Hooper, Officer (John Mortimer)

Male officer guarding Lou Kelly in hospital (607).

Hope Ryan (Kerrin Hayden)

Steve Ryan's sister, seen collecting him outside the gates in (604), and mistaken by Julie Egbert for his girlfriend. After this, her function is passed on to another character and actress: see Heather Ryan. The writers seem to realise that dropping one sister for another is odd and make nervous allusions to justify her absence, particularly from her brother's wedding when Steve says to Heather: "Pity Hope's missing out on the big day".

Horne, Inspector (John Murphy)

Involved in the siege at the Woods' (35). The actor seems to think he's been cast as a Forties private eye and employs the irritating habit of picking his teeth throughout to show how hard-bitten and cynical he is.

Horrie (Michael Gamble)

Partner of Edith Wharton, though they are not in fact married. He is already ill in bed when we first see him, but after a night sleeping rough on a bench after he and Edie are evicted, he is found dead next morning (44).

Horton, Mr (Selwyn Crockett)

Maxine's solicitor. He has to leave court before her case comes up, so she is bailed (307).

Hospital Receptionist (Evelyn Bowie)

Gives Colleen directions to Susie Driscoll's ward when she comes to visit her in hospital (269).

Hotel Clerk (Iain Murton)

In a hotel where Bea seeks refuge while she is on the run (357).

Hotel Receptionist (Susan Cholewick)

When Lizzie goes to stay in a hotel after the arson charge against her is dropped (250).

House Owner (Nick Burke)

His house is taken over as an HQ during the siege at Wentworth (550). Referred to as Mr Napier in dialogue.

Howard Simmons (Reg Evans)

Private detective found by May Collins for Jenny Hartley. His scruffy appearance disconcerts her, but he manages to find out enough to cast doubt on Harriet and Steven Formby's alibi for the murder. Harriet tries to bribe him, and he takes the money but uses it to pay for a solicitor for Jenny. He tries to introduce evidence at Jenny's trial to incriminate Harriet, but the jury fail to reach a verdict and Jenny has to face a retrial. It is Howie who tells Jenny that Steve Formby has confessed and she is free (561-584).

Hudson, Mr (Charles "Bud " Tingwell)

Departmental inspector, who comes to Wentworth to investigate Ann's reform report. Despite a series of disasters, including coming across Ida Brown, Merle high on marijuana and being shown round by Joan Ferguson, he is convinced by Kath's speech about life in prison that Ann's reform program should be approved (691-692).

Hudson, Mrs (Valma Pratt)

Mother of Andy Hudson (329).

Hugh Bennett (Steve Cummins)

Belinda Johns' Braille teacher, who tries to persuade her to take a positive attitude and even introduces his wife to her. (425)-(428).

Hugh Gilbertson (Carl Bleazby)

Caroline Simpson's solicitor. He advises her to plead guilty to manslaughter to avoid being found guilty of murder (97). She takes his advice and at the committal hearing, where he represents her (98), she is committed for trial for manslaughter.

Hughie Thompson (Colwyn Roberts)

Witnesses Lou Kelly running away from the farmhouse after killing Sean and Flora Jenkins (612).

Hume, Inspector (Peter Drake)

Involved in the capture of Peter Secker, the crazed Anti-Semite attempting to kill Hannah Geldschmidt (456).

Humphreys, VJ (Lloyd Cunnington)

Adds extra time to the sentences of Reb Kean and Mo McGuire (431). The same actor is usually credited as Mr Goodwin, also a Visiting Justice, so this is probably just a mistake and he was intended to be the same character.

Hungarian Mother (Marika Pelcoszy)

First customer in Paul Reynolds' photographic shop (409).

Hunt, Major (Tim Hughes)

Bomb squad man defusing the bomb outside solitary where Bea is beiong held. Someone had obviously seen too many war films (or the TV series "Danger: UXB"), as the character is given a frightfully "English" stiff upper class accent. He flirts with Bea, telling her to call him Bill, but fails to defuse the bomb and is killed in the explosion (387).

Huntley, Dr (Doug Bennett)

Offers a second opinion on Bea (369).

