Trevor (stunt double) (Glen Ruehland)

When Rachel runs over Trevor Priest (457).

Trevor Collins (Darius Perkins)

Shy boy living next door to Driscoll House. Judy spots him peeping through the fence in (342) but fails to coax enough out of him to make him give his name, so he is credited only as "Young Man". Maxine does better in (349), and her failed attempt to seduce him is misinterpreted by Lindy. When Lindy is raped in her room she falsely accuses Trevor, but the charges (and the plotline) are dropped soon after.

Trevor George (John Adams)

The man Paddy attacked in a storeroom at an office party. He is seen in her flashback induced by Dr Weissman's hypnosis (312). In an earlier reference in dialogue, this character had been called Trevor Parker (309).

Trevor Priest (Paul Young)

The man who runs over Pop Milsom when he is drunk (454) and tries to buy Rachel off. When he is acquitted of all charges, Rachel runs him over outside court (457).

Trevor Wilkins (Tony Mack)

Roxanne's solicitor in (377), though there seems to be some confusion over the character name, as Colleen says when he leaves "Goodbye, Mr Alcott", which oddly was the name of Nola McKenzie's solicitor in (340) - also played by Tony Mack!

Trixie Mann (Anna Mizza)

First seen in the halfway house: one of the prostitutes brought in by Tony Berman (311). Later arrives at Wentworth (336) where she is inducted as Patricia Joyce Mann. She makes herself unpopular with the other women by sucking up to Nola McKenzie's and acting as her little helper. When Nola gets bashed by the women she takes it out on Trixie (340). This seems to be Trixie's last appearance.

Truck Driver (Bob Jewell)

Delivering Toni McNally's first consignment of contraband (58).

Truck Driver (Roy Edmunds)

His truck is hijacked by Spud and Maxine, but he fights back (328).

Truck Driver (Sam Brown)

Not fully seen but referred to as Cliff Sergeant, nicknamed Serge, causing Maxine to panic in a cafe when he is called this by the Hash Slinger (389).

Truck Driver (Sam Brown)

Delivers medical supplies for lassa fever outbreak (391).

Truck Driver (Justin Gaffney)

Driving the garbage truck in which Bobbie tries to escape, when she takes advantage of Ray Proctor's attempt to chat him up (472).

Truck Driver (Ron Bingham)

Taking part in the blockade outside Wentworth (567).

Truck Driver (Ric Hurst)

Driving the delivery truck taking food to Wentworth until it mysteriously overturns (571).

Truck Driver (Alan Barrett)

Driving the truck hijacked by Bongo and Grub in their failed attempt to free Rita (617).

Truck Driver (David Brown)

Julie Egbert hides in the back of his garbage truck after being forced to take LSD by Kath Maxwell (625).

Truck Driver (stunt) (George Novak)

When Rachel runs over Trevor Priest (457). He does the real damage, but accidentally.

Trucker (Ron Bingham)

Lou hitches a lift with him after she escapes from hospital (607).

Trucker Driver (Bob Mitchelson)

His truck is used as a cover by Brumby for her escape attempt "disguised" as Joyce (678).

TV Announcer (Bruce Mansfield)

On the rec room TV with the news of Terry Harrison's death (224) and later reporting on the riot started by Sandy Edwards and Marie Winter (247).

TV Announcer (Tony Porter)

During the siege following the riot started by Sandy and Marie (248).

TV Delivery Man (Kevin Summers)

Delivers the TV for the women donated by Conway Discounts after Bea puts pressure on Janet (237).

TV Interviewer (Sue McIntosh)

When Helen Masters appears on television (8).

TV Newscameraman (Adrian Patterson)

Reporting on Eddie Stevens' apparently fatal car accident (438).

TV Newsreader

See Newsreader.

TV Reporter (Anne Sutherland)

When Camilla Wells is imprisoned for not paying a parking fine (430).

Unconscious Driver (Mike Acland)

Saved by Dennis Cruickshank before his car goes up in flames, in a bizarre scene that comes from nowhere and is never developed further (469).

