Leila Fletcher (Penny Ramsay)

Jim Fletcher's estranged wife, who first appears in (42) leaning out of a window telling a drunken Jim to shut up or he'll wake the kids. In her early episodes, she seems cast as the sterotyped bitter ambitious wife. She becomes a little more sympathetic after she shows her dislike for Jim's mate Geoff Butler when Jim invites him to dinner (79). She is introduced again when she throws Jim out of the house after she is told about his relationship with Caroline Simpson (105). Eventually dies in a bomb blast intended to kill Jim (109).

Len (Timothy Hughes)

A customer "kinky for virgins" set up by Des and Donna to sleep with Susie Driscoll for money without her knowledge (293).

Len Muller (James Shaw)

Friend of Lorelei's, with whom she seeks refuge after the robbery of two bookies goes wrong. He sends her away (656).

Len Murphy (Maurice Fields)

Prison officer, transferred as replacement (493). Violent towards the women, with especial hatred of lesbians. However, his classes give Bobbie a start towards electrical apprenticeship and eventual release. Visits Lou Kelly after lights out for sex. Made Governor in (507). Framed at Joan's suggestion and with Myra's agreement as Pixie' rapist (510) and sent to prison (511). When Inspector Thorne arrests him in (511) his name is given as Leonard Edwin Murphy, but when Marlene reads out a newspaper article about his trial in (517) it is given as Leonard Arthur Murphy.

Lennon, Father (Terry McDermott)

Visits Anita Selby with her Mother Superior to decide whether she should be expelled from the order (535).

Lennox, Det Sgt (Colin Vancao)

Investigates kidnapping of Jennifer Powell (277).

Lennox, Mrs (Berrie Cameron-Allen)

Mother of Nikki Lennox, one of the girls attending Wentworth on a rehabilitation scheme. She gives Nikki an alibi when she breaks into a chemist's (569-573).

Les Birmingham, Det (Christopher Barry)

Corrupt cop, interviews Colleen to get information on Rick Manning (438), questions Judy and Cass as a cover for getting cyanide to Sonia to poison Rick (439), and is finally shot by his partner Fred Mears (449).

Les Brook (Tim Robertson)

Woodridge prisoner, who leads the beating up of Andy Hudson (328).

Lester Marshall (Paul Dawber)

Lisa Mullins' boyfriend and partner in a blackmail racket (651). When the police raid, Lester gets away and goes underground to avoid reprisals from a gang boss. After Lisa gets a message out to him through Spider Simpson, which her contact sells to Gilmour, he is killed: Lisa is told of his death in (659).

Lewis, Sgt (Neil Thompson)

Phones Ann to warn her that the Mr Barlow inspecting the prison is a phony after the real Mr Barlow is found (386).

Lexie Patterson (Pepe Trevor)

Boy George clone and card sharp. More details.

Libby Blake (Rebel Russell)

Sonia Stevens' predecessor as Kurt Renner mistress and madam-in-chief, who returns to trade "Dynasty"-style insults with her (444).

Lil Stokes (Judith McLorinan)

Background heavy, usually to be found skulking beside either Bev Cavelli or Jacko. First referred to by surname in (93) when Vera lists the names of Sharon Gilmour's attackers in the previous episode. First credit is for (256) when she and two other prisoners bash Doreen. She takes the part of clerk of the court in the women's trial of Kate Peterson (269). Credited again in (288) when she and Phyllis heavy Faye Quinn. Bashed by Nola McKenzie (341), becomes one of Nola's heavies (361) and helps to beat up Bea (362). This is her last credit and she then returns to background status. We are told that Lil dies in the lassa fever outbreak (391).

Linda Golman (Mary Charleston)

Friend of Andrea Hennessy, an imprisoned student political activist. Involved in kidnapping Erica to exchange her with Andrea (228). Captured and brought to Wentworth, where she hangs herself (236).

Linda Jones (Elaine Cusick)

First introduced as bookie's runner for Margo, unsuccessfully trying to persuade Kay White to place a bet (140). Later kills Kay with a jug kettle while defending Lizzie against her, but Lizzie makes her hide behind the door and takes the blame herself (145). Linda is then paroled and released and is met by her son Danny (146).

Linda Sweet (Taylor Owens)

Social worker attempting to find Pixie a work placement (418)

Lindsay, Sister (Heather Brookman)

When Sonia is in the infirmary after an attack by Belinda Johns (435).

Lindy Delaney (Vivien McGrath)

Prostitute and junkie living in the halfway house. When she is raped by an intruder at the house, she accuses Trevor, the shy boy next door. When convinced of his innocence, she co-operates with the police to trap her real rapist (349-355).

