Lynn is on hunger strike.

First broadcast on Tuesday 27th February 1979 (Melbourne);
First UK broadcast:: Yorkshire Mon 15 Oct 1984 23:00; other regions
Broadcast on Channel 5 (UK) 02 April 1997 Wed 4:40 a.m.
DVD release: volume 1 disc 1 (AUS & UK)
Duration: 00:46:19

Lynn ~ Kerry Armstrong
Bill ~ Don Barker
Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Franky ~ Carol Burns
Lizzie ~ Sheila Florance
Erica ~ Patsy King
Marilyn ~ Margaret Laurence
Bea ~ Val Lehman
Doreen ~ Colette Mann
Eddie ~ Richard Moir
Greg ~ Barry Quin
Vera ~ Fiona Spence
Karen ~ Peita Toppano
Mum ~ Mary Ward
Mr Gibson ~ Bill Bennett
Lorraine ~ Anne Charleston
Officer Yates ~ Kirsty Child
Sister ~ Belinda Davey
Electrician ~ Reg Evans
Valerie ~ Billie Hammerberg
Marty ~ Ronald Korosy
Rosie ~ Ann-Maree McDonald
Debbie Smith (in flashback) ~ Cassie Lehman
Harry Smith ~ Terry Trimble
Porter at the Monarch Hotel
Mr Smith's girlfriend

  • Written by Reg Watson
  • Directed by Graeme Arthur
  • Lizzie does not appear in this episode (thanks Mark C)

    The sequence of Bea being taken to Lynn's cell to threaten her is repeated, even extended. Karen wakes up for the first time in Wentworth, with Vera telling her that at 6:30 she should already be out of bed in time for muster at 7 o'clock. Vera reminds Franky that Bea is leaving today and tells her she's too stupid to take over from Bea when she leaves. Meg's husband Bill asks her to give her job up to be a wife and mother (and continue to serve breakfasts from the Spanish tiled kitchenette unit wearing a butcher's apron? ). Mention of their son Marty reminds Meg to check up on him and they find he hasn't been home all night. Lyn is horrified to find that Mum is leaving that day as she feels she is the only one she can trust. Marty arrives home but refuses to explain where he has been. After Bea's threats, Lynn tells Erica that the burn was an accident. Erica has a last word with Mum, as she wants to check that it will be all right for her to stay with her daughter when she hasn't visited her for over a year. Bea admits she hasn't told her husband she's getting out as she wants to "surprise" him and has some final warning words for Doreen, and tells her not to get involved with Franky again. The women give Mum and Bea a (very elaborate ) farewell party for their release: Erica admits such occasions are very rare. Franky turns up and scowls by the door like the bad fairy at the christening. Officer Yates lets Marilyn into the Governor's office to phone Eddie: she asks him to give Bea a lift into town. Mum hands the garden over to Lyn to look after. Meg tells Rosie not to worry about her baby being born in prison, as she was born while her own mother was in prison. Mum tells Bill she won't forget the women inside and will be happy for any of them to visit her . Mum is collected by her daughter, Lorraine and Eddie turns up to collect Bea. Karen tries out the press but Franky takes it over. Lorraine takes Mum for meal at Pizza Hut, and tells her she can't go back to her family, as she is bothered about her friends finding out about Mum's crime and she hasn't forgiven her for what she did. Mum refuses her help to find a room to live in or to travel any further with Lorraine. In contrast, Eddie demands to take Bea to wherever she wants to go: she says she can afford at least one night in the Monarch Hotel. Greg tells Karen he's told her solicitor about the cigarette burns, but she seems unwilling to let him help her in any way. Franky provokes Lynn to a fight in the garden when she sees her talking to Karen and deliberately walks all over the plants. Lynn vows not to eat again until someone believes in her innocence. Bea has deliberately chosen the hotel where she used to work as a washer-up to make a point to herself and the staff and Eddie stays to drink a bottle of champagne with her. Mum rents a room at the Gibsons, and observes that it's "smaller than the last room I had". Marty tells his parents he wants to move out and live with his girlfriend. Bea wakes up for her first morning on the outside and immediately books in at the hairdresser's. She meets up with her old cellmate Val , who gives her a "present" for her husband. She then visits her daughter Debbie's grave then after a brief flashback sequence of her being refused permission to visit her daughter, Bea goes to her old home and shoots her husband Harry on the doorstep in front of his new girlfriend.


    For a contemporary (and somewhat condescending) first impression of the series at this point, see the article In View with Peter Dean (TV Times, 03-09.03.1979, Page 18)

    ITV regional broadcast dates:-
    YTV Mon 15 Oct 1984 23.00; TVS Fri 18 Oct 1985 22.30; Channel Not shown; TSW Thu 22 Jan 1987 23.05; Central Sun 26 Apr 1987 23.15; Thames Fri 26 Jun 1987 00.00; STV Mon 26 Oct 1987 23.30; Anglia Fri 08 Jan 88 00.15; Granada Mon 15 Feb 1988 23.05; Tyne Tees Thu 14 Apr 1988 22.35; Border Fri 17 Jun 1988 23.35; HTV Tue 23 Aug 1988 23.35; Grampian Mon 12 Sep 88; Ulster Sun 29 Oct 1989 23.35