Cleaner (Bill Bennett)

Answers the door when Margo is on the run and looking for somewhere to stay with an old friend (308).

Cleary, Mrs (Babs Wheelton)

Phantom character. Listed in the credits for (499), and presumably meant to be Phil's mother, but never appears on screen, nor can her voice be heard when he phones her.

Clerk (David Scott)

Reading the charges against Kate Peterson at her trial for fraud, conspiracy to commit perjury and drug trafficking (268).

Clerk (Noel Mitchell)

Gives Judy the forms to register halfway house: his clockwork performance provokes her to wonder "who winds him up in the morning?" (304).

Clerk (Malcolm Fuller-Darby)

At the inquest on Alan Jeffries (332).

Clerk (Andrew Blazsanyik)

At Shane's custody hearing (480).

Clerk of Court (Peter Culpan)

At Catherine Roberts' trial (22)

Clerk of Court (Travis Keyes)

At Karen's trial (24). Also seen in (25) swearing in Karen's mother and very woodenly reciting the verdict.

Clerk of Court (Travis Keyes)

At Toni McNally's trial (63).

Clerk of Court (Derek Manley)

At Pat O'Connells' appeal (110).

Clerk of Courts (Malcolm Fuller Darby)

At Denise Tyler's hearing (367)

Client (John Devlin)

Susie Driscoll's first paying customer when she is tricked into prostitution (295).

Client (Peter Black)

Another of Susie's customers: she asks him for money to help her get away from Des (297).

Cliff Morrison (Robbie McGregor)

Mikki Wallace's boyfriend, who makes her jealous over his friendship with runaway Litza while Mikki is working as Judy's assistant at Driscoll House (369-376).

Cliff Young (Cliff Young)

Real-life sporting celebrity (in Australia) who appeared as himself making a personal appearance to support the women's dance marathon (479).

Clive Featherstone (Robert Van Macklenberg)

Reporter replying to Pixie's personal ad in search of a story, using the name of his colleague Andy West (400)-(402). An irritating character, whose dialogue is peppered by mock-English remarks like "old boy", though that is at least consistent with his flowery and facetious prose style when we hear his column read out.

Coglin, Det (Doug Bennett)

Interviews Eddie Stevens in hospital and passes the information to Kurt Renner (447)

Col Bourke (Brian Granrott)

Noeline's hopeless brother, first seen visiting her in prison with Leanne in (33) and again on his own in (34). Shot during a failed robbery at Noeline's old employers the Woods' (35)

Colin Burton (Peter Crossley)

Deprogrammer hired by Helen Smart to break a religious cult's grip on her sister Sharon (383). The deprogramming takes place in the attic at Driscoll, where Colin Burton is knifed by accident by Sharon (385).

Colin Lester (Jon Sidney)

President of a charitable club who visits Erica to hear her idea for an attendance centre for which the club are hoping to donate premises (218).

Colin Marshall (Paul Galliard)

Friend (perhaps boyfriend) of Officer Joanne Riley, seen at Colleen's leaving party, and not over keen to talk to Joan (456).

Colleen Powell (Judith McGrath)

Prison officer, later Deputy Governor. More details.

Collins, Mr (James Taylor)

Solicitor appointed for Anne Griffin by her family after they have disinherited her (163). The character is not listed in the credits, so I may have wrongly identified the actor.

Committee Lady 1 (Elizabeth Wing) * Committee Lady 2 (Lola Russel)

On the organising committee for the singing competition attended by Glee Club (434).

Commonwealth Policewoman (Helen Burden)

Accompanying Hannah Geldschmidt when she is brought to Wentworth (451). Presumably she is a Commonwealth rather than an ordinary policewoman because of the immigration aspect.

Connie (Deborra-Lee Furness)

One of two minor prisoners - the blonde one - given two small scenes in (35). She is drunk in the laundry and takes part in Clara's cookery class.

Constable (Ian Clutterham)

Called to the house the prisoners are converting into an attendance centre, and notices that there are only five prisoners - Doreen has escaped (230).

