Driver (Robert O'Neil)

Laundry van driver, passed a note by Nola to wind up Colleen (359).

Driver (Frank Sheeran)

Garbage truck driver, who collects the money left by Brenda for drugs (410).

Driver (Henry Gawel)

Takes Ray Foster and Joan to see Fellowes (415).

Driver (Four Wood)

For Kurt Renner possibly? (445) Sounds more like a golf club than an actor in any case.

Driver (David Armstrong)

Credited as Driver 1 in (476): perhaps when Dot is hitching a lift back to Wentworth?

Driver (John Williams)

Credited as Driver 2 in (476)

Driver (Adrian Benson)

Taxi driver taking Meg to the abortion clinic?

Driver (Hardy Stow)

When Ettie is released (525).

Driver no 1 (Charles McCracken) * Driver no 2 (Steve Gunn)

Possibly driving the van from Woodridge with reinforcements for the riot started by Lou Kelly (600).

Driver (Alan Barrett)

Driving the truck when Roach attempts to escape on the roof (640).

Drug Contact (Trish Mulholland)

Delivers drugs to Reb at the fete by hiding them in a pot plant on the stall run by her and Phyllis (459).

Drug Counsellor (Chris Gaffney)

For Sara Hamilton (324).

Drunk (Michael Rowan)

Talking to Jim Fletcher in a bar (57).

Drunk (Alan Rowe)

Kerry Vincent talks to him when she's on a drinking binge herself (123). The actor is not credited so I may not have identified him correctly.

Drunk (Brian Worth)

In the scene where Joan takes Shane to Luna Park: he is not allowed to go on the ghost train (468). The actor's name misspelt as Brain in the credits

Drunk (Bernard Blestell)

Sees Stan Dobson go into a public toilet in handyman's gear and come out in prison officer's uniform, and marvels that he's just seen Superman (485).

Drunk (Keith Kay)

Part of the local colour in the police station in the "exploding warehouse" episode.

Drunk Derelict (Ernest Wilson)

An off-stage voice when Joan goes to gloat over Len in the police cell (511)

Drunk Male (Marty O'Neill)

Propositions Joan in the street, but takes fright at her size (446).

Drunken Client (Randall Berger)

Presumably Susie's second customer in episode (295), though "creepy" might be better description, as no-one seems to have told the actor he was supposed to be drunk.

Drunken Hero (Keith Kay)

Invited home to Meg's by Ettie, and drones on about his war exploits (526).

Drunken Mate (Ric Hurst)

Friend of Drunken Hero (526).

Duggan, Det Insp (Rob Harrison)

Called by Meg after Joan's drug trip and her killing of Major (the Dog) (414).

Duncan Campbell (Chris Orchard)

Sinister figure involved in robbery with Hannah Simpson. Brings Elizabeth to visit Chrissie as a cover for making arrangements for Hannah's escape. Tries to have Chrissie killed by Benny Mitchell in Woodridge (292)-(318).

Dunstan, Mr (Brian Granrott)

Sharon Smart's solicitor (386).

Dyson, Mrs (Hannah Govan)

One of the two old ladies taken hostage in their habadashery shop by Wyane, Margo and Bazza when their payroll job goes wrong (183). Her dialogue mainly consists of whimpering "No" in a quavery voice, and she is exchanged for Meg in (184).

Earl, Mrs (Marnie Randall)

Superintendant of the old people's flats where Ettie Parslow (briefly) stays.

East, Dr (Kirk Alexander)

The surgeon who operates on Judy to install her pacemaker (113) and who sees her again when it apparently goes wrong after she's been hanging around near the driers in the laundry (130).

Eastman, Dr (Bruce Carter)

Dentist who terrorizes Alice and has his laughing gas stolen by Rita (655).

Ed, Uncle (Robin Dene)

Friend of Lorelei's, not really her Uncle, who she asks to get her a passport. He asks her to do a job for him in return (655), a rather stupid con job on a couple of rich male punters at a race track, which leads to his death and Lorelei's recapture (656).

Eddie Cook (Richard Moir)

Electrician working at the prison in (1). His involvement with Marilyn Mason leads to trouble for both of them, as Marilyn pops in and out of Wentworth. When Marilyn is released (13) he collects her and we hear later that they are married and are running Monica Ferguson's beachfront milkbar.