Husband (Glen Robbins)

Referred to as Mr Webb, he upsets Coleen with tactless criticisms of her family, especially her husband's DIY skills (449).The Webbs do eventually buy her house.

Ian Hardy (Ric Harley)

Officer at Blackmoor, first seen at Rita's induction (665). He is taken hostage with Terry Walters in (667) and is transferred to Wentworth along with the prisoners after the fire (668).

Ian Mahoney (Peter Curtin)

Brought in to help the women with a printing press project (257). After flirting with Meg, he becomes involved with Janet Conway and they leave Wentworth together to get married (274).

Ian McPherson, Dr (Paul Wentford)

Examines Hannah Geldschmidt when she is admitted to hospital after being bashed by Alice and Frances (453).

Ian Simpson (Mark Neil)

Workman fitting the PA system (438).

Ida Brown (Paddy Burnett)

Rita Connor's aunt, first seen visiting Rita and appearing to be a sweet old lady, but she has smuggled a CB radio to Rita inside some magazines (592). She collects a radio controlled car fixed by Julie Egbert from Rita (612) and uses it to send coke past the guards in (613). She is credited in (614) for no apparent reason. Next seen taking part in a robbery with Roach in (621) to provide money for Bongo, who is on the run after trying to break Rita out of Wentworth. The robbery is a shambles and they both end up in Wentworth. Ida pops up again in (637) just before her trial in (638) where she "charms" the judge into letting her off. She visits Wentworth at Rita's request and arranges Kath's kidnapping (651). When Rita escapes to see Bongo's grave, she takes her there on her motorbike, and evades capture by the police by hiding in a bush (675). She visits Rita in (691) at Alice's suggestion to remonstrate with her for her closeness to Joan Ferguson. A sort of Hell's Granny, whose strange performances often steal the show from other actors.

Immigration Officer (Roy Edmunds)

Arrests Irene Zervos outside Wentworth (40).

Injured Youth (Craig Jenkins)

A mysterious credit in (477), but he may be the person who gets hurt in the picket outside Wentworth during the officers' strike.

Inspector (David Scott)

Arrives at Wentworth to interview Kathy Hall after she attempts to stay in Wentworth by causing a fire in the laundry (219).

Instructress (Gillian O'Flynn)

Gym instructor for the women's exercise period (7): a classic mixed accent - Yorkshire with hints of Irish and Angela Brazil.

Interviewer (Roy Hampson)

Interviewing Daphne Graham on TV after her release (590).

Interviewer 1 (Jan Gilbert) * Interviewer 2 (Liz Walley) * Interviewer 3 (Jamie Jackson)

For Camilla Wells' press conference inside Wentworth (430).

Intruder (Trevor Kilgour)

Breaks into Paul Reynolds' studio and plants porn (410).

Irene (Marcella Burgoyne)

Dance class instructor, whose refined exterior cracks when Doreen answers her back (5).

Irene Henderson (Beverley Dunn)

One of the visitors from PASSIVE, trapped inside Wentworth by the lassa fever outbreak (390). She is standoffish at first, but has her view of prisoners totally changed and offers to help tend the sick. She is mentioned but not seen in (397) and when Bea phones her and persuades her to let Lizzie borrow her house and butler to impress her old mate Mick Lawson on her day release.

Irene Nagle (???)

Uncredited background prisoner who is on the work release scheme in Andrew Reynolds' garment factory (126)-(127). Dies during the tunnel escape when the tunnel collapses (165). Or does she?

Irene Zervos (Maria Mercedes)

Arrested for prostitution in (38). She is only able to speak Greek and can only tell her story when Karen Travers interprets for her. Her brother Alex and Tessa are unable to help her as they are illegal immigrants, and the man lined up to marry her rejects her after her arrest. It is revealed that she has been blackmailed into prostitution by Nikos who knows of her illegal status. After her bail is paid, she is freed but rearrested outside Wentworth as an illegal immigrant, detained and deported (40). I've used the spelling in the credits, though really her name should be spelt Irini, which is how her family refer to her.

Iris Moore (Judith Graham)

Organiser of the singing competition attended by Wentworth Glee Club (434).

