C Block Woman (Julie Lacy)

Prisoner paid by Kath Maxwell to set Spider's cell on fire (649).

Cab Driver (Vince D'Amico)

Hailed by Lizzie on her fruitless quest to find Myra Desmond's house with only the vaguest notion of her actual address (251). He delivers her to the police station when he finds out she has no money. By a strange co-incidence, the same actor later plays Myra Desmond's husband.

Cab Driver (Buzz Allshorn)

When Joan takes a taxi, has a blackout and finds herself staring at a building with no recollection of why she wanted to visit it (532). She irritably demands to be taken to Flemington instead.

Cabbie (John Geros)

Driving Joan home from Wentworth when she changes her mind and asks him to drive to Ingleside to take the tape for Lorelei (674).

Cafe Owner (Luigi Cengarle)

In the cafe where Shane is tormented by a group of kids (527).

Cameraman (Bill Manderson)

Among the group of journalists pestering Joan after her sacking (475).

Cameraman (Craig Delahoy)

Filming inside Wentworth with Phil Clayton and has the foresight to remove the video tape of the embarrassing incident at the security gate, giving Joan another in its place (676).

Camilla Wells (Annette Andre)

Talk show hostess jailed for not paying parking fine. She antagonizes the women by telling them they're in prison and shouldn't expect any better treatment, but she later makes up for it when she tricks the officers into letting her phone her own talk show to tell the world Mo McGuire's story (429-432). She also helps Mo by giving her a job and a place to live. Camilla mentioned after her release whenever an inmate needs to leak news out of Wentworth: Judy tries to phone her in (453) about Hannah Geldschmidt's case; Joan's appointment as Deputy Governor is blocked by a Camilla writing about her in a newspaper column she seems to have mysteriously acquired especially for this purpose (456); and Leigh Templar plans to pre-empt Roland by giving her own version of her story to Camilla (466).

Campbell, Mr (Robin Cuming)

Instructor on the crash course in being a parole officer taken by Meg (189). Appararently, it only takes a week to learn.

Car Park Attendant (Barry Branchflower)

When Sonia Stevens swaps cars to evade the police following her (477).

Car Thief (Murray Fahey)

Part of the local colour in the police station in the episode where the warehouse where Ann and Meg are trapped explodes (500).

Cargill, Constable (Robert McClelland)

Referred to as Steve Cargill, guarding Ann's flat during the campaign of threatening letters. Son-in-law of Inspector Rouse, killed and mutilated by Brian Lowe (479).

Carmel Saunders (Cornelia Francis)

Lawyer who takes over Pat O'Connell's appeal, and represents David O'Connell at his preliminary hearing (85). She joins Paul Reid in pressuring Pat to go for a second appeal on the grounds that newspaper publicity influenced the judge to give her too heavy a sentence (105) and her arguments convince the appeal judges (109)-(110).

Carol Burton (Judith Roberts)

Wife of Tom Burton, who is so exasperated by his infidelities that she is driven to threaten to kill him if he is having an affair (47). Since he is, and with the conniving Melinda Crosse, this means trouble for all three parties. When Tom tries to break off the affair with Melinda, she threatens him with incriminating photographs, and sends them to Carol (48). Carol phones Melinda to offer money for the negatives, but when Melinda turns up, she finds that Carol has called the police (49)

Carol Coulson (Merrin Canning)

Neighbour of Joan Ferguson, ill-treated by husband Des. She snaps and kills him (373), holding her daughter Jilly hostage until she is disarmed by Joan. She is taken to Wentworth, where she hangs herself (377).

Carol Lewis (Elisabeth Crosby)

Girlfriend of Mel, kidnapper of Jenny Powell. Attempts to protect Jenny from Mel, eventually shooting Mel during one of Jenny's attempts to escape. Sent to Wentworth. (276)-(???)

