Denise (Sue Chapman)

Resident of the halfway house (323).

Denise (Elizabeth Rogers)

One of the girls at Ettie's flats (595).

Denise Crabtree (Linda Keane)

Girlfriend of Fred Ferguson, usually referred to as "Blossom". For her first appearance in (43) the credits recognise her pet name, but it is misspelt as "Blosson". With Bruce Starr, steals the proceeds of Joyce Martin's robbery collected by Monica Ferguson and hidden in Fred's house. She is arrested after Monica Ferguson beats Fred up (45). In Wentworth she makes a deal with Jim Fletcher, but is double crossed by him.

Denise Tyler (Geraldene Morrow)

First seen eating a bag of crisps without paying in a supermarket where Judy is trying to arrange a job for an inmate. Judy becomes involved when she pays for a can of ham Denise is trying to shoplift and tells her about the halfway house (361). Last credit (367).

Dennis Cruickshank (Nigel Bradshaw)

Prison officer, nicknamed "the Yorkshire Pud", and supposedly from Barnsley, though the accent is closer to Tyneside than South Yorkshire. First seen in (457). Strike. Involvement with Heather Rogers. Leaves when his wife Doris brings news of his mother's illness and goes back to England (481). Returns to service (511) and immediately becomes chief suspect in serial killer case. Moves into Meg's block of flats, and becomes emotionally involved with her, and proposes marriage. Crippled by Frank Burke, and leaves Meg rather than let her give up her career to look after him (560).

Dennis Quinn (Chris Connelly)

Marty Jackson's friend from the Navy (381), who becomes obsessed with Meg and makes obscene calls to her, eventually threatening her at knife point after killing another girl and playing back her screams to Meg over the phone (383-384).

Dennis, Mrs (Eve Godley)

Manager of the dress shop where Doreen works (358)-(359).

Dennis, Sgt (Ian Cuming)

Questions Rosemary after she knocks out Rod (394).

Denny (Tony Mahood)

Leanne Bourke's boyfriend, who involves her in the service station robbery that lands her in Wentworth (50)-(55).

Departmental Officer 1 (Peter Heath) * Departmental Officer 2 (Bob Halsall)

Heartless officers who collect Lorelei for transfer to Ingleside (673).

Derek Latham (William Zappa)

Chrissie Latham's brother, who comes to visit Meg in her office while she is Chrissie's parole officer to offer to let Chrissie and Elizabeth live with him and his wife (196)-(197). After Chrissie leaves them and finds herself back in Wentworth, he and his wife Brenda tries to get custody of Elizabeth (297)-(298).

Derro Customer (Cliff Ellen)

Confused customer talking to his imaginary friend in the cafe where Nikki Lennox is waiting to meet Charlie Jackson, a supposed gun dealer (572).

Des Coulson (Peter Ford)

Joan's next door neighbour, who complains about Major - the dog, not her father - in (373). He treats his wife Carol abominably and is stabbed by her in (374).

Des Williams (Gary Down)

Donna Mason's pimp and drug dealer (292). He uses Donna to persuade Susie Driscoll to become a prostitute and then forces Susie to take heroin (297), locking her in room and bringing clients to her. When Susie escapes, he traces her to the halfway house, where Judy and Susie overpower him and he is arrested by Inspector Grace (298).

Desk Clerk (David Bergin)

Sells plane ticket to Tracey Morris when she escapes after holding Meg hostage (464).

Desk Officer (Bob Halsall)

Refuses to let Meg see Dennis when she comes to the police station to find him (529).

Desk Officer (Christopher Stevenson)

When Jenny Hartley is arrested for murder (548).

Desk Sergeant (Telford Jackson)

Passes on information about the halfway house to the reporter Alex Fraser (74). This character is not listed in the credits for this episode, or for (76) where he also appears, but does finally get a credit for (91), when Sharon and the others are taken to the police station after the drugs bust.

Desk Sergeant (Bernard Barry)

There are two potential candidates for desk sergeant in this episode, but I think this is the one who takes down details when Ron Crosby reports the assault and robbery after riding in Judy's cab (261).

Desk Sergeant (Peter Black)

When "Jean Carter" is taken to the police station after her arrest (334).

