The siege continues, and Bea is returned to Wentworth.

First broadcast ... 1981 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Sunday 11 January 1998 04:40
DVD release: volume 12 disc 2 (AUS)
Duration: 00:46:58

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Judy ~ Betty Bobbitt
Lizzie ~ Sheila Florance
Erica ~ Patsy King
Bea ~ Val Lehman
Jim ~ Gerard Maguire
Doreen ~ Colette Mann
Vera ~ Fiona Spence
Margo ~ Jane Clifton
Wayne ~ Vince Gil
David ~ Serge Lazareff
Georgie ~ Tracey Mann
Mrs Mitchell ~ Beverley Dunn
Bazza ~ Tim Hughes
Mrs Dyson ~ Hannah Govan
John Kempsey ~ William Rose
Det. Insp. Thorne ~ Peter Aanensen
Det Sgt Marsh ~ Sydney Jackson
Sally Dean ~ Debra Lawrance

  • Written by Margaret McClusky
  • Directed by Leigh Spence
  • The television station covering the siege is the real life Channel 10 .

    Big moment for one of the unnamed extras , who gets to shrug at Vera's order to put out her cigarette. Sadly, Vera does not use her name.

    Det. Insp. Thorne arrives to control the handling of the siege, and snipers and gunmen take up position all around the building. Margo tells Wayne she's worried that Bazza will snap and open fire at the slightest provocation. Bea is returned to Wentworth, and Vera asks her if she isn't worried that someone might have taken over while she's away. Georgie is persuaded to carry on with David's classes. The two women react differently to being taken hostage: Mrs Dyson whimpers in a corner while Mrs Mitchell is excited that her shop will get free publicity by appearing on TV, and happily sets about making cups of tea for everyone. The women at Wentworth see the TV report on the siege, but Margo is not identified by name. The police phone the shop and Wayne demands a getaway car. Erica tells Meg that Margo has specifically asked for her as a go-between, and orders her not to take part - in vain. Meg goes into the shop to talk to Margo. Vera lets the women know that it's Margo who's involved in the siege. Mrs Dyson faints and Meg persuades Wayne and Bazza to release her and offers to take her place as a hostage. Meg comes out of the shop with Mrs Dyson and passes on the demands to the police: she goes back in after warning the police about Bazza's edginess. Bazza asks Meg to eat the food she's brought back in first, in case it's been drugged. Erica tells Sally Dean, the new trainee officer that the emphasis at Wentworth is on rehabilitation and introduced her to Vera, who is to supervise her. Vera immediately starts to show off in front of Sally, putting a prisoner on loss of privileges for being in a corridor unaccompanied by an officer. Mrs Mitchell suggests to Wayne that he should phone up a TV station with his demands: he is so amazed to be put straight through to the news room that he increases his demand to $100,000 as well as the getaway car. Vera meets her match in Bea, who manages to convey to Sally who's really running the show without giving Vera any grounds to put her on a charge. Jim is disgusted by Sally's admission that she only decided to become a prison officer as a last resort. At the classification meeting, David announces that he's already made out his report on Georgie: he recommends that her parole is deferred to give him more time to teach her to read. Sally finds Bea alone in a corridor and tries to put her on a charge, but Bea points out she's on her way from the rec room to her cell and she is allowed to do that without having an officer accompany her. Vera's spite gets the better of her and she tells Georgie that David thinks she's such a poor student that he's going to try to stop her getting parole. Det. Sgt. Marsh ignores his superior's orders not to start anything while he's away and provokes Bazza into trying to shoot his way out. Bazza wounds a police officer in the arm and he and Wayne are both shot in the stomach. Meg tells the police to hold their fire and she and Margo rush to see how Wayne is .


    Script Editor: Ian Smith
    Storyliners: Dave Worthington, Alastair Sharp