Ted Douglas is determined to destroy evidence of his criminal associations, even if it means destroying Ann first.

First broadcast ... 1983 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Friday 16 October 1998 04:40
DVD release: volume 24 disc 4 (AUS)
Duration: 0:44:11

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Judy ~ Betty Bobbitt
Lizzie ~ Sheila Florance
Joan ~ Maggie Kirkpatrick
Bea ~ Val Lehman
Colleen ~ Judith McGrath
Ann ~ Gerda Nicolson
Maxine ~ Lisa Crittenden
Wally ~ Alan Hopgood
Laura/Brandy ~ Roslyn Gentle
Roxanne ~ Peppi D'Or
Phyllis ~ Reylene Pearce
Pixie ~ Judy McBurney
David Sheldon ~ Chris Hallam
Andrea Sheldon ~ Pat Forbes
Paul ~ Paul Newman
Helen ~ Caroline Gillmer
Gerri Doogan ~ Deborah Kennedy
Matt Thomas ~ Peter Dunn
Mr Douglas ~ Ian Smith
Dr Weissman ~ Bryon Williams
Brother Red Earth ~ Peter Flett
Marty Jackson ~ Andrew McKaige
Dennis Quinn ~ Chris Connelly
Mrs O'Reagan ~ Christine Calcutt
Sister Kelly ~ Liddy Holloway
Mr Gardiner ~ Terry McDermott
Martin Cawley ~ John Murphy
Thug ~ John Adams

  • Written by Fay Rousseaux & Wendy Jackson
  • Directed by John Gauci
  • The cult members are apparently known as "Poddies", which Helen explains is a pun on the name of the cult: CALF.

    After Roxie is taken away, the women express their sadness for her in having to give up her baby. Helen visits Judy at Driscoll: her sister Sharon has joined a religious cult, the Children of the Alternative Life Force. She is worried at the "donation" the cult leader is demanding to let her in, but says that as Sharon isn't 25 yet she will need her signature to get access to the money. Meg gets a letter from Marty saying he's on shore leave. Ann finds her house has been turned over and all Paul's photos and negatives are gone. Despite Wally's insistence, Ann is reluctant to call the police and says she will phone Ted Douglas in the morning to confront him. Paul tells Ann that in any case the burglars didn't get the crycial negative as it is in Wally's flat. Pixie misses muster and the officers search for her but find she's hiding in her wardrobe, pretending she's been sleeping there all night. Joan is annoyed that Colleen seems to be humouring Pixie in her silly behaviour, and even more so when she finds it was a Governor's decision that no-one has told her about. Gerri Doogan is brought to Wentworth on a two week sentence for soliciting charges. Lizzie tells the women that Roxanne has had a baby boy. Gerri starts asking questions, paying particular attention to Bea. Joan tries to heavy Pixie into dropping her act by pretending to lock her in the wardrobe in her cell, as she suspects she is only trying to trick the officers. Bea tackles Gerri and doesn't seem convinced by her explanation of why she is so interested in her. Helen meets the reporter who exposed Harry Stanfield in a coffee bar and he agrees to get her some information on the cult Sharon wants join. Ann tells Ted Douglas that despite the burglary all the negatives weren't found and he demands the prison is searched when Ann reminds him the women have a copy of the photograph. When confronted about it, Bea just laughs in his face. Pixie annoys Mrs O'Regan with some experimental cookery . Dr Weissman says he thinks Laura is suffering from multiple personality syndrome and wants to contact Laura's father to find out more about her family background. Meg agrees to accompany him. Matt Kelly reports back to Judy and Helen about the Poddies: their leader calls himself the Revened Alpha Centauri and is selling multiple shares to his followers on the same small patch of land. Sister Kelly lets Roxanne see the baby. Bea hints to Gerri that the photo is hidden in the clay for the pottery class. The Sheldons collect Roxanne's baby: she listens from the next door room, then goes to take the child the teddy bear given by the women, but stops herself and steps back into the room in tears. Pixie brings Ann her tea: the pot, milk jug and sugar bowl are all empty , but she pretends to pour Ann out a cup anyway, which Ann pretends to drink. Meg and Dr Weissman visit Laura's father to ask him to visit her. Helen and Judy go to meet Sharon, but Brother Red Earth comes instead and presses Helen to sign a release form for Sharon's money. Helen tells him she won't sign. Marty returns on shore leave with a new friend, Dennis. Pixie's solicitor tells her that her first husband is divorcing her: she is upset to think that she'll be a single woman again. Ann is roughed up at home by two masked men.


    Script Editor: Ian Smith
    Storyliners: Coral Drouyn, Andrew Kennedy, Billie Morton

    ITV regional broadcast dates:-