Willie tries hard to forget everything she has just remembered. The minister covers up for Chaucer. Pat is reinstated. Daphne becomes editor of the new paper.

First broadcast ... 1985 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Sunday 21 November 1999 04:40
DVD release: volume 35 disc 4 (AUS), volume 18 disc 4 [UK]
Duration: 0:44:59

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Joan ~ Maggie Kirkpatrick
Ann ~ Gerda Nicholson
Joyce ~ Joy Westmore
Nora ~ Sonja Tallis
May ~ Billie Hammerberg
Willie ~ Kirsty Child
Daphne ~ Debra Lawrance
Lexie ~ Pepe Trevor
Lou ~ Louise Siversen
Julie ~ Jackie Woodburne
Jenny ~ Jenny Lovell
Pippa ~ Christine Harris
Terri ~ Margot Knight
Alice ~ Lois Collinder
Pat Slattery ~ Dorothy Cutts
James Dwyer ~ James Condon
Howard Simmons ~ Reg Evans
Det. Insp. Grace ~ Terry Gill
Rachel Freeman ~ Christine Earl
Detective ~ James Patrick
Waitress ~ Marie-Therese Byrne
Gate Guard ~ David Bickerstaff
Mugger No. 1 ~ Nick Antipas
Mugger No. 2 ~ Con Mathios

  • Written by Ted Ogden & Ian Coughlan
  • Directed by Tony Osicka
  • Thanks to Tim Coward for transcribing the credits from the Carlton broadcast.

    Lou refers to the duplicate lottery tickets as "Brummie (?) numbers".

    Daphne tries to apologise to the women. Pippa has trouble with the women at her first class both when she reveals that she's the Governor's daughter and when she shows them the newspaper interview. Joan suggests the officers have a collection for Pat and again gets the credit. Ann tells the Minister about Chaucer's involvement in the fraud and threatens to tell the press when he tries to sweep it under the carpet. Willie tries to get her stuff back when she finds out she gave it all away. Joan is in unexpectedly good humour when she visits the rec room and even demonstrates a trick shot to get Lexie out of a snooker. Nora and Julie manage to get the Council to be lenient with Daphne and let her choose her own punishment. Lexie gets Council approval for the racket after she agrees to donate half her profits to a fund to support women in difficulties. Joan tells Terri that her sudden transformation into a caring considerate person is all her responsibility (so of course we instantly hate Terri). Willie moves back in with May (are these two scenes deliberately put next to each other? As May says "We're back together. That's all that counts"). A women's group demonstrates outside Wentworth: their leader asks to speak to the Governor and explains to Ann how PMS can be used against women by employers as excuse to sack them or not hire them in the first place. Selected volunteers install the new printing press. Jenny's solicitor visits her at last: Howie explains that he's taken Aunt Harriet's payoff money, but intends to use it to pay for Jenny's defence. He has also found out that Harriet and Steven are deeply in debt and they arrived in Melbourne three days earlier than they admitted. Pat tells Joan she has been reinstated with full back pay, so she returns the money the staff collected for her. Jenny and Daphne indulge in some mutual chicken counting and look forward to being released. Howie meets Inspector Grace in a bar and tries to persuade him to reopen Jenny's case, presenting him with the new evidence he has collected. Lexie is feeling guilty about cheating her friends with the duplicate tickets. Willie attempts to lose her memory again, by first smacking herself on the head with a book, then trying to pull a kettle onto her head. Inspector Grace and his sergeant check out the new evidence but they aren't impressed. Julie tells Pat it was Ann who was responsible for her reinstatement, not Joan. Daphne wants to swap her ticket for number 3, but Lou and Lexie disagree on who bought it. Only Jenny and Daphne (and two non-speakers) turn up for Pippa's class. Joan catches Lou and Lexie with their gambling money, but Lou threatens to expose Joan's relationship with Terri if she says anything. Daphne wins the essay competition and becomes editor of the newspaper. Grace refuses to reopen the case. Howie is roughed up by two thugs, and one of them hints her should "drop the Hartley case". Willie falls in the rec room, and loses her memory again. The Minister agrees to appoint a new supplier, but refuses to take action against Chaucer as the evidence has been "mislaid ... permanently".


    Story Editor: Coral Drouyn
    Script Editor: Kit Oldfield (561); Ian Smith (562); Alister Webb (563); Kit Oldfield (564): Alister Webb (565)
    Storyliners: Coral Drouyn, Tony McDonald, John Coulter, Kelly Bermingham

    ITV regional broadcast dates:-
    Broadcast on Carlton/LWT Monday 29th September 1997 23:35; Meridian Monday 01 February 1999 23:40