Ivan Hosking (Cliff Wood)

The Hoskings are a couple who look after Zoe while Granny Wilkinson is in hospital, and after Gran's death they decide to keep her and apply for custody (652). After being contacted by Joan, Mr Hoskings refuses Meg's request to take Zoe to see Lorelei in Ingleside (673) but after the television program which exposes Craven, he takes Zoe to see Lorelei in (677).

Ivy (Judith Graham)

Customer (with another woman credited as Betty) of the halfway house shop who takes a fancy to Maxine's stolen goods (306).

Ivy Butcher (Elizabeth Wing)

Prison visitor arranged by Erica for Lizzie (186). Lizzie pockets her visitor's pass and uses it to get out for an unauthorised day out to see Sid.

Jack Baxter (Jeremy Kewley)

Takes Susie Driscoll to a disco (288) and warns her that her employer Mr Strachan tries to take advantage of his female employees (291).

Jack Brennan (Ian McLeish)

Brenda Hewitt's brother, who arranges a drug drop for her to collect (409)-(412).

Jack Burns (Dean Nicols)

Workman who gets goods inside prison for Spider Simpson (651). Thanks to Kim Rydvald for identifying him.

Jack Crosse (Robin Cuming)

Melinda Crosse's father (53)-(57)

Jack Gordon (Glennan Fahey)

Young man who becomes friendly with Bobbie Mitchell while she is on the run in Sydney. He is about to meet her to take her back to the country with him, when he sees her being bundled into a police car (445-447). The actor's name is spelt Faye in credits.

Jacki Nolan (Diane Craig)

Glamourous woman that Jim Fletcher meets at a party under the name Sarah Forrest (149). She has her own interior design business, and Jim makes the mistake of pretending that he's a builder. When he has to come clean and tell her his real job, she suddenly breaks off the affair. When Erica happens to meet Jacki, she gets this strange feeling she's seen her somewhere before... Sure enough, Jacki turns out to be an escapee from another prison. She is brought to Wentworth and inducted as Jacqueline Mary Nolan, but Jim lobbies for her release on the grounds that she has successfully rehabilitated herself. It works, but does not help him to cement their relationship: Jacki does not want to see him after her release (159). [Info from RL]

Jackie Coulson (Uncredited)

Lover of Sean McNally, shot in the toilet at a club by Toni McNally (57).

Jackie Donahue (Kathryn Lynch)

Prostitute who is picked up by Ron Crosby (261) and goes back with him to his motel in Judy's cab, but changes her mind when she gets there, and instead lifts his wallet and robs him, leaving the empty wallet in Judy's cab. This leads to Judy being sent back to Wentworth when she is suspected of assaulting and robbing the customer. Jackie later turns up in Wentworth on a soliciting charge, and is seen again on the outside (290) when Susie Driscoll is released and meets her in the street. Jackie takes her for dinner and introduces her to another prostitute Donna Mason.

Jacko (Lynette Letico)

Miscellaneous "muscle", often in tandem with Lil: she seems to take the place of Bev. Her earliest appearance as a non-speaking character is around (319). During the Great Fire episode (326), Bea says to her "You do it, Jacko" when Margo refuses to be lookout. Her first credit is in (341) when she and Lil are bashed by Nola McKenzie and her last is in (575), talking to Eve Wilder in solitary. She seems to go through a bewildering variety of hairdos, including a "Bea Smith" style from about (428) and frizzy bleached perm in the brief montage of background characters in the final episode. Her surname changes almost as often: you might assume "Jacko" to be short for "Jackson", but she is referred to as "Shepherd" on return from Woodridge (320); "Kennedy" by Colleen (323), again in (326) and Willie refers to "Jacko Kennedy" (556). By a process of elimination from the muster call for laundry in (564), she seems to be "Brent", a name that was also used for no-one in particular in (562).

James Brandon (Brandon Smith)

Helen Masters' assistant, first seen on television with her (8). When he threatens to expose her for concealing the truth about a hit and run accident unless she gives him a better contract, Helen outsmarts him by getting Doreen to forge her signature After she is cleared of the charges against her, James is sacked (10).

