Detective Sergeant (Roy Baldwin)

Credited in (101) when Lizzie and Doreen are taken to a police station after an incident in a wineshop. Roy Baldwin also appears uncredited as a detective in (105) where he may be supposed to be the same character, probably the "Sergeant Bates" Erica talks to on the phone later in the episode, since this is also in connection with Lizzie. He may or may not be the same character for his similarly uncredited appearance as a detective in (83) and (113). He appears again uncredited in (126) when he is called to Gail Summers' flat by Meg, and here he is also referred to as Sgt Bates. He makes another uncredited appearance as a detective at the end of (156) when Doreen brings Chrissie's daughter Elizabeth back to the hospital.

Detective Sergeant (Bill Binks)

At Driscoll House investigating Alan Jeffries' death (326).

Detective Sergeant (Ian Sprake)

Interviews Bobbie over break in at her father's house? (491).

Detective Sergeant 1 (Ian Walker) * Detective Sergeant 2 (Simon West)

The first deals with Joan when she goes to the police to tell them her life is in danger. The second joins him when they interview Joan after she has been fired on by a sniper (554). The first appears again when Terri's neighbour is killed in a car bomb blast intended for Joan and both of them interview Lionel Fellowes (555).

Devlin, Mrs (Rosie Sturgess)

Mother of Pat O'Connell, who looks after her children while she is in prison. She brings Emma and Andrew to see Pat after her transfer to Wentworth (68) but she tells Pat she can't look after them any later then Christmas, when Pat is due to be paroled. Visits Pat again (74) to reiterate the same message. Pat does get parole in time and goes to stay with her mother (75). After Pat is returned to Wentworth following her son David's escape from prison and attempt to contact his mother, Mrs Devlin is harassed by reporters looking for a story (77).

Devlin, Sgt (Bill Fox)

Referred to in dialogue as John Devlin, one of the Bomb squad officers attempting to defuse the bomb left by Michael Landon outside the solitary cell where Bea is being held. He is injured in the blast (387) and his colleague Major Hunt is killed.

Di (Denille Walsh)

Prisoner who fights Doreen when she is acting tough shortly after Franky's death (21)

Diana Groom (Amanda Cook)

Prisoner, credited in (574), (581), (602), (605) and (607). The same actress is seen for the first time as a backgrounder in (564) in the laundry after the name "Groom" is mentioned in the muster earlier in the episode.

Diana Hardy (Julia Gardner)

Remand prisoner put into uniform by Meg due to her pill-induced amnesia (445).

Dianne Charlton (Joy Mitchell)

Arthur's wife and thus Lizzie's daughter-in-law (406)-(409).

Dianne Henley (Rhonda Cressey)

Unable to read on arrival at Wentworth, but taught in a remarkably short time by John Maxwell. His expertise might have been useful in Prisoner's credit department - this character's name is misspelt as Lianne in credits on her first appearance (355). Last credit in (361).

Dick West (Peter Drake)

With Ron Hardy, a couple of business contacts who are having dinner with the Morrises when Meg is called away to help Nick Clarke (201).

Diedre Kean (Anne Charleston)

Reb's mother. First appears in (464) to persuade Reb to see her father, who is dying in the last stages of multiple sclerosis. She visits Reb in hospital after her bashing by Marie Winter to tell Reb her father has left her all his money (474) and helps Reb escape from hospital (477), but worried that Reb might die without medical treatment, she informs the police of her whereabouts (478) and ends up in Wentworth with Reb (479). There she takes up the role of "middle class prisoner out of her depth" and is persecuted by Frances, Lou and Alice, but Reb refuses to help her, and even joins in the persecution by salting Diedre's food and pushing her face in it (481). Myra eventually persuades Reb to take notice when Diedre is severely beaten by some of the women (483). Diedre and Reb are reconciled just before some one mysteriously pays Diedre's bail and she is released (484). She visits Reb again in (488). When Lou Kelly escapes she seeks refuge with Diedre (491) and visits Reb again to tell her what happened (493). Most of the time the women pronounce her name as if it were spelt Dierdre, though pedantically Judy persists in calling her Deedra. Gael Andrews (who plays Sister Hall during the same period) is miscredited for the role at the end of (468).

Dierdre Sims (Patty Perkins)

Snobby friend of Amy Ryan, wife of Ward (616).

Dierdrie Makin (Kristine Karman)

New saleswoman at the shop where Doreen works, but really an undercover policewoman watching for Bea to contact her, as Doreen quickly realises (358)-(359).

Dinah Walford (Trudy Simms)

Prisoner brought to Wentworth at the same time as Kathy Hall (213), though at her induction Vera pronounces her surname "Woolfit". She is allocated to D block, so we expect to hear no more from her but she is eventually revealed to be responsible for the death threats against Kathy and the attempts to put them into action (215). She later visits Terry with a heavy to take him along to meet John Fitzwater (223).

Diner (John Adams)

Complains when Rosemary gets her orders mixed up (399).

Dixon, Mr (John McCallum-Howell)

In charge of the caravan park where Judy finds Hazel (394).

Dixon, Officer (Maureen Edwards)

Prison officer. Credited in (617) but Maureen Edwards is usually credited as Officer Bailey, which is indeed what Alice calls her in dialogue for this episode, so this is evidently a mistake.

Doctor (Doug Bennett)

While Bea is in hospital after she is stabbed by Ann Yates (31)

Doctor (Barry Michael)

Informs Karen of Alice Hemmings' death (73). The character is not listed in the credits.

Doctor (Ian Cuming)

Tells Chrissie that Elizabeth may ssoon be well enough to leave hospital and go to Wentworth to be with her (102). The same actor had previously been credited as Dr Grant in (93) when Elizabeth was born.


