Wendy Scott (Helen Noonan)

Receptionist at Wentworth. The same actress had appeared previously credited as Receptionist, and (41) is the first time she is named in the credits. Her next credits as Wendy are in (158) and (189) though it's hard to see what she does in these episodes that's so special that it deserves a credit. Her first credit as Wendy Scott is in (219) when she trains Alison Page to work in reception. She is used in storylines at a much later date when she has an affair with Steve Fawkner (275).

Wendy Stone (Vivien Davies)

Short prisoner with wild hair (and teeth) supporting Lou Kelly together with Faye Donnelly during the riots. She is first seen in (598), and bashes Julie badly in (600), which results in Julie and Dr. Steve becoming invloved when he gives her medical attention. When the riots ended Wendy and Faye got transfered to D-Block and never returned (601).

Wentworth Mother (Estee Naylor)

The woman in maternity who panics when Nora Flynn picks up her baby (538).

Westmore, Mr (Eugene Schlusser)

Solicitor who calls on Doreen to persuade her to sell her mother's house for $85,000 and using high pressure tactics to get her to accept (115).

Whitty, Sgt (Rod Williams)

Involved in the siege at the Woods' (35)

Whore (Leonie Bradley)

Attempts to move Susie Driscoll off her pitch (295).

Wife (Jema Pledger)

Referred to as Mrs Webb. With Mr Webb (who is credited as Husband), they view Colleen's house and Mr Webb upsets her with tactless criticisms of her husband (449). They do eventually buy her house.

Wilcox, Policeman (John Ramsay)

Taking part in the raid on Freddie de Young's flat (393).

Wilkinson, Granny (Esme Melville)

Her name is spelt Wilinson on her first credit (623), She visits Lorelei in (633) and has an asthma attack during the visit. Her real name is Mrs Snook as we find out in (652) after she has died in hospital.

William Bremner (Hugh Halliday)

The prosecuting lawyer in Eve's trial. David Adams discusses the evidence with him in (577).

William Coleby (Hu Pryce)

New head of Department of Corrective Services. He tells Ann that Sarah Higgins is coming to Wentworth as a prisoner (492) and later personally inducts the male prisoners (498).

William Roberts (Bill Lawrie)

Father of Petra and Emma, seen face down in a flashback to his murder (390).

Williams, Constable (Matthew Barker)

Arrests Lorelei when she turns herself in after the sting operation on the two bookies goes wrong (657).

Williams, Doctor (Ian Clutterham)

Brought in by Neil Murray to examine Chrissie for bogus gynaecological problem and to recommend she is sent for tests (314).

Williams, Mr

Credit in (315) for the Gate Guard played by Roy Edmunds.

Williams, Officer (Anne Sutherland)

On kitchen duty (37) and finds the missing valium in a cell search in (40). Credited in (61).

Williams, Sergeant (Peter Black)

The desk sergeant who is unhelpful to Dani when she reports that her husband Peter is bashing her (649). Credited in error in (650).

Williams, Sgt (William Rose)

Interviews Andrea Hennessy (229).

Williamson, Mr (Paul Bertram)

Teacher of Alison and Don Page's children, who asks to see Don when they are having trouble at school (219). Referred to as Frank Williamson in dialogue.

Williamson, Mr (James Heyward)

Barbara Fields' solicitor after Phillip quits (306)

Willie Beecham (Kirsty Child)

One of the prisoners transferred to Wentworth after the fire at Barnhurst (537). She seems to make a final appearance (587) but makes surprise re-appearance in (682) as the boss of Centaur Security exacting her revenge on Joan by sacking her and blocking her prospects elsewhere. I'm not sure how her surname should be spelt, so I've settled on the simplest option. I still feel that even if this had been the spelling on her birth certificate, Willie would have changed it to "Beauchamp".

Willis, Sgt (Derek Williams)

Investigating the silent phone calls Meg is getting (383-384).

Wilmot, Mr (Earl Francis)

Representing Lorelei at the hearing where she loses custody of Zoe to the Hoskings (655).

Wilson, Mr (John Murphy)

Judy's boss at the taxi firm where she used to work, who is persuaded by Lori and Geoff to give her a job when she is about to be paroled (254). Judy calls him Harry in (255).

Wilson, Officer (Ross Williams)

Prison officer at Woodridge (320). Breaks up the fight when Andy Hudson gets bashed (328).

Wilson, Sgt (Ivor Bowyer)

On the phone when Judy reports her daughter Lori missing (345).

Winnie Robertson (Judy Johnson)

Friend of Marjorie Whitton. Karen is supposed to forego an evening in the pub with Melinda to meet this dreary woman (56).

Woman 1 (Arlene Andrewartha) * Woman 2 (Fay Mokotow) * Woman 3 (Patricia Avery)

In the episode where Franky is shot and Doreen goes loopy (20)

Woman (Dawn Klingberg)

One of the members of Karen's parole board (54).

Woman (Rosemary Manion)

Arriving at a bus stop where Karen is waiting for Melinda (57).