Desk Sergeant (Peter Black)

After Meg is attacked by Dennis Quinn

Desk Sergeant (Ian Sprake)

In the episode where the warehouse where Ann and Meg are trapped explodes (500).

Detective (Neil Thompson)

Interviews the Roberts family after Sarah's rape is reported (18)

Detective (Peter Thompson)

Not a police officer, but the store detective who follows Susan Rice and arrests her for stealing an alarm clock (25).

Detective (Bill Tyrell)

Arresting Bea at Val's house after Yvonne shops her to the police (36).

Detective (Roy Baldwin)

Arrests Carol Burton (49)

Detective (Bob Ruggiero) * Detective (Kevin Summers)

Interviewing Glenys Buchanan. They promise to guard her if she will give evidence against Toni McNally (57) but she is kidnapped by two thugs working for Sean McNally.

Detective (Peter Aanensen)

Arrests Jock Stewart at the massage parlour after Judy uses herself as bait while she's on the run (172).

Detective (Roy Baldwin)

Gives evidence against Michelle Parks at her trial as the investigating and arresting officer (212). Called Det. Sgt. Davison in dialogue.


Credit for Sen. Det. Burke on his first appearance (262).

Detective (Ian Sprake)

Either in connection with Hannah Simpson's money or Donna Mason (296).

Detective (Ian Cuming)

Interviews Chrissie after Penny's death (310).

Detective (Patrick Aimer)

Sweeps into reception at Wentworth waving a fag around and generally behaving as if he owned the place. He is there to investigate Neil Murray's abduction of Chrissie (316). One of my favourite pieces of atrocious acting by a minor character in Prisoner

Detective (James Patrick)

Arrests Helen Smart when she solicits him by mistake (354).

Detective (Paul Mellor)

With Inspector Thorn when he questions Joan after Don Baxter is found dead (413).

Detective (Gus Cornelissen)

With Inspector Thorne when he interviews Colleen about hit and run (422)

Detective (Greg Smith)

Takes Rod Lewis to the police station after Colleen's call (423) and when Colleen is charged with culpable driving (424).

Detective (Bob Halsall)

Investigating kidnapping of Major Ferguson (426).

Detective (Ian Sprake)

Interviews Myra after her husband's death (432).

Detective (Paul Mellor)

Propositioned by Doreen outside a police station in her desperate attempts to get put back inside (435). His grasp of the law seems to be a little shaky, as he makes the extraordinary statement that "Soliciting's not a crime" - tell that to Helen Smart!

Detective (John Bayliss)

Interviews Eddie Stevens in hospital (447).

Detective (Helmut Jensen) * Detective (James Patrick) * Detective (Glen Ruehland)

Following Ann for the ransom money drop (490)

Detective (Glenn Robbins) * Detective (Ian Mumby)

In the patrol car outside Ann and Meg's. They both have their throats cut by Brian Lowe (497)

Detective (Gus Cornlesson)

In the episode where warehouse where Ann and Meg are trapped explodes (500).

Detective (Gary McConville)

When Meg reports the attack by Peter Wright's accomplice Trog (510).

Detective (Gerard Matte)

With Inspector Grace questioning Dennis after he is arrested on suspicion of the murder of young hitchhikers (529).

Detective (Mal Billings)

Credited in (530). Possibly with Inspector Grace when he tells Dennis the murder charges against him are dropped.

Detective (James Patrick)

Questioning Jenny Hartley after she is arrested for murder (548)

Detective (Ian Walker)

Waiting at the airstrip with Inspector Grace for Ruth Ballinger's escape (552). Credited as Detective 2

Detective 1 (James Patrick)

Interviews Nancy McCormack (601).

Detective 1 (Jeffrey Hodgson) * Detective 2 (Eric McPhan)

When Harry Bassinger makes his first attempt to kill Lexie (603).

Detective no 1 (Stan Kouros) * Detective no 2 (Frank Lloyd)

When James Dwyer consults the police about blackmail attempt on his son (651)

Detective (Peter Sinclair)

Escorting Kath Maxwell back to Wentworth after her recapture and arrest for the murder of Terry Denson (688).

03 March 2001