Sol Davis (Jack Perry)

Barman in one of Fred Ferguson's regular haunts where he takes Blossom after buying her a fur coat (45). Sol tells him Monnie is looking for him.

Solicitor (Peter Curtin)

Chairing the PRG meeting attended by Jim and Erica to drum up support for a campaign to free Jacki Nolan (158).

Solicitor (David Kendall)

Advises Carol Lewis to use Jenny Powell's testimony to get her charge reduced to manslaughter, though Colleen refuses to let him in the house when he goes round to try to speak to Jenny (283).

Solicitor (Hardy Stow)

Hannah Simpson's solicitor, who sees her before her court appearance (289). He passes on to Hannah John Ludlow's offer to make a deal to keep secret that his father was her father too (300).

Solicitor (John Firman)

Lawyer acting for Denise Tyler (367)

Somerville, Mr (Gary Daniels)

Credited for (578), but no-one of this name is referred to in this episode. Perhaps something to do with Mervin's cookery contest as these are the only non-prison scenes in the episode.

Sonia Stevens (Tina Bursill)

Sonia Elizabeth Stevens. The Snake Lady. More details

Sonya (Helen Zervopoulos)

Resident of the halfway house (349).

Soo Ling (Eric Poon)

Owner of the illicit gambling club that Judy shakes down for cash while disguised as a policewoman while she is on the run (132).

Sparks, Constable (Colin Sparks)

Escorting Reb to Wentworth after her first unsuccessful escape attempt (427). She's fighting like a wildcat and the usual policewoman alone is not enough to hold her.

Sparrow (Timothy Bowles)

Friend of Maxine's playing pinball, who she meets while she is on the run (389).

Spenser, Mr (Brian Moll)

Kay White's solicitor (135). He is not credited until his second appearance in (138). He appears again at Kay's trial in (140), though surely it it unusual for the briefing solicitor and counsel at trial to be the same person?

Spider (Shaunagh-Lyn Weaver)

Friend of Bobbie's who she meets on the street after her escape (474).

Spider Simpson (Taya Stratton)

Real name Rose. First seen selling Kath a radio while still in C block (649). Transferred to Barnhurst (686).

Spike (Stephan Dennis)

Friend of Tony Reid's. Tony meets him in the street after he has been released from the prison farm (129).

Spike (Jeff Kovski)

Member of a gang doing a bank job for Lionel Fellowes while Ettie diverts the police with her own "hold-up" (543).

Spike Marsh (Victoria Rowland)

Real name Margaret Marsh. The nickname probably comes from her heroin habit. She is an ex-University student who was framed for murder, and ends up in Blackmoor, where she is first seen when Rita is transferred there (665). After the riot she is transferred to Wentworth, where Marty Jackson recognises her and is determined to try to clear her name. This very nearly costs him his career, when Kath Maxwell is paid by Ron Willis to drug Spike and frame Marty for supplying her. Before the end of the series, Spike is persuaded to clean up and go back to live with her family (691).

Spiros Stathopolous (Antonios Baxevanidis)

Litza's father, who storms into Driscoll House, shouts for a bit, then fakes a heart attack. One of the classic pieces of atrocious acting in Prisoner (371).

Spud (Joe Lamont)

Friend of Leanne Bourke's boyfriend Denny (50).

Spud Toomey (Robert Forza)

Maxine's boyfriend. He looks her up when she is staying at the first Driscoll House just after it opens, and heavies two old dears into buying stuffed toys (304). His gang attempt to chase Maxine away when she makes an appearance in court (308) which gets Maxine another short sentence for dangerous driving. Maxine phones him after she's spurned by Tony Berman and Spud involves her in hijacking a truck (328) for which Maxine is sent back to prison. He turns up again in (369), looking for Maxine at garage after release, and he and Maxine do a wages snatch. His surname is uncertain: he is called Spud Murphy in dialogue in (309) but his mother is Mrs Toomey (373). I suppose if Spud is illegitimate, the two statements can be squared, but I suspect it's just another case of the writers losing track.

Stake-Out Cop (Stewart Lowe)

Possibly keeping a watch on Dennis' apartment block to watch for Frank Burke (554).

Standish, Doctor (Merfyn Owen)

When Jessie is in hospital after drinking the home-made grog poisoned by Lou (611).

Stanley Dobson (Brian James)

Starts work at Wentworth as a new officer transferred from another prison (425). Colleen is not the only one to remark that he seems a little too close to retirement age to be suitable for active duty. He has his favourites, including Cass and Bobbie, and brings in his old pianola for the rec room. Pushing it brings on his heart condition, and Reb puts his life in danger by kicking his tablets out of his reach (428). The women present him with a retirement cake in (433). Although asked to return to work by Colleen (438), he does not do so and is not seen again until he applies for the handyman job at Wentworth (483). Edie believes he is working again as a prison officer, as he leaves home every morning wearing his old uniform and changing into his dungarees on the way. Lou's crony Nev sees him doing this and is able to blackmail him into proposing him a second workman at Wentworth. Bobbie is given permission to visit Stan and Edie at home (491) and Stan has to cover for Bobbie when she is caught breaking into her father's house to rescue her sister (492). Shortly afterwards, Stan has a heart attack and when Bobbie visits him in hospital he warns her that Len Murphy is a very dangerous man (493). Although we are not told this, he makes a full recovery, as he and Edie apply for Bobbie to come and live with them and visit Wentworth to speak to Ann before the parole hearing in (513).

