The argument between Judy and Bea escalates. And Margo discovers that Wayne owes $6,000 in gambling debts.

First broadcast ... 1981 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Friday 09 January 1998
DVD release: volume 12 disc 2 (AUS)
Duration: 00:46:21

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Judy ~ Betty Bobbitt
Lizzie ~ Sheila Florance
Erica ~ Patsy King
Bea ~ Val Lehman
Jim ~ Gerard Maguire
Doreen ~ Colette Mann
Vera ~ Fiona Spence
Margo ~ Jane Clifton
Wayne ~ Vince Gil
David ~ Serge Lazareff
Georgie ~ Tracey Mann
Bob ~ Anthony Hawkins
Jeannie Baxter ~ Leila Hayes
Bazza ~ Tim Hughes
Mouse ~ Jentah Sobott
Hazel ~ Belinda Davey
Restaurant Worker ~ Alan Pentland
Maxie ~ Bruce Kerr

  • Written by George Mallaby
  • Directed by Juliana Focht
  • Hazel comes to Judy's cell to see if she's all right, and has to listen to a tirade against Georgie for her trouble. Bea cuts Georgie short for crowing over Judy's humiliation, but when Hazel stops by Bea's cell in an attempt to act as peacemaker, Bea is equally unrepentant and unwilling to apologise or stand down. The atmosphere in the laundry is fraught with tension and Judy asks to work in the garden to get away from the conflict. Mouse is given permission to go with her. Erica calls Doreen childish for bearing a grudge and takes away her privileges for a week. Mouse tells Judy that most of the women are on her side, but Judy doesn't want to be pushed forward to take over Bea's place as top dog. Doreen is refused permission to join Judy in the garden and has to work in the laundry: several times violence seems about to break out. Hazel warns Doreen that stirring up trouble will only backfire on her. Judy fills Doreen in about what happened while she's been away in solitary. Hazel tries to stay neutral as Mouse urges her to join Judy's side. Georgie tries to intimidate Hazel into saying that she's on Bea's side, which has exactly the opposite effect. Lizzie tries to share her worries about the situation with David: she tells him about Franky Doyle and the riot as a way of indicating what will happen if there's a challenge to Bea's authority. Hazel tells Judy she's on her side, and Georgie tries to stir things up by switching off the TV: Judy challenges her to a fight any time she likes. Doreen falls out with Lizzie because she's sharing a cell with Georgie, but they make up their differences. David tries to find out from Judy what's going on: she tells him to get Bea to stop protecting Georgie and adds that she thinks David has been duped by Georgie. David's suggestion that the two rival groups of women are separated during recreation time is rejected by Erica who is keen to pretend that the rivalry does not exist. She says that she will attend the pottery class as usual. Bea warns Georgie to stop throwing her weight around. During the pottery class, Georgie throws a lump of clay at Doreen, but it misses and lands near Erica, splashing her all over with dirty water . Erica says she won't punish the offenders but now agrees to open the library in the evening so that the two groups can be separated. Georgie fools Jim into thinking that a group of women headed by Judy are chasing her to bash her, so he takes away the privileges of Judy and her supporters. After coming off stage from her fan dance strip routine , Margo is confronted by Maxie who demands that Wayne pays up his gambling debts and is is horrified to find they come to $6,000. Judy tries to calm down the women who are with her in the library: she tells them to wait for her there as she's going to go for a talk with Bea alone. After hearing Georgie's version of the incident with Jim, Bea is convinced it was a misunderstanding, and tells her supporters they will have to share their buyup with Judy's group. However, when Judy tells her what really happened, Bea takes this as an accusation that Georgie is lying and tells the women not to share their buyup after all. Margo goes to find Wayne at the restaurant where he works, but is told he only turned up on the first two days and hasn't been seen since. She waits up all night to confront him when he eventually gets home. Margo phones Meg to ask if the cleaning job is still available, but Meg tells her she'll have to check and ring her back. Bea sends Mouse and Hazel out with the laundry truck, and they decide to compensate themselves for their lost buyup by stealing from the cells of Bea's supporters: they hide the goods in the library. Margo tries to persuade Wayne to take a loan to pay off his debts then take on extra work to pay the loan off. Lizzie finds her cigarettes and biscuits have been stolen. Wayne's mate Bazza warns Margo not to get involved with loan sharks: he says he's set up a payroll job to get the money to pay off Wayne's debts. Margo agrees only after Bazza promises that they will not be carrying guns. At breakfast, Mouse stubs out a cigarette on Georgie's plate which is the cue for a full scale brawl. Judy stops the women when she notices that Bea is lying unconscious on the floor .


    Script Editor: Patrick Amer
    Storyliners: Dave Worthington, Alastair Sharp (181)-(185), Peter Brennan: from (185)