Caroline Russell (Tracey Callender)

Jan Grant's clerk, who brings money into Wentworth for her to buy drink (515)

Caroline Simpson (Rosalind Speirs)

First seen visiting the halfway house with her mother Vivienne Williams seeking refuge from her violent father (89) but Rhonda has to turn them away. Her father's brutality to his wife eventually makes her stab him in the back. She tries to get her mother to support an implausible story about him being killed when he disturbed a burglar, but Vivienne's guilt makes her blurt out the truth to the police and they are both remanded to Wentworth. As an attractive middleclass woman (with the added bait of a frail mother in tow), she was just the sort to attract Jim Fletcher. Jim pays the bail under Paul Reid's name for Caroline's mother to be released and then for Caroline herself. After her mother has attempted suicide, she is not allowed to go to her own home, but lives in the halfway house. Despite the danger of discovery, Jim continues to meet her there, and she visits the hotel room where he is living. It is left open whether their "affair" amounts to anything more than the bit of snogging we actually see. After the death of his wife and children, Jim blames Caroline when she comes to the hospital to comfort him. She is eventually given a bond for three years on the reduced charge of manslaughter (114) and she and Jim agree they have both been through too much recently to carry on their relationship.

Caroline Woods (Julie Day)

Grannie Bourke's ex-employer. Noeline suggests the Woods household as a suitable place for her brother Col to burgle, but Mrs Woods discovers him in the act (34). He takes her hostage, and the police shoot and kill him (35)

Carter, Det (Charles Gilroy)

The detective from the Consorting Squad who comes to Val's house trying to trace Bea. He is only an offstage voice in (33), but is seen in (34).

Carter, Det (Graham Dow)

Involved either in interviewing Hannah Simpson about money, or Donna Mason about drugs (296)-(297).

Carter, Mr (David Nettheim)

Visits Don Page (222) to tell him his son Chris has hit one of the teachers at school and then run away.

Carter, Officer (Dawn Klingberg)

Dawn Klingberg is credited in earlier episodes as Officer Edwards, but is referred to in an uncredited appearance in (156) as Officer Carter. Having made the mistake once, I suspect the writers stuck with it and hence on the next credited appearance as an officer in (158) Dawn Klingberg becomes Officer Carter officially. She also appears in (160) where she is referred to in dialogue as Officer Carter.

Cashier (Lisa Green)

At the cinema which Ettie visits after her release (526).

Cass Parker (Babs McMillan)

Jailed for murder, and transferred to Wentworth from Blackmoor after killing an officer there (401). Full name Cassandra. Axes David Bridges to death (or maybe "spades" him to death - it's hard to see in that gloomy toolshed). Transferred to mental hospital (460). Still in opening mugshots until (462) to keep open the question of whether she can return after transfer from Ingleside.

Catherine Roberts (Margo McLennan)

First shown worrying about her daughter Sarah's late return from school (18). Even at this early stage she has "Bound for Wentworth" hanging in neon lights over her head, so there is no surprise when she runs over Bert Warren (her daughter's rapist) and is sent to Wentworth. She has difficulty adjusting to Wentworth and her family seems about to break up, but after her trial (22), the scriptwriters evidently lost interest, as she is transferred to another block and never seen or heard of again (24).

Cawthorn, Judge (Vic Gordon)

Contacted by Julian Phillips to get advice on Jacki Nolan's appeal (158).

Celebrant (Judy Johnson)

At Lynn and Doug's wedding (12)

Celebrant (Judy Johnson)

Also (though presumably not as the same character) at Petra and Scott's wedding (404).

Celebrant (Leonie Collins)

At Marlene and Matt's wedding (533).

Celebrity (Greg Evans)

To the innocent UK eye, it is hard to tell whether he is meant to be a genuine or fake celebrity. He arrives at Wentworth to support the charity telethon, and Joan is evidently impressed enough to beg his autograph (652). But evidently he is real: Robert Lindsay comments "Very famous for many years for hosting mostly tacky- but very popular game shows, talk shows, info-entertainment, radio and lots more. By the time of his appearance in Prisoner his fame had already peaked and is not seen too frequently these days."

Charge Nurse (Berrie Cameron-Allen)

Dragon in charge of the ward where Susie is recovering from chemical burns (269)-(270). Her major concern is the upset to routine caused by the police guard, and when she runs into Susie escaping from hospital, she fails to stop her - possibly deliberately?

C.E.S. Officer (Malcolm Steed)

When Leanne Burke goes to register for the dole (50).

