The dog handler is concerned when the dogs appear to have lost their appetite. On exercise period Marie causes considerable distress by throwing Doreen's teddy bear to the dogs

First broadcast ... 1982 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Saturday 25 April 1998 04:40
DVD release: volume 17 disc 1 (AUS)
Duration: 0:44:32

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Judy ~ Betty Bobbitt
Lizzie ~ Sheila Florance
Erica ~ Patsy King
Bea ~ Val Lehman
Doreen ~ Colette Mann
Officer Powell ~ Judith McGrath
Kate ~ Olivia Hamnett
Steve ~ Wayne Jarratt
Sandy ~ Louise Le Nay
Marie ~ Maggie Millar
Janet ~ Kate Sheil
Geoff ~ Andrew Clarke
Jock ~ Tommy Dysart
Lori ~ Susannah Fowle
Ian Mahoney ~ Peter Curtin
Margo ~ Jane Clifton
Pete (Dog Handler) ~ Paul Rettke
Dr. Braithwaite ~ Gordon McDougal
Det. Sgt. Ross ~ Bill Garner

  • Written by Coral Drouyn
  • Directed by Lex Van Os
  • The stunned group in the rec room is interrupted by Margo, finally released from A block. Erica informs Meg that the printing press and instructor will be arriving the next day. She asks Meg to organize a cleaning crew to make space in the workshop. Over dinner, Sandy explains to Bea how she got Fitzwater and that Jim Fletcher is backing up her story. Bea realises it's probably as much to avenge Terry Harrison's murder as it is to help Sandy. Doreen feeds the dogs again, but this time makes them obey her commands first. Ian Mahoney, the printing press instructor, arrives and meets Colleen. Colleen is not impressed. Sandy comes into the laundry and tells Marie to get away from the press. Marie calls for backup - Margo tells her there's room by her folding sheets. Just then Colleen enters to organize the cleaning crew. Marie takes quick advantage of volunteering. Sandy takes the press. The dog trainer is worried about the dogs who are not finishing their food. He asks Colleen if a vet can be brought in to examine them. While the women clean the workshop, Ian flirts with Meg. Colleen asks Erica about the vet. Ian teaches his first lesson, continuing all the while to flirt with Meg. This does not go unnoticed by the women. Kate asks Marie what she intends to do about Sandy. Marie calls a meeting in her cell. Both Kate and Margo are pretty scared of Sandy, but Marie claims that once the drug racket is re-established there'll be no problems. She also has plans for Doreen. The vet decrees that the dogs are perfectly well and very good specimens for "rejects". Colleen jumps on the word and demands an explanation. It turns out the dogs were too savage for police work. Lizzie tells Bea about Ian's designs on Meg. Kate attempts to be the concerned friend with Sandy, but Sandy is quite brusque with her. Doreen discovers her teddy's gone missing. Bea promises to take care of the matter. Kate tells Colleen that she must have a visit from Inspector Grace. When Colleen finds out the women are on to Kate she promises to arrange it. Meg switches duties with Janet for the print shop supervision. Kate makes a deal with Marie: she'll smuggle a letter of Marie's out to the mob in exchange for protection from Sandy. Marie agrees. At recreation time, Marie and Margo start tossing Doreen's teddy around. Lizzie charges Marie, who knocks her to the ground. Bea goes for her, but Marie tosses the bear into the dog pen. As the women are called away, Doreen calls the dogs off her teddy. Bea observes this. Later on, Bea gets Doreen to confess she's trained the dogs. Bea is impressed, but Doreen insists she keep it to herself. Too late - Kate's been listening at the door. Lori and Geoff have been invited to spend some time with Uncle Arch and Judy thinks they should go. Kate tells Doreen how impressed she is with her handling of the dogs. Doreen goes straight to Bea. In the middle of the night, Kate wakes up with Bea's hand over her mouth. Bea says this demonstrates how easy it would be to cut her throat if she talks about Doreen. Judy leaves for work, followed by Jock. Kate asks Steve to speak to Colleen, but Colleen is rostered off that day. Jock gets into Judy's taxi. He demands 5000.00 or he'll tell Lori about her stint as a prostitute. Jock then goes to the flat, tells Geoff he's from the estate agents checking for leaks, and leaves a note for Judy in the bedroom. Judy gets the note and excuses herself from Lori and Geoff. A Detective Ross arrives to see Kate. He tells Steve that Kate has been supplying the police with information and that she is not to be told he's a detective. Judy meets Jock in the park. She tells him his threats are useless as she's certain her daughter won't care about her massage parlour days. Jock then threatens to seriously harm Lori if the money isn't delivered. Judy threatens to kill him. Jock laughs and says that if anything at all happens to him a letter will go straight to Geoff holding her responsible. Kate meets "Mr." Ross, who claims to be her "witness". Kate is pleased and asks him to pass Marie's letter out for her. As soon as he leaves the visiting room, Ross reads the letter. He tells Steve that Grace is going to think he won the lottery.

    This episode summary was written by Matthew Bubb.