Uniform Cop 1 (David Blackman) * Uniform Cop 2 (Mal Billings)

When Queenie and her associates are arrested taking part in a phoney guns deal (573)

Uniformed Constable 1 (Rob McClelland) * Uniformed Constable 2 (John Forsyth)

Arresting Gloria Payne and Kay Desmond (438)

Uniformed Constable 1 (Greg Smith) * Uniformed Constable 2 (Wayne Hirst)

The two policemen Pixie surrenders to, though it's a misunderstanding and they aren't actually looking for her (442).

Uniformed PC 1 (Stephen Hutchinson) * Uniformed PC 2 (Ian Cuming)

When Dennis is taken into custody accused of murdering hitchhikers (529)

Uniformed Police Sgt (Bert Cooper)

After Pop Milsom is run over by Trevor Priest (454).

Uniformed Policeman 1 (Mal Billings) * Uniformed Policeman 2 (Peter Steven)

Arresting Gloria Payne and Kay Desmond (438)

Uniformed Policeman 1 (Stewart McLennan) * Uniformed Policeman 2 (Nick Jeanes)

Arresting Bobbie in Sydney (447).

Uniformed Policeman 3 (Mark Clark) * Uniformed Policeman 4 (Bryscen Davis)

They find Sonia's car abandoned at the edge of a cliff (447).

Uniformed Policeman 1 (John Ramsay) * Uniformed Policeman 2 (Peter Patay)

They arrive without warning and scare off Nikki Lennox when Queenie has tricked her into waiting in a cafe for a supposed gun dealer (572).

Uniformed Policeman 1 (Matthew Barker)

Traces Ida and Roach (622).

Uniformed Policeman (Justin Gaffney)

Taking Julie to Barnhurst after her wedding (628).

Uniformed Policeman (Adrian Jenkins)

During the siege when Merle is mistaken for a dangerous criminal holding a child hostage (672).

Uniformed Policewoman (Patricia Anthony)

Accompanying Sarah West to Wentworth (658). The same actress is also credited as Policewoman in (593) and (687).

Union Type (Harry Reid)

Leading the picket during the officers' strike in support of Joan Ferguson (475).

Valda Warren (Beverly Phillips)

Wife of Bert Warren. After Catherine Roberts has killed her husband Bert, she comes to see Ken Roberts to ask for money, but Steven Wilson frightens her off (21).

Valerie, Aunty (Patty Perkins)

Wife of "Uncle" Ed, who takes care of Zoe after Lorelei has snatched her from the Hoskings (656).

Valerie Jacobs (Barbara Angell)

Prisoner taken directly to Woodridge, where Wentworth has moved after the fire (330). An embarrassment for Colleen, as they are old friends, and Valerie wastes no time telling the other women a story about Colleen's sexual exploits. She had been stealing goods for her lover Tom Forbes to sell in his shop, but he visits her to tell her he's found a new "supplier" (in every sense, it is implied). Val is released in (332) and thanks Colleen for not shopping her by passing on information she'd overheard.

Valerie Richardson (Billie Hammerberg)

Bea's friend and ex-cellmate. When Bea is released, Val supplies her with the gun she uses to shoot her husband (2). Val is seen again when Bea escapes from hospital after her stabbing by Ann Yates, and she seeks refuge with her (33).

Van Driver (Terry Trimble)

Stops to offer Mouse a mug of tea when she's on the run after the tunnel escape (166). The character isn't credited, so I may have misidentified the actor.

Van Driver (Ric Hurst)

The laundry van driver to Wentworth. Two of Duncan Campbell's thugs hijack his van and tie him up so the van can be used for Hannah and Chrissie's escape (294).

Van Driver (Gary McConville)

Referred to in dialogue as Danny. Pixie suspects him of writing the anonymous love letter which the other women concocted to cheer her up (384).

Van Driver (Bob Jewell)

Referred to as Dan. He drives the van in which Lucy and Maxine make their escape by hiding in the back (389).

Van Driver (Rod West)

When Sonia's escape attempt is foiled by Joan, after she'd taken money to set it up (396).

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