Nursing Sister (Robyn Grundy)

When Ann is in hospital for her breast operation (423).

Nursing Sister (Wendy Damien)

When Diedre gets Reb out of hospital (477).

Nursing Sister (Sarah Ryan)

When Joan is in hospital for brain surgery (536)

Office Manager (Steve Payne)

At the Family Court (to judge by the notices on the wall behind him). He refuses Joan a job after she fails to keep the one at Harold Roper's restaurant (682).

Officer (Jan Friedl)

Answers the phone in reception when Mum calls Wentworth asking for Bill Jackson (4).

Officer (Susan Arnold)

Supervises Gary Doyle's visit to Franky (6). In the final credit sequence of the previous episode, she takes over from Officer Yates (Kirsty Child) doing the lock-up rounds, until Delva Hunter takes over in (295). Later credited as Officer Grahame (47).

Officer (Margaret Younger)

Supervises Helen Masters' visit from her solicitor Mr Guthrie and James Brandon (9). Unlike most of the credited "Officers" in early episodes, this one does not seem to appear again.

Officer (Jean Cain)

Seen in (15) having difficulty persuading Monnie to finish her shower, and credited in (23) (25) (28) (33) (47) (59). Credited later as Officer Maguire

Officer (Anne Sutherland)

Credited as Officer 2 in (23) and Officer 1 in (31), when I think she is the one who is supervising the womens' shower when Noeline is scalded. Other credits as Officer (of whatever number) in (33) and (36) where she is again supervising in the shower block. The same actress is credited in later episodes as Officer Owen and Officer Williams.

Officer (Sue Silver)

Credited in (31). Doing the morning call (37), credited in (39) as Officer 2, and speaks to Jim Fletcher in (42). She has dark hair and can be seen as a non-speaker from very early episodes.

Officer (Lise Rodgers)

Guarding the mystery prisoner in solitary in (50). The same actress appears in the next episode credited as Officer Phillip.

Officer (Lorraine Kindler)

Trying to break up the fight in B block which leads to Dot's transfer to H block (462).

Officer (Jacqui Jackson)

Watching over Reb in hospital and allowing her to be broken out by her mother (474). The same actress is later credited as Officer Ward, who is perhaps meant to be the same character.

Offsider (Ernie) (Benjamin Franklin)

Called in to fix the airconditioning. In an attempt to clear the "blockage", caused by Susie Driscoll getting stuck during one of her escape attempts, he and his boss blow chemicals through the ducting, putting Susie's life in danger (267)-(268).

O'Grady, Judge (George Dixon)

One of Jessie Wyndham's special "clients". She consults him in (590) to find out an easy way of getting back into Wentworth to be with Lexie. Jessie phones him after Harry Bassinger's first attempt on Lexie's life, but he says he cannot help (603). He visits Jessie in hospital (612) and agrees to help her get Bassinger. Last appearance ( 620).

O'Lachain, Mr (Denzil Howson)

Ettie's counsel when she is tried for robbing a bank and wounding a police officer (545). Presumably the "Mr O'Laughlan" (557) and the "Mr O'Lachlan" (559)-(560) played by the same actor are supposed to be the same person.

Old Biddy (Hannah Govan)

Customer in the cafe where Karen briefly works (59). She fakes a coughing fit to dash out without paying - and gets Karen the sack for falling for such an obvious trick.

Old Codger (Bill Bennett)

Another customer in the nasty cafe where Karen works (59).

Old Man (John Gould)

The replacement for Eddie (much to Marilyn's disappointment) after Erica cancels the contract (6).

Old Man (Bill Bennett)

Man suffering a heart attack in (73). Ros Coulson stops to help him instead of catching a bus while she is on the run, and is recaptured as a result. The character is not listed in the credits, so I may not have identified the actor correctly.

Old Man (Bill Bennett)

Living in Mum's old flat, when Bea tries to trace her after escaping from a crashed prison van (199). He says he has been for over a year, but gives Bea Mum's new address.

