Restaurant Manager (Curt Jansen)

Gives Chrissie Latham a job interview but does not employ her (196).

Restaurant Manager (Marcel Cugola)

Referred to in dialogue as Mr Farbre, interviewing Susie Driscoll for a job in a French restaurant (293). She doesn't get the job.

Restaurant Worker (Alan Pentland)

When Margo goes to the restaurant where Wayne is supposed to be working only to find that he only turned up for the first two days (182). The character does not appear in the credits so I may have misidentified the actor.

Restauranteur (Mark Mitchell)

Calls the police when Lou can't pay for her meal after the "Handsome Stranger" walks off with her purse (494).

Rex Chandler (Lloyd Morris)

Scott's best man, seen at his stag night and wedding (404).

Rex Doyle (Kirk Alexander)

Dennis Cruickshank's solicitor when he is in police custody for murder (529).

Rhonda West (Joan Letch)

Takes over the running of the first halfway house after Karen leaves (89) to (104).

Rice, Doctor (Merfyn Owen)

For Ann's breast operation (423).

Richard Adams (Mike Rohan)

Rachel's solicitor (469).

Richard Vercoe (David Hursthouse)

Sally Dempster's solicitor (317)-(318).

Rick Manning (Andy Anderson)

Prison officer, ex-policeman, first seen arriving on the bus when Pixie flirst with him (421). Affair with Rachel Milsom. Involved with plot to catch Eddie Stevens. Leaves Wentworth in (458) to work as a juvenile crime counsellor.

Ricky Lee (Kate Turner)

Friend of political activist Andrea Hennessy. She plots with Linda Golman to kidnap Erica Davidson to exchange for Andrea (228), but Ricky tries to bluff her way out of a police siege armed only with a starting pistol and is killed by police marksmen (232).

Ridley Durham (Earl Francis)

Ettie's barrister at her trial for the bank hold-up (559-560).

Rifle Instructor (Andrew Gilmour)

When the officers are sent to a rifle range by Stuart Gillespie to get some target practice (161).

Riley, Det (Peter Sinclair)

Collects Wendy Glover after the attack on her by the women (658).

Rita (Jenny Seedsman)

Social worker during the officers' strike (475-477).

Rita Connors (Glenda Linscott)

Prisoner. Bikie and top dog for the last stretch of episodes (585-692). More details

Rita Phelps (Adele Lewin)

Halfway house resident (369) having an argument with another resident about snoring.

Roach Waters (Linda Hartley)

Initially introduced as one of the girls in Ettie's house for wayward waifs and the girlfriend of Rita's brother Bongo (595). She is invited on the camping trip with Dan, Ann and Bongo (602). Next seen as one of the mourners at Slasher's funeral (606). She tries to help Bongo when he is on the run, and takes part in the robbery with Ida (621) which lands her in Wentworth. Attends the work release scheme on the boat, and escapes with Micky who sails the boat away while the others are on shore (643).

Rob (Dominic Stringa)

One of the workmen on a car crusher, which we are led to believe is going to crush a car with Rick Manning in the boot (431).

Rob Summerton (Jeremy Kewley)

Possibly the shortest ever appearance by a named character. He is one of the social workers drafted in to Wentworth during the officers' strike. He barely has time to establish that he has a wife and small children before he encounters Bev Baker in a corridor and she stabs him to death with a skewer (476).

Rob Tennant (Don Bridges)

The debt collection agent who harrasses Laura Gardiner at work (373).

Robert Powell (Benjamin)

Colleen's son, in the younger version when Colleen's family is first introduced (272). He sees his sister kidnapped, and tries to help the police by describing the kidnappers (277)

Robert Powell (Robert Palmer)

Some years later, when Colleen's family are killed by a car bomb (433).

Roberts, Mrs (Gerda Nicolson)

Corrupt officer at Barnhurst, who turns a blind eye to the women there smuggling in hallucinogenic mushrooms, as it keeps them quiet (197)-(199). Gerda Nicolson manages to keep up a very harsh "accent" to give an edge to the character, though in hindsight it's hard for her not to look a bit unconvincing as a "nasty" after so many years as Anne Reynolds.

Robin Sanderson (Michael Cole)

Eve Wilder's rich lover. He is only seen in flashbacks as he's already dead - Eve is in Wentworth charged with his murder (575-577).

Rocky (Barry Saloman)

One of Kay Desmond's druggy "friends" (461).