C.E.S. Officer (Tim Robertson)

At the CES office where Margo goes to try and get a job (180). The charactere is not listed in the credits so I may have misidentified the actor.

Charge Sister (Gail Evans)

At the hospital where Linda Golman and Andrea Hennessy are taking after a fight where they are both scalded (233).

Charlady (Esme Melville)

Working with Faye Quinn in an office block (347). She gives Faye the tip-off about the videos (352)

Charles (Arthur Barradell-Smith)

Friend of Karen's mother, who persuades her to give evidence at Karen's retrial (25)

Charles Baldwin (Michael Duffield)

Steven Wilson's senior partner in the law firm, who criticises his apparent lack of ambition (30). By (42) when he re-appears, Steve's involvement with the prison has given him the idea that Steve's "legal aid" work is bad for the business, and he tells Steve he wants to dissolve their partnership. He makes a surprise re-appearance nearly a year later as Caroline Simpson's solicitor for her trial (113)-(114). Erica suggests him for Lizzie's trial for killing Kay White, and his plea of mitigation is not persuasive enough for the judge, who sentences her to five years (150), and he advises Lizzie on her appeal (151) where he represents her (152), though it is Lizzie herself who is mainly resonsible for having her sentence reduced to 18 months.

Charles Harnsworth (Tom Lake)

Minister of Department of Corrective Services. He first appears to tell Ann that Arthur Richards has been transferred (408), summons her to explain a spate of escapes (413). He tells Colleen he is unhappy with her performance when she is briefly Governor (421).

Charlie (John Bishop)

Mate of Wayne's who arranges a job as a stripper for Margo (181).

Charlie (John McCallum-Howell)

Male prisoner at Woodridge (322). He supplies Lizzie with a frozen chicken which she raffles to the women.

Charlie (John Adams)

One of the workmen on the car crusher, which is apparently about to crush Rick Manning, unconscious in the boot of a car (431).

Charlie Grayson (Daryl Pellizer)

Friend of Cass, who brings her a photo of Pig Lucy (449) and later the prize sash. Cass tries to make eyes at him at the fete, but he is appalled by her flirtatiousness (459).

Charlie Jackson (Bruce Knappett)

The gun dealer Nikki Lennox is supposed to meet, but actually part of the set-up by Queenie to try to frighten her (572)-(573).

Charlie Mitchell (Stewart Faichney)

Bobbie's father, traced by Phil Cleary. Visits Bobbie in Wentworth (485) but swiftly loses his temper with her and slaps her face, calling her a whore, and has to be thrown out by Joyce and Phillip.

Charly (James Shaw)

Member of a gang doing a bank job for Lionel Fellowes while Ettie diverts the police with her own "hold-up" (543).

Checkout Girl (Yvonne Drake)

In the supermarket where Edith attempts to shoplift (45).

Chauffeur (Cameron Allen)

Driving Miss Ettie (543).

Chauffeur (Bill Lawrie)

When Pippa palms off her Japanese boyfriend Kensai by sending him off on a sight-seeing tour (564).

Checkout Girl (Robyn Hughan)

Catches Denise Tyler trying to steal a can of ham (361) until Judy rescues her and pays for it.

Cheeky Kid (Andrew Zenz)

Steals food from the delivery truck which overturns on its way to Wentworth (571).

Cheryl (Tracey Kelly)

Prisoner acting as lookout for Eddie and Marilyn (1). Also appears in (6) when Bea starts a fight with her to let Eddie and Marilyn escape from the rec room store cupboard.

Cheryl Harris (Kellie Broomhall)

Daughter of driver for Glee Club trip, kidnapped by Kevin Stansfield to make him stop the bus and let Reb escape (434). She is taken hostage by Phyllis (who thought she was supposed to be escaping too) after Reb outsmarts her and drives off without her. She is forced to stay in a hut with Phyllis, Judy and Cass, until Phyllis is tricked into giving herself up (436).

Cheryl Mitchell (Dior Deumer)

Bobbie's sister, found by Phil Cleary and visits her in Wentworth with their father Charlie (485). Bobbie's attempt to rescue her when she falls off a chair when locked up her by her father (491) nearly cost Bobbie her chance for early release.