Oliver, Mr (Nik Forster)

Lizzie' solicitor at her trial for arson (249). These scenes set new standards for unorthodox legal procedures in Prisoner. Why is an arson case being tried before a magistrate? Why does he allow the prosecutor to object during defence's summing-up - and to allow the defence counsel to introduce new evidence? Is it really not arson if you burn down a house that belongs to you?

Olsen, Sen. Det. (???)

Takes Gordon Humphrey in for questioning after he overhears him admit to harassing Lizzie (250). The role is credited to Neil Thompson, but it is clearly not him.

Onions Brown (Beth Cameron)

Blackmoor prisoner goes to fetch Roo for fight with Rita (666).

O'Reagan, Mrs (Christine Calcutt)

The much put-upon cook at Wentworth. She is first seen when Erica comes to inspect the kitchens after Kay White complains about the food (135), where she is credited as "Mrs Reagan", though she is called Mrs O'Reagan in dialogue. Pixie annoys her with her experimental approach to cookery (381) - this might be the first glimpse of the new kitchen layout after the fire. She complains to Ann about missing sugar and yeast (399) which play their part in Bea's downfall. Doreen annoys her by trying to stage a sit-in in the kitchen (438). Her next credit is for (465) but she is not seen - presumably because she has been cut along with any contentious scene involving Edna Pearson (perhaps Edna is slipping something into someone's food?). After she is scalded with hot fat by Dot (469), she retires from the series, to be replaced by Ray Proctor. Mentioned in an episode summary for (243) in RR's page, but I suspect her first appearance is even earlier than this.

Orderly (Con Mathios)

In the hospital where Lou Kelly is taken after wounding herself to avoid being sent to Blackmoor (607).

Orderly (Peter Boland)

When Merle is in Ingleside (687).

Organist (Freddie Gulliford)

For Matt and Marlene's wedding (533).

Owen, Officer (Kate Fell)

Credited in (61) The same actress had been credited as Officer Barfield in (59) and Officer Owen is later played by Anne Sutherland - who in her turn plays Officer Williams in this same episode (61). There was obviously a departmental restriction on the Naming of Officers in the early days, and a rigourous "first come-first named" policy operated...

Owen, Officer (Anne Sutherland)

Credited in (63). The same actress previously played a character credited as Officer Williams.

Paddy Lawson (Ann Hruby)

Imprisoned for an attack on a work colleague cause by her claustrophobia. Eventually drowned by Nola McKenzie in a wash basin in the shower block. More details.

Paddy Lawson (child) (Laura Christie)

Appears in Paddy's hypnosis induced regression to her gruesome childhood (313).

Pamela Jordan (Lise Rodgers)

Carol Coulson's sister (377) who visits her in prison to tell her she can't look after Jilly as she and her husband are going abroad.

Pamela Madigan (Justine Saunders)

University friend of Ann's, who comes to Wentworth as a counsellor for Aboriginal girls in prison (653). She leaves when Sarah is transferred at Pamela's request to protect her from possible reprisals when Ernest Craven is transferred to Wentworth (668).

Pamela Simpson (Lorraine West)

Hannah Simpson's mother. Held hostage by Duncan Campbell's heavies when Chrissie tells him the proceeds of the bank robbery are hidden at her home (295).

Pantech Bloke (Mark Bradley)

During Sonia and Bobbie's abduction, presumably driving the removal van into which the fake cops back their car, though he can't really be seen (441-442).

Parish Priest (Peter Moon)

Gives Ettie directions to a place she is supposed to be robbing (541).

Park, Det. Sgt. (Chris Hallam)

Interviews Hannah Simpson after Chrissie's escape in her place (295).

Parker, Sgt (John Murphy)

Investigating who withdrew the money from Doreen's account (168), though as Doreen refuses to lag on Helen, the matter has to be dropped.