Rod Lewis (Ken Saltmarsh)

Witness to Colleen running over an "elderly drunk" (420). Unfortunately, he is not exactly unknown to the police himself and when Colleen reports his whereabouts to try to force him to testify on her behalf, he gets his own back by accusing her of deliberately running over the wino. (What ever for, one wonders? Is she supposed to be going for maximum points in Deathwatch 2000?). Rick Manning "persuades" him he ought to do the right thing and tell the truth (420-424).

Rod Miller (Chris Waters)

Supermarket manager living in the same boarding house as Rosemary. He makes a false allegation of theft against her when she bashes him with an ashtray to make it clear that his sexual advances aren't welcome. Seen in (391) but not actually credited till (392).

Roddy (John Larking)

Another voice-over role for this actor, as the employer in London phoned by Pippa Reynolds to turn down his job offer (582).

Rodney Adams (Philip Hyde)

Prison officer. Slimy toad. Affair with Kath Maxwell. (630-692).

Roger (Gate Guard) (Bryon Dolan)

Unusual way of crediting a gate guard: they are not usually given a name at all, let alone before their job title. For the other credits of this "character" see Gate Guard

Roger Carter (Bruce Kilpatrick)

Husband of Maxine's sister Pauline, first seen in (368). He isn't at all grateful when Maxine tries to help her sister get out of debt by doing a wages snatch. When Maxine escapes with Lucy Ferguson and asks him for help he refuses (389). He is now minus the moustache he had in earlier episodes. He is attacked by Judy at Maxine's funeral (393), as she holds him partly responsible for Maxine's death.

Roger Ford (Howard Eynon)

Gives Susie Driscoll a lift when she escapes from hospital. While she is asleep in the back seat, he hears a radio bulletin about the escape, pulls the car over and tries to bully her into having sex with him. She gets away from him, but he drives off and leaves her miles from anywhere in the dark and then tops it off by lagging on her to the police (270)-(271).

Roger Harris (John Bishop)

Bus driver for Glee Club trip. His daughter Cheryl is kidnapped by Kevin Stansfield to make him stop the bus and let Reb escape (434).

Roland Van Dyke (Barry Michael)

Leigh Templar's agent. His real name is Stanley, and the air of "sophistication" is as phony as the assumed name. Leigh has more interesting names for him including "Backstabbing Faggot" and "The Lavender Leech". He tries to blackmail Leigh and hints that he still has copies of her porno films to force her to give a TV interview. By his last appearance, he has changed his tune, and is willing to testify on Leigh's behalf (458-465).

Ron (Marcus Eyre)

One of the phony workmen who plant a gas canister to poison the male prisoners (510).

Ron Crosby (Tim Robertson)

He picks up prostitute Jackie Donahue and hires Judy's cab to take her to his motel (261). On the way he has an argument with Judy and loses his wallet, so goes to a police station to report he has been assaulted and robbed. When he returns next morning (262), he becomes less keen when he finds out Judy has recently been involved in an incident that led to someone (Jock Stewart!) being crippled for life. In (262), he is referred to as Ronald Crosby by Wally, though Neil Thompson gets his lines wrong and say the credit cards in his wallet were in the name of Richard Crosby.

Ron Gordon, Insp (Neil Thompson)

Arrives at Wentworth with a proposal for May and Willie (581). They are to infiltrate a art thieves' gang and in return they will be pardoned. He has to grant Willie a pardon, at least (587).

Ron Hardy (Rod Dunbar)

With Dick West, a couple of business contacts who are having dinner with the Morrises when Meg is called away to help Nick Clarke (201).

Ron Patterson (Brian Granrott)

Hazel Kent's solicitor (336).

Ron Talbot, Det (Ian Cumming)

Visits Dennis to tell him he's under 24 hour surveillance after Frank Burke's escape (554).

Ron Watkins (Norman Kay)

Mum's son-in-law, and more sympathetic to her plight than her own daughter Lorraine (5). Visits Mum when she is ill with pleurisy (64) offering to pay for a live-in nurse for her and Judith-Anne.

Ronnie Kennedy (Lyn Ford)

One of the minor prisoners, on the rank just above extra. She is the one who might easily be mistaken for Lurch - same hair colour and general build. She is credited for taking trays to solitary in (471) and in (583). She pays Kath Maxwell protection money in (644). Her surname varies occasionally, and she is called "Corbett" at mailcall in (514).

Ronnie Willis (David Ravenswood)

Crime boss contacted by Marty and Lisa to help establish an alibi for Spike, but he causes more trouble for everyone than it's really worth. He eventually arranges an escape for Kath Maxwell in return for her framing Marty for supplying heroin to Spike (680-?). Seen in (680) listening to "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" and conducting it with a fountain pen - this is a shorthand by the writers for "poncy git".

