Joyce tells Lexie off for ridiculing her. Ruth tells Lou about her plan for hard drugs inside. Joan finds Myra tripping in the corridor. Nora says that someone is trying to frame Myra.

First broadcast ... 1985 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Sunday 05 September 1999 04:40
DVD release: volume 34 disc 4 (AUS)
Duration: 0:44:08

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Joan ~ Maggie Kirkpatrick
Ann ~ Gerda Nicolson
Myra ~ Anne Phelan
Joyce ~ Joy Westmore
Nora ~ Sonja Tallis
May ~ Billie Hammerberg
Willie ~ Kirsty Child
Dennis ~ Nigel Bradshaw
Ruth ~ Lindy Davies
Daphne ~ Debra Lawrance
Lou ~ Louise Siversen
Lexie ~ Pepe Trevor
Julie ~ Jackie Woodburne
Ettie ~ Lois Ramsay
Terri ~ Margot Knight
Sadie Grimshaw ~ Helene Jacoby
George Costello ~ Peter Stratford
Lionel Fellowes ~ Will Deumer
Frank Richards ~ Marcus Eyre
Sister Hall ~ Gael Andrews
Officer Radcliffe ~ Marion Dimmick
Chauffeur ~ Cameron Allen
Margot ~ Paddy Bernett
Brucie ~ David Beresh [2nd from L]
Spike ~ Jeff Kovski [R]
Charlie ~ James Shaw [L]

  • Written by Kit Oldfield & James Simmonds
  • Directed by Chris Adshead
  • Meg and Dennis walk Joyce around rather than report the suicide attempt, as Dennis says it would cost Joyce her job. May tries again to give Willie the cardigan she knitted, but Willie tells her she will never wear "that thing". Fellowes plans to use Ettie as a decoy for another job his gang are doing at the same time on the other side of town. He is also hoping it will be useful to have a contact inside Wentworth to check out Ruth Ballinger. Joyce admits to Meg she finds Norm unbearable and won't go back to him. Ettie is introduced to the members of the gang who are supposed to be her backup for the robbery. Meg doesn't tell Ann about Joyce when Ann comments Joyce has been looking ill. Joan objects to being searched, and gets through unscathed when Officer Radcliffe is distracted by answering the phone. After Joyce and Mervin leave her alone in the staff room. Joan takes an envelope from her overcoat pocket and puts it in her jacket pocket. Ettie hires a Rolls Royce to take Sadie to the races. Lexie jokes to Mervin that Joyce might leave her husband for him: he gets flustered and reveals that it is true. Joan hands over the goods to Ruth: including an extra package containing a hypodermic and heroin to finish off Myra. Ruth's solicitor passes on a message from her husband to give the names of two of Fellowes' associates to the police. When he questions involving an officer in smuggling drugs when she already has some hidden in her table lamp, Ruth says that compromising an officer means she can blackamil her. Joyce warns Lexie not to make any more trouble and reminds her that she knows it was Lexie who stole her purse. May is transferred to the kitchen to replace Lexie and finds out that Willie is collecting all kinds of junk from the kitchen rubbish. Ruth gives the drugs to Lou to distribute free to the woman. Lexie and Julie share a joint, which leads to trouble from Myra when they are still stoned later in the kitchen, Lou blames Ruth for handing out the drugs. Joan asks Terri out for another drink, and finds out she doesn't have a boyfriend. Ann tells Ruth not to make calls for other prisoners or give them presents or she'll end up in solitary. Ruth counters by telling Ann about the drug problem in Wentworth and claims Myra is behind it. Daphne is tricked by Ruth into give Myra a coffee spiked with acid. Julie is taken ill after smoking the joint, and because of the trouble it caused Ruth refuses to give Lexie another one. Myra starts to hallucinate and makes her way with difficulty and in soft focus along a corridor. Nora catches Lou in Myra's cell. Myra ends up grovelling at Joan's feet . Joan reports that Myra has been taken to the infirmary under the influence of drugs and Ann orders a cell search. Joan finds drugs planted by Lou in Myra's cell: Nora protests that it must be a frame-up.


    Story Editor: Coral Drouyn
    Script Editor: Ian Smith & Gail Meillon (541)
    Storyliners: Coral Drouyn, Neil Luxmoore, Tony McDonald, John Coulter

    ITV regional broadcast dates:-
    Broadcast on Ulster Monday 4th August 1997 23:40; Meridian Tuesday 28 April 1998 23:40