James Dwyer (Minister) (James Condon)

Minister for Corrective Services, first seen in (564) where he expresses his disapproval that the press have got hold of Daphne Graham's story and after Eve Wilder's assault on Joyce, he visits again and threatens to dismiss Ann as Governor (589). He is visited by Joan with info from Nancy's diary (618), and as a result demotes Meg to promote Joan to Deputy Governor (619). He arrives at Wentworth, tipped off by Joan, to try to stop Julie Egbert's wedding (628). He is next seen asking advice from the about his son's blackmail by Lisa Mullins (651). Ann calls him to Wentworth to hear Lorelei's testimony about her rape, but she changes her story under pressure from Ernest Craven. He demotes Ann in (669) and demands that Lorelei is transferred to Ingleside (673) to avoid any further scandal. Joan informs him of Lorelei's recovery (675) and he has to appear on TV to announce Ann's reinstatement (677) after Craven is exposed on City Probe. He refuses to help Joan after her confrontation with Willie Beecham and orders her to go back to Wentworth (685). This can only be accounted an insane act, given her record, but presumably he wishes to give her enough rope to hang herself, as his telephone conversation with Ann suggests. He is last seen arguing with Ann about her reform report (689), and given that Mr Hudson arrives soon after to carry out his own investigation, I think it can be assumed that Dwyer's political career is effectively over.

James Marne (John Frawley)

Erica Davidson's brother (208). Last seen in (211) when Erica goes back to the house to sort out her mother's estate.

James Walker (Noel Maloney)

Leigh Templar's solicitor, who advises her to admit she was in porno films to defuse the threat against her (459). He appears again in (465).

James Watson (James Wright)

One of Pixie's husbands, first seen in (378). Even after she is arrested for bigamy he remains fond of her and visits her in Wentworth (379) and attends her trial (380).

James, Father (James Wright)

The priest who comes to hear Anita Selby's confession in prison (531).

Jan (Charmayne Lane)

Friend of Tracey Morris who acts as a decoy to give her police guard the slip and go to see her boyfriend Joe (146).She is told to come wearing something "distinctive" which she does - one of those deliriously silly outfits they come up with in Prisoner whenever "fashion" is required. She seems to be wearing a yard of purple gauze round her head with a matching feather sticking out of it.

Jane (Bethany Lee)

Prisoner in maternity with Chrissie in (151) when Doreen is transferred there just before her release, and involved in the ludicrous "cat sitting on Elizabeth" plot strand that allows Doreen to demonstrate the resuscitation skills which seem to land her the job in Wentworth General after her release. Her surname is used at one point and sounds like "Cobden". She is probably meant to be the same character as the unnamed and uncredited mother in surgery in (148). It is certainly the same baby, and probably the same actress, though with her hair in braids for the second appearance it is difficult to be sure.

Jane Desmond (Penelope Shelton)

Petra Roberts' aunt, first seen in (388). She is a witness at Petra's trial (398), and attends Petra's wedding (404).

Jane Preston (Jane Menz)

A woman who visits Kath Maxwell with Jeff Goodwin. Acting on Rita Connors' instructions, they kidnap her and take her out of Wentworth by force (651).

Janet (Amanda Irving)

Neighbour of Don Page who cooks him a meal (218) and invites him out (219) while his wife is in Wentworth. She eventually confesses she loves him (221) then accuses him of using her when he tries to tell her he isn't interested.

Janet Conway (Kate Sheil)

Arrives as a new prison officer in (232). She reveals to Meg that she had been a prisoner herself on remand for receiving stolen goods twelve years earlier, but was eventually found not guilty (Though, oddly, only Bea seems to remember her from that time). Becomes emotionally involved with Jim Fletcher, and in a fit of insanse jealousy when she thinks Meg is also having an affair with Jim, she wrecks Jim's front room. Eventually she becomes involved with print instructor Ian Mahoney and leaves to marry him (274).

Janet Dominguez (Diedre Rubenstein)

Brought to Wentworth in (79) awaiting extradition to the US to face charges in connnection with the bombing of a South American official outside the UN building. She is held in solitary away from the other women initially. Ros Coulson offers to help with an escape and is provided with an instant sleep powder to drug the guards while armed terrorists break into the prison to free Janet (83).

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