Parkes, Rev (Alan Andrews)

Marries Julie Egbert and Steve Ryan in Wentworth in a race against the clock - and James Dwyer hurrying to the prison to stop the ceremony (628).

Parole Board Chairman (Lawrence Held)

The same actor is credited several times for this role and is probably meant to be the same person throughout. His first appearance is in (284), granting Susie Driscoll's parole. Further appearances in (307)-(308) initially refusing Lizzie's parole then granting it on condtion that she goes into a home; (325), (340) when he gives Judy another chance after her attack on her sister Frances. In (416) the same actor is credited as Mr Justice Walters and is chairman of the board which eventually gives Lizzie her parole.

Parsons, Det Sgt (Kevin Summers)

Investigating the threats against Leila (109) then the explosion that kills her and her children (110) and surveillance on Jim's house to watch for Geoff Butler's return (112).

Parsons, Officer (Margo McLennan)

Appearing only in three episodes: on dining room duty and taking Bea to the library for her Braille machine instruction (235); telling Doreen to stop bothering the guard dogs (255) and collecting Susie Driscoll from hospital (270), and allowing her to escape.

Passer-By (Lorraine Masden)

In the episode where Franky is shot and Doreen goes loopy (20)

Passerby (Ethel Nash)

In the episode where Bobbie is on the run, but the character this refers to isn't clear (416).

Passerby (Barry Branchflower)

Witness to Colleen running over "elderly drunk" (420).

Passing Car Driver (Margaret Edwards)

Driving past on the road when Shane is trying to get someone to help him get his dog out of the drain (470).

Pat (Shaaron Smith)

Prisoner first seen in the laundry complaining to Jean Vernon about her lack of visitors (14). She later becomes one of Doreen's cronies when she tries to become a greaser after Franky's death (21).

Pat O'Connell (Monica Maughan)

Mentioned before she appears by Angela Jeffries to Erica (60) as a particularly deserving case for a transfer. She had driven a car through the window of a shop that had repossessed her furniture, and she was in a prison in another state while her two children were with Pat's mother in Melbourne. However when she is brought to Wentworth in a transfer from Barnhurst at the same time as Chrissie Latham (65), her crime has changed to "aiding and abetting". Her eldest son David and husband Eric are in Pentridge for armed robbery, and Angela Jeffries peruades her to divorce her husband to make it easier for her to be paroled. Her mother tells he she can't look after the children any later than Christmas, and the motive force of Pat's character is to paroled by then. She does get parole, perhaps as a result of Angela Jeffries' pressure on the Department and a newspaper article, but her son David escapes from prison and Pat is arrested after a shootout when he runs into a police ambush while trying to get in contact with her (77). She is sentenced to a further year for aiding David's escape. Back in Wentworth, she takes Lizzie's place in the cell with Bea, and is Bea's main source of news when Erica confines her to isolation. Pat is released when her sentence is reduced to six months on appeal, and her parole comes through almost straight away (110)

Pat Slattery (Dorothy Cutts)

Prison Officer. Possibly seen earlier as an extra, but her first credit as Officer Slattery is in (489), and she is eventually dignified by being credited under her first name in (547). The only real plotline she has to herself is when she is suspended after being framed for the duplicate invoice racket uncovered by Julie Egbert (563). She continues in the series almost to the end: her last credit is in (690).

Patient (Kathy Juckes)

When Daphne is taken into hospital (575). Referred to as Jane.

Patrick (Double) (John Devlin)

Double for Colleen's husband in the episode where Colleen's family are killed in explosion (433). Not a stunt double, but just to have someone to be vaguely present and not fully seen: possibly the usual actor was not available.

Patrick Powell (Rob Steele)

Colleen's husband. First introduced when Meg goes for dinner and meets Colleen's family (272). These sudden intrusions into officer's home lives always seem ominous, and sure enough the Powells' daughter Jenny is kidnapped shortly afterwards. Patrick is reintroduced later on in the series: his lack of ambition causes Colleen to move out and embark on her disastrous unconsummated affair with Chris Young, a prisoner's husband (343- ). The character is finally killed a car bomb explosion, though the original actor does not appear in this episode (433) and another actor whose face is not seen takes his place.

