed "Tinker" (or "Tink" for short). She meets up with Maxine while she is on the run (390) and involves her in a burglary, during which Maxine is shot by a security guard. Belle looks up Judy at Driscoll House (392), and leaves the $20,000 from the burglary as a going away present.

Ben Carstairs (Lindsay Edwards)

TV presenter who interviews Jason Richards for the live TV show during which Susan Rice throws acid in his face (29).

Ben Fulbright (Kevin Summers)

Daphne Graham's lawyer for her PMS appeal. On-off relationship with Pippa Reynolds, which is frankly rather tedious (563-604)

Bennett, Mrs (Dorothy Bradley)

Vera's horrible mother, first seen nagging Vera for neglecting herself while she watches children's TV. She seems to be exaggerating her illness to tie Vera to her, as she makes a miraculous recovery when Greg Miller comes to examine her, but later in the episode she has a heart attack while the camera focuses on the pills she should have taken (7).

Benny Mitchell (Peter Ford)

Works for Duncan Campbell and is involved in both the attempt to snatch hannah from court (289) and to recover money from Hannah Simpson's mother (295). When the police surround Mrs Simpson's house, Duncan Campbell phones him there to take money to give himself up and accept responsibility. He is next seen in Woodridge during preparations for the joint charity concert (318), when Chrissie Latham recognises him and tries to blackmail Duncan Campbell into paying her off too. Benny is told to get rid of Chrissie and offers another Woodridge inmate $5,000 to kill her. Transferred to another prison (320).

Benson, Nurse (Gael Andrews)

In the children's ward when Doreen is interviewed for a job at Wentworth General Hospital (152). Not listed in the credits, but easily identifiable from other appearances.

Bentley, Mrs (Adrianthe Galani)

Lynn Warner's employer. Mrs Bentley makes a grim appearance (rather reminiscent of the Wicked Stepmother in Snow White) in the first episode revealing that it was she and not Lynn who really buried her son to teach her philandering husband a lesson. After her husband's girlfriend shops her to the police, she is arrested, but (unusually) does not appear in Wentworth.

Bentley, Sgt (Tim Hughes)

Police officer who volunteers to take the news of Leanne Bourke's death to her mother, but he ends up arresting her for theft from her colleagues at the office where she works as a cleaner (122).

Bernadette (Anne Phelan)

Prisoner who takes Bea's meals to her after Erica has sent her to isolation indefinitely (94). She passes on Bea's message to the women to stop their participation in Paul Reid's craft project. Rather a dopey character, and possibly a model for Babs Macmillan's later portrayal of Cass Parker?

Bernard Cox (Terry Trimble)

The man at the bank who refuses Joan a loan when she needs money to pay off a blackmailer (411)

Bernie (Robert Thompson)

Doug Parker's friend. Doug and Lynn go to stay with them after running away from her parents (12). Bernie involves them in a payroll snatch which leads to Doug's death and Lynn being sent back to Wentworth, though Bernie is not seen in the episode when it happens. We hear a gunshot inside the factory and Doug gasps that Bernie has been killed. The plot can be commended for its admirable economy with actors, but it's not clear to me how Bernie is supposed to have got inside the factory.

Bernie (Michelle O'Grady)

Friend of Spike's who tries to help Lisa and Marty trace Christine Dutton and puts them on to Ronnie Willis (680).

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