Credited thus for episode (130) but credited previously as Dr East.

Doctor (David Foster)

Tells Don the bad news about the recurrence of his back problem: he won't be able to work for up to a year (226). He doesn't seem to be the same as the uncredited doctor in (223).

Doctor (Brenda Addie)

At the hospital where Doreen and Peter Richards take Martin when he suffers from an asthma attack (231).

Doctor (Norman Hancock)

Tells Susie Driscoll she is well enough to go back to Wentworth (270).

Doctor (John McCallum-Howell)

Explains to Colleen that Jenny was raped (279).

Doctor (Will Deumer)

In Karen's flashback to her abortion (1).

Doctor (Denis Dunnell)

When Gary Doyle dies in hospital after the tragic tractor accident (11).

Doctor (Peter Tabor)

During Chrissie's tests in hospital before she escapes with Neil Murray (315).

Doctor (Alton Harvey)

Explains post-natal depression in words of one syllable to Judy and Geoff (346).

Doctor (David Bergin)

When Stan Dobson is in hospital after a heart attack (493).

Doctor (Rod Densley)

Tells Nora he needs to get in touch with her baby's father to find his blood type (549).

Doctor (Mark Gogall)

When Norm Barry is dying in hospital (580).

Doctor (Fredericks) (Charles Scott)

Old crock doc at Wentworth, referred to as Dr Fredericks. Lizzie takes a fancy to him, but no-one else is eager to sample his bedside manner (357).

Dog Handler (Pete) (Paul Rettke)

Looking after the Alsatians who are put to guard the perimeter fence on the insistence of Ted Douglas (253). He says he will only be present for two hours a day to feed and groom them, and in the next breath reassures Janet that the dogs won't attack unless commanded by him to do so... Can you spot the flaw in this scheme? He tells Colleen the dogs have lost their appetite and recommends the vet is called in (257).

Don Baxter (Alan Lee)

Blackmails Joan with the tape from Sonia passed out of prison by Brenda (410) but Joan finds him dead when she goes to pay him off (411). Though he has the same name, this Alan Lee is not the (better known) actor who plays Tony Berman.

Don Masters (Stewart Lowe)

With Andrew Hinton when Joan meets him in a bar (613).

Don Page (Stuart Finch)

Husband of Alison. Meg visits him at Alison's request (216).

Don Payne (Allan Lander)

One of the visitors from PASSIVE, who are trapped inside Wentworth by the quarantine after the lassa fever outbreak. He proves to be cowardly and selfish, and is caught attempting to escape from Wentworth before the quarantine is lifted (390)-(394).

Donaldson, Det Insp (Laurie Dobson)

Arrests Sarah Webster (437).

Donna (Joanne Barker)

Marty Jackson's girlfriend (4)

Donna Mason (Arkie Whiteley)

Full name Donna Mary Mason. Befriends Susie Driscoll. Jailed for possessing heroin and prostitution. Released to the halfway house. Dies of heroin overdose (290)-(303).

Doreen Anderson/Burns (Collette Mann )

One of the major characters during the first 300 episodes, with two later stretches of "guest" appearances. More details

Doris (Valma Pratt)

Madam of one of the massage parlours Jock Stewart visits as a customer. She gives Judy a try-out working as a masseuse, little suspecting that she's employed a "40 year old virgin", and a lesbian virgin at that (171).

Doris (Irene Hewitt)

Neighbour of Jessie Windom, who helpfully points the police to the house where Lexie is hiding out when she's on the run (603).

Doris Cruickshank (Nicki Paull)

Dennis' wife, who turns up at the height of his affair with Heather to try to get back together with him (478)-(479). Credited for (481), when she is mentioned as going back with Dennis to England to see his sick mother, but does not actually appear. Another prime example of an unconvincing "Yorkshire" accent, consisting mainly of dropped aitches.

Dosshouse Keeper (David Murray)

Threatened by Edith when she returns after her husband Horace dies (45).

Dot (Valma Pratt)

Insufferable woman in the same hospital ward as Meg after her shooting by a sniper (150). She predicts that Bob Morris will propose to Meg in four weeks.

Dot Farrar (Alethea McGrath)

First appears after transfer from another block for antagonising the women there (462). A whinger and malingerer, with a malapropism for every occasion. An unsuccessful attempt to find a substitute for Lizzie, and written out very soon afterwards - poisoned by Angel - without having been used in any major plot line (486).

Dot Phelps (Melissa McKeane)

Credited in (409)

Doug (Martin Phelan)

Armed robber, kidnaps Jennifer Powell and rapes her. Shot by his girlfriend Carol (275)-(278).

Doug Parker (John Arnold)

Introduced in (7), a male prisoner working outside the fence at Wentworth. He becomes friendly with Lynn Warner while she is working in the garden, and after they are both released, he visits Lynn at her parent's farm (11) and they run away together. They move in with Doug's friend Bernie, and get married (12), but Bernie involves them both in a payroll snatch which leads to Doug's death and Lynn's recapture (14).

Douglas Hopwood (Kristopher Steele)

Minister's secretary, who informs Ann that the men are to be allowed to mix with the women (505). Member of the parole board for Bobbie's hearing (513 and Judy's final release (534). Last credit (558) as a member of Nola's parole board.

Douglas Kean (Andrew Gilmore)

Reb's father, who is only seen once, as he visits Reb in Wentworth (468). Reb is told of his death in (470).

Douglas, Mr

The Man from The Department. See Ted Douglas.

Downer, Mrs (May Howlett)

Sarah Webster's neighbour (437).

Doyle, Miss (Brenda Clarke)

Secretary to Mr Jeffries (331).

Drinks Waiter (Andrew Webster)

In a bar where Chris takes Meg to try to cheer her up (513).

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