Lindy Peters (Julie Nihill)

Girl picked up by Marty Jackson and Dennis Quinn, murdered by Dennis and her death screams played over the phone to Meg before he comes to the house to threaten her in person (383).

Linwood, Major (Denzil Howson)

Salvation Army officer who gives Erica the address of Alice Hemmings, Doreen's mother (66).

Lionel Fellowes (Will Deumer)

Crime boss. Although he is mentioned before, he is first seen in person waiting outside in the car while Ray Foster visits Paul Reynolds' shop to frame him (409). Although Ted Douglas is arrested on the evidence of Paul's photo showing him handling a bribe from Fellowes, Fellowes seems to get away scot free, and is called on several later occasions whenever a crime boss is required by plot lines. Last credit in (557).


Mistake in the credits of (33) for Leanne (Bourke).

Lisa Brennan (Laura Christie)

Daughter of a resident of the halfway house (388).

Lisa Mullins (Nicki Paull)

Initially played by Nicki Paull from (651-656), then the part was taken over by Terrie Waddell.

Lisa Mullins (Terrie Waddell)

Terrie Waddell takes over from (657) and is still there for the last episode (692). When framed by Rodney to get revenge, she is brought back and inducted as Lisa Marie Mullins (687). Towards the end of the series, the actress seems to be quite heavily pregnant, and unconvincing attempts are made to disguise the fact.

Lisa Snell (Liza Bermingham)

One of the girls attending Wentworth on a rehabilitation program (568-569).

Little, Det Sgt (Anthony Hawkins)

Police officer who interviews Lizzie in Wenworth about the circumstances surrounding her original imprisonment after a deathbed confession by Ralph Campbell taking the blame for the murders. This character does not appear in the credits so the identification of the actor may be wrong.

Liz Martin (Michelle Thomas)

Halfway house resident, who has an argument with Kelly Fraser over a pair of stockings (403).

Liz Spencer (Kerry Clapton)

Prisoner serving dinner with Eve Wilder (597).

Lizta Stathopolous (Christine Totos)

Greek runaway to the halfway house, avoiding her strict father. To Mikki Wallace's disgust, she eventually returns to her family and the fiancée arranged for her (370-376).

Lizzie Birdsworth (Sheila Florance )

Longterm inmate, originally imprisoned for poisoning four shearers. More details.

Lloyd Barton, Captain

This is how Captain Barton is credited for his first two appearances. Nobody ever uses his first name, and it is dropped from the credits from (113) onwards.

Lois (Jamie Jackson)

Reporter in news room when Hannah Geldschmidt's story is leaked to Steve Lockhart (453).

Lois Barker, Mrs (Ngaire McCutchean)

Joan's neighbour, tells her of Shane in the drain

Lois Leifenbacker (Barbara Ramsay)

Wife of Hal, a prospective client for Bob Morris. Together they come to Bob and Meg's for a disastrous dinner (187).

Long, Constable (Stephen Hutchinson)

After the killings of Fred Mears and Les Birmingham (449).

Lorelei Wilkinson (Paula Duncan)

Con artist, rather dizzy, after the manner of Pixie Mason. Like her, raped by male inmates and transferred to psychiatric hospital, but unlike Pixie, makes a recovery and returns to Wentworth. First seen when Joan recognises her in a bar (623), and she is arrested in the same episode for deception and impersonating a police officer. Joan calls her Snook in (626) which is her maiden name - or real name as Granny Wilkinson is really Mrs Snook as we find out in (652)?. Last seen when Mr Hosking brings Zoe to visit her in Ingleside (677).

Lori Young/Maynard (Susannah Fowle)

Judy's daughter, and a bit of a puzzler all round. Apart from the mystery over her name, it is hard to see how Judy can possibly have a daughter in view of her shamefaced admission to Helen Smart in (171) that she is a "40 year old virgin". However she actually comes into existence, she arrives as a surprise visitor for Judy at the end of (209) and her name here may be Laura (rather than Lori) Young. Like mother, like daughter: Lori deliberately gets herself imprisoned to be with her mother, and is released in (214). The name Jennifer which is used in Terry Bourke's not very reliable book seems to be a complete invention on his part. Lori returns when Judy is released (approx (258)?) to help her settle into her flat, and by this time she is married to Geoff and has acquired the surname Maynard. She returns again in (345)-(346) when a baby abandoned on the steps of Driscoll House turns out to be Lori's, unable to cope after her child is born deaf. Judy and her husband persuade her to accept the baby.