Cheryl Scott (Jenny Ludlam)

Neighbour of Doreen's when she goes to live at her mother's house after her release, and first seen when she comes to see why the lights are on in a previously empty house (154). She claims to want to be Doreen's friend even after Doreen tells her she's just come out of prison, and after Doreen has taken Elizabeth from hospital, she hides the child in Cheryl's house while she talks to the police (156).

Cheryll Armstrong (Lisa Aldenhoven)

Arrives at Driscoll as a pregnant battered wife and is tracked down there by her husband Kevin (387). It transpires that she is addicted to pills, and that her husband beats her for her own good (or something like that). She is taken to hospital and loses her baby (388). As clear an example of an irrelevant "filler" plotline as you could hope to see: as she'd never been in prison, Judy should just have referred her on to a proper refuge immediately.

Chikka (Ingle Knight)

One of Conquerors, who must be presumed to be Grub's twin brother (since he is played by the same actor) (631).

Chris Page (Simon Finch)

Son of Alison Page. To judge by the actor's surname he is the real life son of the actor who plays his father Don, which might explain how such a horrifyingly ugly boy got a part on TV (216).

Chris Sutton (Gregory Ross)

Phil Cleary's friend, a therapist (493). Tries to help Meg by getting her to talk at a party, but Meg objects to being set up. After Phil's death starts (voluntary?) work at the prison, including "consciousness raising" groups. Last credited in (513), and we are told he leaves for a better paid academic job.

Chris Young (Roger Oakley)

Husband of prisoner Janice Young. Colleen embarks on an ill-advised affair with him (344-352).

Chrissie (Kathy Duckes)

One of Kay Desmond's druggy friends (461).

Chrissie Latham (Amanda Muggleton)

One of Wentworth's most persistent recidivists. Frequently imprisoned on prostitution or fraud related charges. More details

Christine Simmonds (Uncredited)

A name mentioned in Terry Bourke's Prisoner guide, supposedly a prison officer played by Kate Shiel, but it is a mistake and should read Janet Conway.

Chuck Cooper (Duke Bannister)

Otherwise known as "the Yank", the big time American art thief whose operation Willie and May are to infiltrate. He betrays an alarming lack of judgement in accepting them into his gang (584), but when we see the other members, as they are even less plausible as art thieves.

Cindy Moran (Robyn Frank)

One of the delinquent girls admitted to Wentworth on a rehabilitation program (568-573). Cindy is the most immature of the four: her offence was doing over a sweetie shop. She steals a skewer from the kitchen and goes for May Collins with it (572). Her parents are called to the prison, but May lies to cover for her and Cindy insists on finishing the program (573).

Cinema Manager (David Bergin)

At the cinema which Ettie visits after her release (526).

Clara Goddard (Betty Lucas)

Introduced to Jean Vernon by Steve Wilson as a possible sponsor of a halfway house project (30). She returns to Steve to ask for help with her imminent arrest for embezzling over a quarter of a million dollars from her own firm to pay for her charitable projects but she is convicted and sent to Wentworth (31). Some of the women are impressed by her generosity and her cookery classes (and the opportunities they afford for misbehaviour). Voted in as top dog while Bea is on the run, but when Mr Goodwin investigates affairs at Wentworth, his first recommendation is that she is transferred to Fairlea (39).

Clare Adams (Lisa Armytage)

Comes to Driscoll (407) to escape her drunken husband Wayne who comes looking for her armed with a rifle.

Clark, Sen Det (Ian Mumby)

Searches Paul Reynolds' studio and finds the porn planted there (410). Next appears, (promoted to Detective Inspector) to interview Colleen after her husband and children are killed by a car bomb (434), and makes a statement to the press about Eddie Stevens' "accident" (438).

Clarke, Mr (John Proper) * Clarke, Mrs (Marisse Holgate)

Parents of Nick Clarke. Meg goes to visit them in (201) to confirm the very Fifties view that Prisoner often has of "juvenile delinquency", which is that it's the fault of affluent parents who don't care about their kids. Presumably if your parents are poor and you commit a crime, no better could be expected so it isn't seen as a "problem".

Clarrie Forbes (Max Davidson)

Confused elderly resident of the boarding house where Rosemary stays. Credited first in (394), but previously seen at the breakfast table with the others in (392).

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