Eddie Stevens (Norman Yemm)

Sonia Steven's husband, and a police officer. First seen in (394) where he is credited as Det. Insp. Stevens. Visits Sonia in (397) and again in (398) where he finds out their marriage was a cover for her illegal activities. Visits again in (429) at Sonia's request and refuses to help her, but asks to see Rick Manning and meets him outside work (430). Rick follows him and sees him being paid off by the Fellowes' gang. He rescues Rick from the car crusher and tells him to forget what he saw (431). Possibly makes tip off call about bomb in Rick's car (433). He visits Sonia again at Dr Weismann's request after she has had a breakdown and seems to want to help her (437). He meets Rick at home to tell him Lionel Fellowes has ordered him to kill Rick. His car is found run off the road and he is assumed to be dead (438), but he has gone underground and contacts Rick (...) to tell him he is trying to nail two corrupt detectives, Mears and Birmingham. He traces Bobbie Mitchell when she and Sonia are on the run in Sydney and gives her a message to pass on to Sonia (445). A meeting is arranged and Sonia watches her kidnapper Kurt Renner shoot Eddie (447), but he survives even this and gets his own back on Sonia by informing Mears and Birmingham of her whereabouts (447).

Edgar, Mr (Ken Fraser)

Kate Peterson's solicitor, who advises her to expect further trouble from the police after major discrepancies are traced in her accounts (243).

Edie Dobson (Marion Heathfield)

Stan's wife. Yet another strange Yorkshire accent (484)-(513).

Edith Kipman (Bethany Lee)

Tommy's mother, who attributes his claim to have an escaped prisoner in the garden shed to an over-fertile imagination (671). In fact, Merle Jones is hiding there after running away while on a shopping expedition.

Edith Marsh (Beverly Phillips)

Spike's mother who comes to collect her and provide the "stable home environment" she needs to be released until her appeal (691).

Edith Wharton (Colleen Clifford)

Next door neighbour of Joyce Martin's aunt Madge, introduced in particularly bizarre fashion as she borrows some milk while Monnie is collecting Joyce's hidden payroll money (44). By the end of the next episode she finds herself in Wentworth, which only goes to show how hazardous borrowing from your neighbour can be. She takes the milk back to her bedridden partner Horrie, but they are due for eviction. They sleep rough rather than allow the Salvation Army hostel to part them, and Horace does not survive the night. Edith wanders distractedly (and drunkenly) through a bungled shoplifting attempt, then assaults the landlady who attempts to throw her out after taking all her money. Taken to Wentworth, where Jim Fletcher reveals his soft spot for old ladies by keeping an eye on her. When she dies in the cell she shares with Lizzie (49) the night before she is due to be released, Jim pays for her to have a proper funeral.

Edna Pearson (Vivean Gray)

Jailed for poisoning her husband. The plot line for this character is hard to trace as extensive cuts were made after the initial showing, when Emily Perry claimed the story was based on her own experiences. The writers could have pleaded self-plagiarism, as it appears to be a straight re-run of the story of Evy Randal. I would guess from some of the ends left dangling that Edna attempts to poison Marlene and Bobbie is blamed for it. She is seen in the rec room in (464) but is not credited, then is credited from (465). Possibly also she really has tried to poison her husband, though it seems when he visits her that he is convinced of her innocence. For further details of the cuts see The "Edna Pearson" episodes

Edward Warner (Ben Gabriel)

Lynn's father, who is more sympathetic to his daughter's troubles than her mother Ethel (10-11). After Lynn is sent back to Wentworth, he is persuaded by Jean Vernon to act as a character witness at her trial, and arranges her work release with his old Army friend Syd (23-24). The actor is also credited as Bert Gabriel.

Edwards, Officer (Dawn Klingberg)

Minor officer. She is the night officer when the terrorists break into Wentworth to free Janet Dominguez, and the only one awake as she didn't have time to drink the drugged coffee (82)-(83). She appears again in (87) and (156), but is not listed in the credits for any of these episodes. The officer played by Dawn Klingberg is later referred to as Officer Carter, though it's not really clear if this is meant to be another character, or is just a mistake they hoped we wouldn't notice.

Egbert, Mrs (Di Greentree)

Seen on her deathbed when Julie is allowed to visit her in hospital (559).

