Lizzie goes to hospital.

First broadcast 4th April 1979 (Melbourne);
First UK broadcast: Yorkshire Mon 28 Jan 1985 23:00; other regions
Broadcast on Channel 5 (UK) 13 April 1997 Sun 4:40 a.m.
DVD release: volume 1 disc 4 (AUS & UK)
Duration: 00:48:05

Lynn ~ Kerry Armstrong
Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Franky ~ Carol Burns
Lizzie ~ Sheila Florance
Erica ~ Patsy King
Marilyn ~ Margaret Laurence
Bea ~ Val Lehman
Doreen ~ Colette Mann
Eddie ~ Richard Moir
Greg ~ Barry Quin
Vera ~ Fiona Spence
Karen ~ Peita Toppano
Mum ~ Mary Ward
Doug ~ John Arnold
Youth ~ Timothy Bowles
Sister ~ Wendy Damien
Newsreader ~ Adam Joseph
Muriel ~ Marilyn O'Donnell

  • Written by Michael Brindley
  • Directed by Godfrey Philipp
  • For this and the next episode only, the mugshot sequence includes Franky in place of Bea. Doreen also appears in place of Lynn and Lynn is moved up to take Karen's place.

    Lizzie gets left behind and when Franky and Doreen go back for her, it seems her heart isn't up to the strain of an escape. Franky and Doreen take her back as far as the fence and Lizzie asks the guard to let her back in. The women are locked in their cells and Vera treats the women roughly as she realises that all the incidents around the time of the escape showed that all the women were in on it. Bea warns Marilyn not to antagonise the officers or she will spend longer inside. Erica questions Lizzie in the infirmary, but can get nothing from her about Franky and Doreen's plans. Franky has to urge Doreen to act normal (which is a bit hard for a big girl in dungarees carrying a teddy bear). Lizzie tells Greg she has no family (apart from a brother) so she wasn't serious about escaping. Erica has to calm Vera down from urging a complete review of security, though Vera gets the chance to smirk when she hears Erica trying to field a call from a reporter about the escape. Greg invites himself to dinner with Meg to use up the unused portion, when she finds that Marty has left a note to say he won't be home. Franky and Doreen have no cash for food and have to mug a boy for a portion of fish and chips. Doreen and Frank hide out in a barn for the night. Vera accuses Mum of knowing about the escape and of failing to raise the alarm when she was in the garden at the time. Doreen tells Franky about her childhood with her violent father: he worked in the stables at a racecourse and was gentle to horses, but cruel to his daughter who he was bringing up alone after his wife left. Lynn hears the news about the escape on the radio: she tries to tell Doug but he is more interested in consummating the marriage. Vera catches Marilyn and Eddie cuddling after chatting about their future and spitefully reports Eddie to Erica. Doug tells Lynn about the pay-roll job. Mum denies all knowledge of the escape when questioned by Erica: Vera is indignant that Erica is unwilling to take the matter any further. Erica frankly tells Vera her attitude isn't satisfactory, but Vera just gets more cheeky and asks if she intends to provide a double bed for Marilyn and Eddie. Lynn phones Meg to let her know about her wedding, but she isn't as enthusiastic about it as Lynn had hoped. Meg hears from Erica that a new social worker will be starting and will be given Bill's old officer. Karen agrees to offer classes to the women, and shortly afterwards Marilyn tells Karen she wants to learn book-keeping to help Eddie. Erica is forced to cancel the electrical contract with the firm Eddie works for. Doug convinces Lynn to be the getaway driver and decoy for the pay-roll job when he threatens to get "some moll off the street" or even to knock the guard unconscious if she won't take part.


    ITV regional broadcast dates:-
    YTV Mon 28 Jan 1985 23.00; TVS --/--/--; Channel --/--/-- ; TSW Thu 23 Apr 1987 22.55; Central Sun 24 May 1987 00.50; Thames Thu 17 Sep 1987 23.00; STV Mon 14 Mar 1988 23.05; Anglia Tue 16 Feb 1988 23.35; Granada Mon 28 Mar 1988 23.05; Tyne Tees Thu 07 Jul 1988 22.45; Border Sun 11 Sep 1988 23.30; HTV Mon 17 Oct 88 23.35; Grampian Sun 23 Oct 1988 23.30; Ulster Sun 04 Feb 90 23.35