Patrick Woods (Dennis Grosvenor)

Husband of Noeline Bourke's ex-employer. During the siege at the Woods' house, he is shot and wounded by Col Bourke (35). Terrible actor, with a strange "British" accent more appropriate to the role of an RAF flying ace in a WW2 movie.

Patrolcar Policeman 1 (Alan Cruse) * Patrolcar Policeman 2 (John Klingberg)

Chasing Reb when she escapes on the Glee Club outing (435).

Patrolman (John Penman) * Patrolman (Glen Ruehland)

Investigating the booby trapped warehouse after the tip-off by the "boys on bikes". The second of them, later named as Barry Masters, steps on a tripwire and detonates the explosion (500).

Patron (Andrew Thompson)

Named as Ralph, doing a drugs deal with Lindy (353).

Patron (Ilya Dyukic)

Invites Lindy to dance when the trap to catch Lindy's rapist is set up in the bar where she first met him (355), but what interest she would have for such an obvious leather queen is anybody's guess.

Patti Higgins (Lyn-Marie Smith)

A mother in the maternity unit who shows Lexie her daughter Toni (627).

Patton, Dr (Warwick Randall)

Doctor who operates on Georgie Baxter to cure her deafness (180).

Paul (Col Elliott)

One of the group of men who try to pick up Meg and Janet in a bar (242).

Paul Bentley (Frank Gallacher)

He first appears in (6) in Lyn's flashback to her rape. In (9), he argues with his wife, but his air hostess girlfriend overhears it all and tells the police.

Paul Reid (George Mallaby)

Social worker at Wentworth replacing Jean Vernon (85). Spends as much time trying to stop his son Tony getting into trouble as he does in helping the women. He is one of the only members of staff to be on Meg's side against more officious officers. Last seen in (130) and we find in (132) that he has left for Adelaide to run a garage with his son. Replaced by Captain Barton temporarily, then by Agnes Forster.

Paul Reynolds (Paul Newman)

Ann's son, first introduced running a photography workshop at the prison (379) and taking photos of the inmates (which they object to). By a strange coincidence, he finds that one of his photos is of Ted Douglas apparently accepting a bribe from Lionel Fellowes - and, whoops, he might have given the women a copy of it. He appears again in (405) having bought shop for photography business, but he is burgled and porn planted on the premises for the police to find. After being acquitted, he is shot at his front door (422) ending up in hospital at the same time as his mother. He eventually leaves to live in the country with Wally (428).

Paul Shaw (David Peatefield)

One of the other pitiful specimens who make up the art gang that Willie and May infiltrate (586-587). This one is supposed to be the "muscle".

Paul Tranter (Laurie Dobson)

Pawnbroker whose name is given to Terry Harrison by Kathy Hall (217) as someone who is involved somehow with the McNally gang. Terry goes to his shop to try to get more information, but Tranter is on the phone as soon as he leaves. However, Terry later phones him to tell him when Kathy is released, knowing that Tranter will arrange her murder (220).

Paul Webb (Gary Kliger)

Temporary cook. Merv is obviously on holiday at this point, but here the plot requires there to be someone in charge of the kitchen for a scene where Roach steals herbs from the kitchen to use them as dope (635).

Paul White (Gary Roonan)

Schoolfriend of Kerry Brodie (320), causing her father to fly into a jealous rage when he thinks Kerry is interested in him.

Paula (Trudy Simms)

Sister of Denise ("Blossom") Crabtree (47). She is asked for advice about how to get Joyce Martin's security box key out of Wentworth.

Paula (Kate Fell)

Suicidal junkie prostitute in Driscoll House (325). Her scenes are used to comment on the simultaneous storyline of Sarah Hamilton and her boyfriend Alan Jeffries.

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