Eileen Connor (Regina Gaigalas)

Third resident of Driscoll House, really a hitwoman sent by Des Wilson to get rid of Donna Mason. She is about to inject Donna with a fatal overdose when she is killed by undercover cop Gloria Pitman, who is also staying at Driscoll (302).

Elaine (Pregnant Woman) (Marian Lees)

In maternity when Hazel is sent there in a misguided attempt to cheer her up after she loses custody of her children (268).

Elaine Weiss (Meg Clancy)

PRG representative who visits Myra in (496) to reveal the reasons for Len Murphy's hatred of lesbians.

Elderly drunk (John Kapewell)

The wino run over by Colleen (420).

Elderly drunk (stunts) (Glen Rueland)

For the brief moment when the car actually makes contact (420).

Elderly Gent (James Clarke)

One of the many people harassing Dennis Cruickshank after he is suspected of murdering teenage girls (529)

Elderly Man (Arnold Riches) * Elderly Woman (Edna Bartlett)

In old people's home Lizzie visits to see if she wants to be released there on parole (310). She does not.

Electrician (Reg Evans)

It is natural to assume that this is Eddie Cook's boss when he appears in (2): he answers the phone "Wilkins Electronics" and tells Eddie off as if he has the right to. However, he must only be another employee, as George Wilkins himself turns up in (14).

Ellen (Dawn Klingberg)

Halfway house resident. Addicted to her Walkman (333-336).

Ellen Farmer (Michael Cormick)

Inducted along with Lainie Dobson as Ellen Farmer (354), but it is immediately obvious even to the untrained eye that "she" is really a man. The staff are slow to realise the deception, but perhaps they can be excused after years of exposure to lumpy creatures of indeterminate gender. After the other women realise and Maxine is caught trying to seduce him/her, Alan is released and the Department try to hush the matter up (355). Judy visits him in (360) to check that he is still waiting for Lainie, and takes him to Wentworth to visit her. She introduces him to Ted Douglas to embarrass him into agreeing to a tattoo removal program for the women. This, on top of the protest arranged by Nola, is probably the last straw which leads to Erica's dismissal.

Ellen Huntley

Real name of the woman posing as Lizzie's daughter Marcia, which is how she is usually credited so as not to give the game away. She is credited as Ellen in (134) when she visits Wentworth for Lizzie's 72nd birthday party.

Elliot Gardiner (Peter Sommerfield)

Jenny Hartley's barrister at her trial (568).

Emma Roberts (Cindy Lee)

Petra's sister, who Petra is protecting by taking the blame for her killing of their father. First seen in (386) and last seen after her death in Petra's flashback to her father's murder (390)

Employer (Andrew Gilmour)

Gives evidence against Michelle Parks at her trial for robbery from his firm (212), though it is later revealed that there was only five thousand dollars missing from the safe, not the eight thousand he claims. The firm is called G. C. Wilkins, so this character may be Mr Wilkins.

Enid Watson (Elizabeth Wing)

In old people's home Lizzie visits (310). She advises Lizzie not to give up her "freedom".

Erica Davidson (Patsy King)

Governor of Wentworth from episodes (1)-(360), after which she makes a surprise reappearance as a Department representative. More details

Ernest Craven (Ray Meagher)

Governor of Blackmoor, and first glimpsed through a window wearing his trademark black shades when Rita is transferred there (665). He is thoroughly corrupt and evil, organising fights between the prisoners so that the officers can lay bets on the result. When Rita organises a riot and takes two of the officers hostage, he tricks her into releasing Walters in return for her brother Bongo, and then orders a sniper to shoot him. After the fire which destroys Blackmoor, he is transferred to Wentworth along with the prisoners, and forges an alliance with Joan to get rid of Ann as Governor. After arranging a severe beating for Rita to get her to retract her official complaint against him, he sets up Lorelei to be raped by two of the male prisoners, then threatens to harm Lorelei's daughter Zoe unless she will implicate Ann in an attempt to frame him. He is duly appointed Governor when Ann is forced to resign, but Joan forces him to persuade the Department to offer her the Governorship instead. After failing to kill Rita with a home-made crossbow, he tries to plant it on Loreli, but she stabs him in the stomach, and he falls dead at Rita's feet (672).

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