Constable (John Ramsay)

Involved in the siege at the Coulson's (375)

Constable (John Ramsay)

Interviewing Meg after she is attacked by Dennis Quinn (384)

Constable (Abbie Holmes)

Escort for Minnie and Bobbie (405). The credit is presumably a mistake, and should have read "Policewoman".

Constable (Stephen Hutchinson)

Called for the bomb scare during the dance marathon; he goes back inside with Judy to fetch Debbie Peters (482)

Constable (Alan Bowles)

When Meg reports her rape (484).

Constable (Justin Gaffney)

Releases Joyce from her car boot (491).

Constable (Bill Binks) * Constable (Justin Gaffney)

The police guard for Ann after the death threats (497).

Constable (Stephen Hutchinson) * Constable (Simon West)

In the episode where the warehouse where Ann and Meg are trapped explodes (500).

Constable (Peter Howard)

Policeman looking for Shane when he runs away from the Taylors' (527).

Constable (Justin Gaffney)

At the airstrip when Ruth Ballinger and gang try to escape (552).

Constable 1 (Peter Patay) * Constable 2 (Bill Fozz) * Constable 3 (Steve Ahearn) * Constable 4 (Bill McLorinan)

At the arrest of Frank Burke (555).

Cookie Brodie (Judie Conelli)

Bea's colleague at printshop where she works on day release. Her real name is Louise, and the nickname comes from her habit of bringing cakes in to work to be eaten. This may be because they donít get eaten at home: Bea soon finds out that Cookie has family troubles with husband Errol and daughter Kerry (315)-(321).

Cooper, Constable (Kim Beissel)

Called to the farmhouse after murder of Sean and Flora Jenkins. He is sick at the sight of their bodies (612).

Coroner (Alan Rowe)

At the inquest into Alan Jeffries' death (332).

Counsel for the Crown (John Proper)

At Lizzie's appeal aganist her sentence for the manslaughter of Kay White (152).

Counter Officer (Ian Walker)

At social security office when Chrissie sings on under a false name (285). He reports her to his superiors as soon as she leaves.

Court Stenographer (Margaret Edwards)

At Peter Wright's trial (512).

Couttes, Mr (Alex Porteous)

Interviews Lainie for a job, but reconsiders when he catches a glimpse of her tattoos (358).

Cowper, Det Sgt (Sean Myers)

One of the two policemen in a patrol car who happen to stop to inspect Col Bourke's van outside the Woods (34), and panic him into taking Mrs Woods hostage (35) .

Crabbe, Det

See Murray Crabb

Craig Lambert (Paul Alexander)

Roxanne's boyfriend, who visits and offers to marry her, believing himself to be the father of her child (380).

Crawe, Dr (Ernie Bourne)

Attending Lizzie's brother Angus Cameron (22)

Crawford, Mr (John Proper)

Governor of Woodridge, seen during the rehearsals for the joint charity concert with Wentworth (321)-(322). Erica describes him as "nearly as stuffy as Ted Douglas".

Crean, Sgt (Tony O'Keefe)

Called to Wentworth to assist in the capture of Nazi psycho Peter Secker (456).

Crosby, Det Cons (Jeffrey Hodgson)

Comes to Driscoll to interview Hazel about money from an armed robbery, but arrests Nola McKenzie for credit card fraud instead. (333)

Crowley, Det (Marc Cogoll)

Involved with questioning after Sam's murder (521).

Crown Prosector (Peter Stratford)

At the trial of Caroline Simpson and her mother (114).

Crown Prosecutor (Marc Allan)

At Peter Wright's trial (512)

Crown Prosecutor (Victor Kazan)

At the trials of Ettie Parslow (559) and Jenny Hartley (568) where he is called Mr Harding in dialogue.

Cruiser (John McCallum-Howell)

Kerb crawler who tries to pick up Judy when she's walking home after a hard night's work at the massage parlour (172). Oddly, he's in the passenger seat and someone else is driving.

Curly (James Shaw)

Dock worker who finds Joan Ferguson standing at the waterfront lost to the world when she starts to suffer blackouts following an incident with a bookcase (531). As with his co-worker Bluey, there seems no obvious reason for his nickname.

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