Woman 1 (Rosemary Barnes) * Woman 2 (Irene Hewitt)

Two of the many people harassing Dennis Cruickshank after he is suspected of murdering teenage girls (529)

Woman Shopper (Jennifer Hearne)

Stops to sit down on the bench where Edith is sitting and hears her story about how Horrie was killed by a charity (45).

Woman Shopper (Ruth Jaffe)

Passers-by as Helen tries to persuade Sharon to leave the cult. She takes Helen's side (383).

Woman Shopper (Elizabeth Rashliegh)

Buying a wedding dress in the shop where Pixie is later given a job (418).

Woodridge Officer (Bill Tisdall)

One of the extra officers drafted in from Woodridge to cope with the riot after Eve Wilder is hanged (601).

Woods, Det (Ian Walker)

Listens in to a conversation between Nancy and Peter to get his confession to murdering his father (650).

Workman (Jack Perry)

Comes to fix the drier in the laundry after Kathy Hall sabotages it (220).

Workman (Phillip Ross)

Warns Don he's returned to work too soon after his accident, and sure enough Don's back gives way almost as soon as the words are out of his mouth (226).

Worm Mulligan (Christine Jack)

Blackmoor prisoner sent with Spike to find Bongo, and returns to warn Rita that two officers are coimng through an underground tunnel (667).

Yemil Bakarta (Maria Mercedes)

Originally inducted as Jane Doe, because she refuses to give her name. Her origin is never spelt out - perhaps she is meant to be Turkish and by implication Muslim? The question of her religion is handled rather nervously - she is certainly willing to fight to protect her "prayer book" and scratches Lou's face when she makes a move. She is jailed for causing a death in a car accident while escaping from husband (504). In her despair she is about to hang herself, but is stopped by Pixie (507). When Frank Burke rips her prayer book, she trashes his cell, and knocks out Dennis when he discovers her (514). Judy takes the blame for the attack. Myra effects a reconciliation with her husband Ahmed and she is bailed out of prison by him (516). After her release, she writes to clear Judy of the attack on Dennis (532).

Yobbo (Tibor Gyapjas)

At the cinema Ettie visits. He objects when her dithering holds up the queue (526).

Young girl (Nadine Garner)

A hitchhiker given a lift by Dennis Cruickshank, and later found murdered. She is referred to in dialogue as Jennifer McDonald (526).

Young Male Passerby (Kevin Hopkins)

Colleen mistakes him for Rod Lewis, the witness who she thinks can clear her of a careless driving charge (423).

Young man (Doug Tremlett)

Propositions Susie Driscoll on the street to impress his mates (294).

Young Man (Andrew Buchanan)

Steals Rosemary's purse in a cafe (391)

Young Man (David Peatfield)

Credited in (578), but it's not clear who the description could refer to - certainly not either of the (mute) assistants to Mervin's rivals in the cookery contest. Was this character in a scene that was cut before broadcast?

Young Man (John Succo)

One of a pair of young lovers seen by Joan as she is wandering the streets morosely (611)

Young Man Shopper (Iain Murton)

Passer-by as Helen tries to persuade Sharon to leave the cult. He takes Sharon's side (383).

Young Woman (Sally-Anne Read)

One of a pair of young lovers seen by Joan as she is wandering the streets morosely (611)

Youth (Timothy Bowles)

Lured into a bush by Doreen and deprived of his fish and chips (13). Identified in the radio bulletin about Franky and Doreen's escape as Grant Mitchell (! no relation).

Youth (Nick Holland)

Caught by Judy and Mouse rifling through the glove compartment of the van Helen Smart has left for them after the tunnel escape (166).

Youth (Jeff Kovski)

One of the many people harassing Dennis Cruickshank after he is suspected of murdering teenage girls (529)

Yvonne (Jane Clifton)

Marilyn Mason's friend, who tries to persuade her to go back on the game (9).

Yvonne (Joanne Lehman)

A schoolgirl living in the house next door to Val when Bea is on the run. She notices Bea and becomes intrigued by her (34). When Yvonne throws a noisy party while her parents are away at which some of the young people are smoking pot, Bea breaks it up, and out of spite Yvonne reports Bea's whereabouts to the police (35). Note the surname of the actress here: she must be Val Lehman's real-life daughter, although Terry Bourke's notoriously unreliable book only mentions that Val Lehman's other daughter Cassie (Cassandra) appeared in early 1979 episodes as a "teen drug-addict" - which possibly means as Bea's daughter Debbie in the flashback first seen in episode (2).

Zach Ward, Rev (Laurie Dobson)

At the Sunday service which Alice uses as a dating service to get closer to Harry (680).

Zara Moonbeam (Ilona Rodgers)

Fraudulent psychic with unconvincing 'Yorkshire' (or possibly Lancashire?) accent. Used by Nola as part of plot to drive Bea mad with messages from the beyond from her daughter Debbie. The campaign climaxes with a set-up Ouija board session which spells out the name of Debbie's best friend at school, which Joan Ferguson found out from Debbie's friend Kerry Jacobs (362-370).

Zoe Wilkinson (Ashby Redward)

Lorelei's daughter: her name is spelt Wilinson on first credit (623). She is then credited for (652) but does not appear. She is taken away by the Hoskings in a car (653). Last seen when she is brought in to visit Lorelei in Ingleside (677).

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