Stanley, Judge (John Ford)

At Lorelei's trial (652), but credited in error for (651).

Stanton, Dr (Howard Priddle)

When Jan Grant is in hospital (528).

Stavros (Theo Tsalkitzakos)

The man lined up as a husband for Irene Zervos. He rejects her after she is arrested for soliciting (38)

Stenographer (Joan Fry)

Presumably at Judy's trial (410), but does she have lines? (Do they ever?)

Steve Fawkner (Wayne Jarratt)

"Prison officer who has an affair with Sandy Edwards. More details.

Steve Formby (Mark Mitchell)

Husband of Jenny Hartley's aunt Harriet. They visit Jenny in (558), but Steve returns to visit Jenny without his wife (559) and practically admits to the murder of Jenny's grandmother. We find out much later that he has been arrested for murder of his wife (584), which ultimately leads to Jenny's release.

Steve Gallagher (Gary Meadows)

Reporter tipped off about Sharon Gilmour's death by David Austin, so that the story may be angled to influence the Parole Board to release Kerry Vincent (117).

Steve Lockhart (Bill Fox)

Hannah Geldschmidt's story is leaked to him, it appears, by Meg (453-454).

Steve Ryan, Dr (Peter Hayes)

Doctor posing as a handyman at Wentworth, and love interest for Julie Egbert. More details.

Steve Wilson (Jim Smillie)

First introduced when Greg Miller hires a lawyer for Karen's appeal (15), but Steve later becomes Greg's rival for Karen's affections. Jean Vernon persuades him to talk to Lynn Warner, after which she slashes her wrists. Ken Roberts engages him to represent his wife Catherine (20). After successfully representing Karen at her appeal, he tries to find an excuse to get closer to her, and tries to set her up in halfway house project. He gives her a lift to University when she is given permission for study release and a brief romantic dalliance follows. Steve is written out suddenly when Jennifer Collins, an old flame from college, turns up again and her father puts up the money for them to go into partnership (42).

Steven Young (Scott Hailes)

Son of Chris Young, the prisoner's husband Colleen is tempted to have an affair with (347)-(348).

Stevens, Det. Insp.

Credit for Eddie Stevens on his first appearance.

Stewart, Doctor (Alan Stewart)

After Pop Milsom is run over by Trevor Priest (454).

Sticky Beak (Rick Ireland)

The credit is actually misspelt "Sitcky Beak" and I don't think he even appears in the episode where he is credited (653). He is definitely not the neighbour who reports Lorelei to police for stealing a car to follow the Hoskings and Zoe. From the actor's other appearances in the series, he can be identified as the young man in the following episode (654) who talks to Rodney outside the hotel where Kath was hiding.

Store Manager (Harry Reid)

When Bobbie is caught stealing a Walkman while on the run (416).

Storekeeper (Monty Maizells)

Owner of pet shop from whom Merle steals a mouse for Tommy Kipman before running away with him (670).

Strachan, Mr (Gerry Thomas)

Shady employer of Susie Driscoll. He sends a telegram to Wentworth to ask her for interview. No-one thinks this suspicious in itself, so Susie is allowed to attend before she gets parole (284), but Mr Strachan is really only interested in Susie for her publicity value. He tries to force Susie to have sex with him, and when refuses, finds an excuse to sack her (290)-(291).

Stuart Gillespie

Always credited as Gillespie.

Stud Wilson (Peter Lindsay)

Not credited on his first appearance when Merle trades comics with Billy (668). One of the men who Craven sets on to rape Lorelei (669). The women get revenge in (683-684) by tying them up in a store room and threatening to emasculate them both with a cut-throat razor.


See Suzanne

Stunt Double (Ann) (Anthea Rudrink) * Stunt Double (Meg) (Szumai Chong)

When Meg saves Ann on the rotting staircase in the warehouse (500).

Stunt Double (Rita) (Lana Williams)

Pretending to be Rita climbing on to the roof of a van after Roach to prevent her escaping (640).

Stunt Double (Roach) (Szumai Chong)

Pretending to be Roach for her escape attempt on the roof of a van (640)

Stunt Driver (Colleen's) (Phillip Brock)

When Colleen runs over a wino in (420).

Stunt Driver (Trevor) (Glen Ruehland)

Pretending to run over Pop Milsom (454).

Stunt Victim (Pop) (Mark Hennessy)

Pretending to be run over by Trevor Priest (454).

Stunts (Paul Alexander) * Stunts (Phil Brock) * Stunts (Arthur Hoadley) * Stunts (Archie Roberts)

When Chrissie takes advantage of the escape arranged for Hannah Simpson and goes out of Wentworth on the roof of van (294).

Stunts (Driver's) (Glen Rowland)

When Sally Dempster aims her car at her husband Peter (316).

Stunts (Peter's) (Archie Roberts)

Leaning backwards slowly over a car bonnet and bouncing off into the road as a car approaches at about 10 mph (316).

Stuntwoman (baddie) (Szumai Chong) * Stuntwoman (baddie) (Maureen Jones) * Stuntwoman (goodie) (Anthea Mott)

The fight when Marge Briggs taunts Cass (419).

Stuntwoman 1 (Szumai Chong) * Stuntwoman 2 (Anthea Ro-ordnik)

In the fight in B block which leads to Dot's transfer to H block (462).

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