Roo Morgan (Sally McKenzie)

Top dog at Blackmoor until Rita defeats her in an arranged fight (666-667).

Room Service Boy (Dean Carey)

At the hotel where Marilyn works (8)

Ros Fisher (Marinia Jonathan)

This character name comes from information in the Entry in The Internet Movie Database. For some speculation on her identity, see the page on the background characters.

Rose-Ann McDonald (Paula de Burg)

Mother of murdered hitchhiker. Dennis misguidedly visits to commiserate with her and her husband George (532).

Rosemary Kaye (Jodie Yemm)

All country girls who come to the big city in Prisoner get a raw deal (think of Lynn Warner), and Rosemary is no exception. She has all her money stolen (391), and in the boarding house where Wally installs her, she suffers sexual harassment, false accusations of theft. She ends up in Wentworth, but is released, and goes back to the country to be married (402). An inferior version of Susie Driscoll - she's just a bit too fragile and little-girl-lost, without any of Susie's spirit.

Rosie Hudson (Anne-Maree McDonald)

Pregnant prisoner, who sees Dr Miller in (2). Her main function at first is to prompt Meg to reveal that she had been born in prison herself. Rosie goes into premature labour during the riot started by Franky. She appears later in the series (70) just before her baby Sam's first birthday, when he is due to be taken away from her - though if he was born during the riot when Karen was still in prison, he must be 18 months old at least. When Sam is given away to foster parents, Rosie has a breakdown and begins to behave strangely. After helping Ros Coulson with her escape, Rosie punches Chrissie in the stomach, believing that she has doen something to Sam (72). We find out in (74) that she has been transferred to a psychiatric hospital.

Roslyn Coulson (Sigrid Thornton)

Daughter of Jackie Coulson. Toni McNally shoots Jackie in the toilet of a nightclub, when she finds out that she is having an affair with her husband Sean. Ros comes straight from convent school, investigates the shooting of her mother to find out the culprit, and when Toni is found non-guilty (after having the witnesses threatened) Ros shoots her outside the courtroom (63). In Wentworth for an extended period after this, and several plot lines including the attempt to get Janet Dominguez out of Wentworth. Transferred to another block to allow her to continue her studies in peace (92).

Ross Heineman (Rod McLennan)

Estate agent first seen in (446) attempting to sell Colleen Powell's house, and with whom she has a minor romantic flirtation. He takes Colleen to meet a buyer (449) and eventually contacts her in (455) to tell her the house is sold.

Ross Kipman (Kim Stephens)

Father of Tommy, the boy who befriends Merle when she runs away while on a shopping expedition (671).

Ross, Det Sgt (Bill Garner)

Asks Jim Fletcher for an interview with Andrea Hennessy (231) and takes charge of the investigation when Erica is kidnapped (232). When Inspector Grace is receiving information from Kate Peterson and promises in return to provide a witness for her appeal, he tells Sgt. Ross to investigate her background first (245). He turns up at Wentworth as "Mr Ross", pretending to be the witness needed by Kate, but he really just wants to pump her for information (257). He returns in (262) to tell Kate the information fed to her by Sandy did not check out. In the same episode, he also seems to be in charge of investigating the fraud in the kitchens at Wentworth, and pins it on Bea.

Rouse, Det. Sgt. (later Det. Insp.) (Paul Karo)

First seen when Bea escapes from the van bringing her back from Barnhurst: he arrests Bea and Mum (200) and gives evidence against Mum at her trial (204). He is called in after Pixie fails to return from work release (428). His next case in Wentworth is when he questions Phyllis about the kidnapping on the Glee Club outing (442). He is called in to investigate the campaign death threats against Ann (479) and the bomb threat during the dance marathon (482). He seems rather ineffectual at first, but he eventually manages to identify Brian Lowe as the perpetrator (490) but without being able to trace his whereabouts. His son-in-law Steve Cargill is the policeman guarding Ann's flat who is killed by Brian Lowe.

Roxanne Bradshaw (Peppi D'Or)

First seen delivering stolen goods for Maxine (345). She is later brought to Wentworth for receiving stolen goods (376) - but heavily pregnant. She has become pregnant as part of a surrogacy deal with David and Andrea Sheldon. Even though an ex-boyfriend visits her offering to marry her believing the child to be his (380), she goes through with the deal and her baby is taken away from her shortly after it is born (381). We hear in (384) that she has been transferred to Barnhurst, but she isn't seen. In Terry Bourke's Prisoner guide she is given the surname Laporte, but she's inducted as Roxanne Bradshaw in (376).

Roxy Black (Micki Camelleri)

Tart, working at Queenie Marshall's place (572).

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