Lorna (Barbara Jungwirth)

One of the longest serving background characters: she appears regularly throughout the whole run of the series between (2) and (692). Her first speaking contribution (and in a surprisingly posh voice too) is in (120), which is the first time the name Lorna is used for her, so I have taken this as the start of the character, even though she is uncredited here. Later credits in:- (218) for an argument with Doreen over TV in the rec room; (219); (250) where her only line appears to be baaing like a sheep; (253) where she critcises Bea for framing Marie Winter; (293) when she contributes a present to use for the frame up on Joan; (481) (502) (514). She gets the springs for the "bomb" to embarrass Joan (629).

Lorraine Watkins (Anne Charleston)

Mum's daughter. She is unwilling to have anything to do with Mum when she is released, and leaves her at a roadside restaurant, from where Mum finds accommodation at a lodging house run by the Gibsons (2). She is only persuaded to have Mum to come and live with her family when Mum has a fall and the Gibsons contact her. She insists that Mum pretends to be Aunt Violet (5) as she's already told everyone her mother is dead. When Karen looks her up to tell her Mum in hospital, she is played by another actress (65).

Lorraine Watkins (Gabrielle Hartley)

Mum's daughter - played by different actress - when Karen visits her to tell her that Mum is in hospital (65). After Judith-Anne has given birth to a son and she visits them in hospital, she softens and agrees to allow Judith-Anne, the baby and Mum to move back into the family home (67).

Lou (James McRae)

Barman in Faye Quinn's local (347-352).

Lou Kelly (Louise Siversen)

Long-term character, prisoner and troublemaker. More details

Lou Reynolds (Kevin Summers)

Male prisoner at Woodridge, offered $5,000 by Benny to kill Chrissie (318). He tries to set Neil Murray up to actually do the deed, but Chrissie is saved in time by Paddy Lawson and Andy Hudson. Lou and Benny are transferred to another prison (320).

Louisa Burns (Babs Wheelton)

Kevin Burns' mother. After his engagement to Doreen, she comes to stay with him (98) and initially is impressed when she finds out Doreen has a house in a "nice" suburb.

Louise Baker (Leonie Bradley)

Resident of the halfway house. She is seen wearing face pack (389), and later in the chaos after Judy has left (402).

Louise Belmont (Louise Cullen)

Friend of Mrs Hanlon (357), Bea's employer while she is on the run.

Louise Mann (Ellie Nielson)

Wife of Tony Mann, the cousin of Hannah Geldschmidt (456).

Loutish Youth (Rick Ireland)

Local colour in a police station scene in (490).

Lovell, Det Insp (Terry Trimble)

Comes from Western Australia to interview Nola McKenzie (337). A mute uncredited character of the same name appears in (286) accompanying Chief Inspector Finaly of Internal Affairs, but is probably just an coincidental use of the same name: it is certainly not the same actor.

Lowe, Mrs (Patsy Martin)

Brian Lowe's mother. Phil Cleary goes to find Lowe at her house and is shot by him (499).

Lucas, Det (John Devlin)

After Ann is beaten up (382), and arresting Ted Douglas at the airport.

Lucy Douglas (Laura Christie)

Daughter of Nola Douglas, the last person to see Marty when he goes missing fighting the forest fires (649). The credit actually appears after (650).

Lucy Ferguson (Yoni Prior)

Joan's manipulative niece, described as daughter of Joan's brother Ted (though elsewhere Joan's brother is referred to as Brian). Breaks into Joan's house, persuades her to let her stay while she looks for a job and to lend her money to but new clothes for an interview. In fact, she buys drugs, which she and her boyfriend hide in Joan's house until they can deal them. Lucy is arrested by possession but gives a false name, so when she is brought to Wentworth, no-one realises her connection to Joan. Lucy blackmails Joan into doing her favours (so much so that Maxine suspects that Lucy is Joan's new girlfriend) and eventually gets Joan to arrange her escape, along with Maxine. When Maxine falls and sprains her ankle jumping out of the laundry truck, Lucy goes off without her. She sends a letter to Joan to tell her there were no drugs hidden in her house, after Joan has torn her furniture apart trying to find them (385-389).

Ludlow, Mrs (Penelope Shelton)

Referred to as Veronica, the second wife of Hannah Simpson's father. She comes to Wentworth to try to make a deal to keep Hannah's evidence about her father's intentions for his will out of court, but Hannah turns her down (300).

Lunn, Doctor (Denzil Howson)

Examines Rita and diagnoses non-Hodgkins lymphoma (686-691).


See Alice Jenkins

Luther, Doctor (Douglas Bennett)

Heartless voice over as Lorelei is wheeled to secure ward (674).

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