Tony and Judy prepare for the official opening of the Halfway House and the women prepare for the concert auditions.

First broadcast ... 1982 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Saturday 18 July 1998 04:40
DVD release: volume 20 disc 4 (AUS)
Duration: 0:47:25

Judy ~ Betty Bobbitt
Lizzie ~ Sheila Florance
Erica ~ Patsy King
Joan ~ Maggie Kirkpatrick
Off. Powell ~ Judith McGrath
Chrissie ~ Amanda Muggleton
Margo ~ Jane Clifton
Helen ~ Caroline Gillmer
Tony ~ Alan David Lee
Maxine ~ Lisa Crittenden
Barbara ~ Susan Guerin
Paddy ~ Anna Hruby
Sally ~ Liz Harris
Kerry ~ Keely Macarow
Phyllis ~ Reylene Pearce
Richard Vercoe ~ David Hursthouse
Mr Douglas ~ Ian Smith
Shirley Halliday ~ Vivien Davies
Federal Policeman ~ Eric McPhan

  • Written by Patrea Smallacombe
  • Directed by Mandy Smith
  • Meg's "suspension" means she does not appear again until (319). Bea also seems to take a little holiday....

    The opening credits feature a new set of mugshots for Judy, which now include her prisoner number 387558

    The writer of this episode was also a longtime storyliner, hence perhaps the reference to Margo's experience as a stripper.

    Sally is arrested. Lizzie comforts Chrissie and tries to cheer her up by suggesting that she puts her name down for the concert. Joan pours scorn on the concert idea, which convinces Chrissie to change her mind and she volunteers. Sally sees her solicitor Richard Vercoe: she refuses bail as she can't face the idea of going home. Colleen tells Joan she has deliberately not mentioned that the concert is in a men's prison. Helen and Tony prepare for the opening of the halfway house: Helen fusses around with a feather duster (only the French maid's outfit - and accent - are missing). Maxine is finally convinced to report Sally to the Child Protection Agency. Sally is taken to Wentworth and is put to work in the laundry. Tony gives Erica a script for the concert. The women in the laundry approve of Sally's action in running her husband over. A woman from the Child Protection Agency calls to see Maxine about Sally and is told she is too late, as Sally is in prison. Joan tells Margo the concert is at Woodridge in order to involve a few trouble-makers. The guests arrive for the official opening of the halfway house. Maxine speaks to Erica to warn her about Sally's history as a child basher, and reminds her what will happen when the women find out. Colleen forces Phyllis to volunteer for the concert by threatening to send her to solitary for slacking on cleaning duty if she doesn't. Maxine gets drunk on the free champagne, but she's not the only one... Ted Douglas makes a drunken speech. Judy announces that the name will be Driscoll House after its first resident. Margo, Ronnie and Lil volunteer for the concert - to Colleen's dismay. A young girl comes to enquire what Driscoll House is: Tony explains it's for ex-prisoners and other women in distress. Chrissie comforts Sally when she finds her weeping in her cell, but Sally makes the mistake of admitting to hitting Michelle. Chrissie's attitude changes in a flash, and she gives Sally a slap round the face to demonstrate what it feels like. She then goes to the rec room and tells them all about Sally's confession. Joan is told that Ted Douglas has decided that she will act as Colleen's second in command during Meg's absence. Judy is woken up by an intruder at Driscoll, the young girl who visited earlier in the day . Margo and a few other women pin Sally down and throw a cup of boiling hot coffee over her. Phyllis is stopped from going to Woodridge when Joan pushes Colleen into asking her what her attitude to the concert is. Next morning, the girl tells Judy her name is Kim, but Tony arrives at work and recognises her, so she scuttles upstairs. Judy tells Tony she doesn't want to phone the police until she can get "Kim" talking and get a better idea of her problems. Sally reports Margo to Joan, who warns her to keep her mouth shut and tells her the women's attitude to laggers. Joan goes to Margo and tells her she knows what she did to Sally: in return for not reporting it, she tells Margo she wants her to ruin the concert. Paddy is apprehensive about getting in the van, and threatens Margo when she mocks her. Chrissie starts a sing-song to defuse the situation as the van drives through the gates.


    Script Editor: Barry Main
    Storyliners: Dave Worthington, John Mortimore, Andrew Kennedy, Patrea Smallacombe