Franky stages a sit-in.

First broadcast Wed 28 February 1979 (Melbourne);
First UK broadcast: Yorkshire Mon 22 Oct 1984 23:00; other regions
Broadcast on Channel 5 (UK) 03 April 1997 Thurs 4:40 a.m.
DVD release: volume 1 disc 1 (AUS & UK)
Duration: 00:45:44

Lynn ~ Kerry Armstrong
Bill ~ Don Barker
Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Franky ~ Carol Burns
Lizzie ~ Sheila Florance
Erica ~ Patsy King
Marilyn ~ Margaret Laurence
Bea ~ Val Lehman
Doreen ~ Colette Mann
Eddie ~ Richard Moir
Greg ~ Barry Quin
Vera ~ Fiona Spence
Karen ~ Peita Toppano
Mum ~ Mary Ward
Officer Yates ~ Kirsty Child
Marty ~ Ronald Korosy
Rosie ~ Ann-Maree McDonald
Chrissie ~ Amanda Muggleton
New Prisoner ~ Glenys O'Brien
Boy's mother ~ Jan O'Donnell

  • Written by Ian Bradley
  • Directed by Rod Hardy
  • The "mugshot parade" style of credits is shown for the first time. Under pressure from Franky, the women refuse to obey Vera's orders to move from the dining room after breakfast. Karen gets up to leave but Doreen explains she'd be better off sitting down. However, Franky is just testing the water and as soon as Erica arrives, she tells the women to move out when Erica asks her to get the women back to work. Chrissie Latham attempts to seduce Bill Jackson during an interview about what work she is to do in prison. Lynn is in the garden and picks up a broken flower - cue the first proper hearing of "He used to give me roses" with the lyrics - as Mum is seen enjoying the rose garden in a park, until an overanxious mother tells her little boy to stay away from her. Marty comes to the prison to talk to Bill and Meg but goes away when Bill refuses to see him. Meg lies and says his father will be at home tonight to talk to him. Franky harasses Karen for standing up at breakfast and threatens to put her face in the press. Bill offers Karen a job in the library, but she turns it down, thinking Greg has put him up to it. Lizzie gets Marilyn some scrap wire from the workshop. Bill tells Greg of his lack of success in persuading Karen to look on the positive side. Vera drops a hint to Meg that there are rumours Bill is having an affair with a prisoner. Lizzie picks the lock of a fuse box and Marilyn wires it up to fuse when the door is closed. The women idle around in the laundry when the machines go off. Vera makes Franky watch Bea's arrival back at Wentworth, and encourages Erica to put Bea straight back with the other women instead of putting her in solitary to keep Franky under control. Marilyn makes an assignation with the electrician who comes to fix the fuse box. Rosie starts to feel unwell in the laundry. We see a shot of someone picking up a pair of scissors as the women leave the laundry. Lynn comes to fetch Meg to Rosie in her cell. Bea defies Franky's attempt at a sit-in after lunch and one by one the women stand up to follow her. When Vera tells Franky she ought to be making a move, she does: by throwing crockery at the officers until they retreat behind locked gates. Lizzie and the others left in the dining room start a riot. Ediie is trapped with Marilyn up in the roof when the riot alarm sounds. Meg too is trapped on the wrong side of the gates and taken as a hostage . The two sides shout abuse at each other and Franky demands the gates are unlocked so she and Bea can fight it out. As Rosie is brought out to see the doctor, Bill makes an attempt to try to free Meg, but is prevented by Greg. Marty comes home and finds his parents haven't got there yet. Bill asks to try to reason with Franky. While Franky plots with the others, Karen sneaks over to Meg and unties her hands. Marty gives up waiting and smashes the "happy family" framed photograph . Bill persuades Franky to agree to release Meg when he says he will testify Bea should have gone to solitary not been put in with the women. In the scuffle which ensues when Meg is handed over, Bill is stabbed in the chest with a pair of scissors . Eddie comes down from the roof and sees who the attacker was.

    "Tina" and another background prisoner
    "Lorna" and another background prisoner
    Three of the officers


    ITV regional broadcast dates:-
    YTV Mon 22 Oct 1984 23.00; TVS Fri 25 Oct 1985 22.30; Channel Not shown; TSW Thu 29 Jan 1987 23.05; Central Tue 28 Apr 1987 00.05; Thames Fri 03 Jul 1987 00.00; STV Mon 09 Nov 1987 23.30; Anglia Wed 13 Jan 88 00.35; Granada Sun 21 Feb 1988 23.30; Tyne Tees Thu 21 Apr 1988 23.35; Border Fri 24 Jun 1988 23.35; HTV Tue 30 Aug 1988 00.00; Grampian Sun 18 Sep 1988 23.30; Ulster Sun 05 Nov 1989 23.20