Good news for Geoff and Judy, but some mysterious goings on inside the prison lead Meg and Dennis to suspect Joan of attempted murder.

First broadcast ... 1985 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Saturday 07 August 1999 04:40
DVD release: volume 34 disc 2 (AUS)
Duration: 0:45:46

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Judy ~ Betty Bobbitt
Joan ~ Maggie Kirkpatrick
Ann ~ Gerda Nicolson
Myra ~ Anne Phelan
Dennis ~ Nigel Bradshaw
Marlene ~ Genevieve Lemon
Lexie ~ Pepe Trevor
Joyce ~ Joy Westmore
Anita ~ Diane Craig
Lou ~ Louise Siversen
Sheila ~ Colleen Hewett
Geoff ~ Les Dayman
Simon Towne ~ Victor Kazan
Peyton Morse ~ Earl Francis
Judge Hardy ~ Noel Mitchell
Douglas Hopwood ~ Kristopher Steel
Mary Burns ~ Trish Mulholland
Thelma Hawkins ~ Paula Langlands
Albert James ~ Alan Rowe
Andrew Fry ~ Howard Bell
Alice Jenkins ~ Lois Collinder
Marge Briggs ~ Christine Best
Pat Slattery ~ Dorothy Cutts
Off. Hagen ~ Christine Andrew
Man 1 ~ Michael Brooks
Man 2 ~ Ron Bingham
Policewoman ~ Trisha Juster

  • Written by Fay Rousseaux
  • Directed by Steve Mann
  • The women go back inside after the wedding and the cake is divided up. Marlene gets a reply to her letter in her final mail call: the parents of the dead man say they have forgiven her. Joan gives evidence at Lou's trial for the attempted murder. Anita gives Marlene a crucifix on a chain as a leaving present. Under cross-examination, Joan has a blank spot while giving evidence and doesn't hear the question. Myra gets a letter containing worrying news about Kay being harassed by the drug dealer who got her into trouble before. Geoff promises to see if he can help when she's released. Lexie misses Marlene and is comforted by Anita. Lou is returned to Wentworth , sentenced to another 7 years, but still vowing vengeance against Frank. Anita suggests to Joan that she would benefit by taking some leave. Lou tells the women what happened in court. Joan has another blackout just before she walks past the cell where Myra and Geoff are having one last snog: Myra realises she hasn't seen them. Lou tells Anita about her childhood. Myra plans to use Joan's condition to set her up for bashing Lou. Anita tries to object to Myra's plan, but is told to stay out of it. When one of the other women waiting for the parole hearings mentions Hazel disparagingly, Judy remembers her (in flashback). Ettie sends a gift to the women: a statue representing "Freedom" . Joan blacks out in the rec room, but comes to almost immediately: Lou points out this flaw in Myra's plan. Judy gets parole. Myra thanks Judy for offering to help by keeping in touch with Geoff when he's released, but tells her there is no future for her and Geoff. Geoff's parole hearing seems to be going badly, with mentions of Sam's murder. Judy is collected outside the gates by Sheila, who is driving a white sports car (and wearing a wonderfully kitsch fake tiger skin coat ): "Pixie's Song" is played over a montage of classic Pixie moments. Geoff is also released: Dennis allows him to say goodbye to the women in the laundry and especially to Myra. He insists he will wait for her release. Andrew Fry is outraged to find the statue still in reception. After being provoked into an argument with Lexie, Joan has another blackout in the laundry. Despite Anita's protests, Myra decides to go ahead with the bashing of Lou and sends Lexie to fetch Meg and Dennis to be witnesses. When they arrive in the laundry, Lou is on the floor and Joan is standing over her unable to remember what has happened.

    Ronnie is called "Corbett" again at mail call. Officer Hagen is called "Jo".

    "Pixie's song" is played under the final credits instead of the usual theme tune.

    Judy's envelope containing her belongings has the number


    ITV regional broadcast dates:-
    Broadcast on Meridian Tuesday 17 February 1998 23:40