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Traumhochzeit. (Dream wedding)
30th March 1998
The pre-wedding excitement of Lollo (Isabella Kühne) and Daniel (Rainer Frank) is shattered when it is revealed that Lollo is already married. She had completely forgotten about a previous marriage to help a foreigner remain in the country. Although it later becomes clear that her husband is long dead, Daniel suddenly wants nothing more to do with her.
Bittere Enttäuschung (Bitter disappointment)
6th April 1998
Mutz (Brigitte Renner) "confessed" to killing her son-in-law so that her daughter Gaby (Silvia Rachor), who really killed him, can stay with her children. When Gaby wants to put the children into a boarding school, Mutz's world falls apart and she suffers a hear attack with the shock. Thinking she is at death's door, she tells the whole story to Dr. Beck. He is bound by his oath of confidentiality, but nevertheless intervenes.
Grüße aus Monaco (Greetings from Monaco)
20th April 1998
llse finally gets a visit from Gregor. Their meeting is a shock for her, as Gregor looks quite different than she expects. He is short, unattractive and does not resemble the photo he sent to her in any way. Dagmar finds out about Jeanette's successful speculation with Zoellner's cash and demands a share of the proceeds. 
Machtspiele (Power games)
27th April 1998
Katrin steals cocaine from another prisoner, because her father, whose money previously payed for her habit, has gone abroad. When the other women want her to pay for the theft, Katrin sees only one possibility: she extorts it from her therapist Goran, who is in love with her.
Pyrrhussieg (Pyrrhic victory)
4th May 1998
Dagmar swears revenge after Walter has exposed and halted her drug dealing operation. [ Walter entdeckt Dagmars Drogenbestände und vernichtet diese im Klo. Daraufhin schwört Dagmar, Walter umzubringen. Katrin möchte ihre Beziehung zu Matthias Goran beenden. Goran will Katrin mit seiner Waffe zur Fortsetzung der Affäre zwingen. Katrin kann ihm die Waffe ent-wenden und versteckt sie auf Station B. Über Umwege gelangt die Waffe an Uschi, die sie sicher verwahrt, Walter bekommt die Magazine. Da erscheint Goran in Katrins Zelle und vergewaltigt sie brutal. Als Goran erkennt, dass diese Tat seine Zukunft zerstört hat, erhängt er sich.]
Nackte Wahrheit (Naked truth)
11th May 1998
Uschi macht sich Sorgen um ihre Tochter Sonja, deren Nacktfotos in einem Sexmagazin abgedruckt sind. Als Sonja ihrer Mutter eröffnet, dass sie mit ihrem neuen Freund Marc Schneider nach Florida gehen will und dafür das gesparte Geld haben möchte, kommt es zum Streit. Marc überredet Sonja, der Mutter zuliebe eine Praktikantenstelle bei Anwalt Maybach anzunehmen. Daniel und Lollo wollen die Hochzeitsnacht nachholen, doch als Lollo von Marc Schneider hört, ahnt sie Schlimmes: Er ist Schuld daran, dass sie hinter Gittern sitzt...
Schleichwege (Sneaky tricks)
18th May 1998
Über Schleichwege findet Dagmar erneut eine Möglichkeit, Koks ins Gefängnis zu schmuggeln. Doch Katrin verrät Dagmars Dealeraktivitäten an Walter. Walter droht Dagmar mit einer ultimativen Bestrafung, sollte auch nur ein bisschen Koks in Umlauf geraten. Dagmar ist trotzdem nicht bereit, ihre Geschäfte
Reingelegt (Set aside)
25th May 1998
Walter erteilt dem Koch Meineke eine Lektion, weil er Ilse seit Wochen schikaniert. Dagmar, die die Aktion beobachtet, sperrt den bewusstlosen Koch in die Kühlkammer und versteckt den Schlüssel in Walters Zelle. Walter gerät unter falschen Verdacht. Uschi entdeckt bei ihrem Freigang, dass ihre Tochter Sonja immer noch mit Marc Schneider zusammen ist. Sie beschließt, ihren Antrag auf Bewährung voranzutreiben, um öfter bei ihrer Tochter sein zu können.
Feindinnen (Enemies)
8th June 1998
Uschi's application for probation is to be reviewed. But "The Vulture " Jutta Adler (Claudia Loerding) knows how to put obstacles in the path of her number one enemy. [ Die Entscheidung über Uschis Bewährung steht bevor. Jutta ist die mögliche Entlassung ein Dorn im Auge. Evelyn ignoriert Juttas Meinung völlig. Unerwartete Veränderungen in der Auftragslage der Wäscherei bringen Jutta auf eine Idee: Sie überträgt Uschi die Leitung der Wäscherei und plant so, Uschis Antrag zum Scheitern zu bringen. Denn sie muss einigen Insassinnen aufgrund der Arbeitslage kündigen.]
Auf Leben und Tod. (A matter of life and death)
15th June 1998
In Reutlitz the bitter struggle for control over the drug supply continues. Katrin's attempt to deal behind Dagmar's back is exposed and Dagmar threatens to kill Katrin. But she takes advantage of a favorable situation to eliminate her rival forever.
Der Neue (Newcomer)
22nd June 1998
A new male officer, Gitting, starts at Reutlitz and begins sniffing around. [ Frank Gitting, der neue Schließer, will Macht und Einfluss in Reutlitz erlangen. Scheinheilig versucht er, das Vertrauen der Insassinnen zu gewinnen. Regine kennt Gitting jedoch von früher und warnt die anderen. Auch bei der Anstaltsleitung fällt Gitting negativ auf, weil er in den Akten schnüffelt. Doch dadurch kann er Dagmars plötzliches Verschwinden aufklären. Im Schacht ist Dagmar wahnsinnig geworden...]
Mütter und Töchter (Mothers and daughters)
29th June 1998
Susanne fürchtet, dass ihre Tochter Nina der bevorstehenden Aussage über ihre Misshandlung vor Gericht nicht gewachsen ist. In der Tat versucht Marlies Teubner alles, um die Aussage zu verhindern. Zum Geburtstag ihrer Tochter bekommt Uschi Hafturlaub. Die Familie nähert sich wieder an, bis Uschi herausfindet, dass Sonja noch immer Kontakt zu Marc Schneider hat. Trotzdem lässt Uschi Sonja am Abend allein zu Marc Schneider gehen. Von dem Besuch kehrt Sonja nicht mehr zurück...
Rache (Revenge)
6th July 1998
Sonja (Katharina Wackernagel) dies in a car accident under the influence of drugs. Uschi exposes Marc, because he is the only one who could have supplied their daughter with the drugs. But the police cannot find any evidence against the dealer. Uschi decides to ask Horst-Wolfgang to look among Sonja's things for proofs of Marc's guilt. In Sonja's diary she finds a note of the drug hiding place. Marc is arrested, but for lack of evidence he is soon on the streets again. So Uschi takes the law into her own hands. Evelyn resigns from her job at Reutlitz and goes to another at the Ministry, where she feels she will be able to do more for the women to move.
Neue Wege (New ways)
13th July 1998
Jutta is Governor again and makes sure people know who is boss. After a controversy, Silke is replaced as a block supervisor by the more dutiful Gitting. Mutz gets a huge fright, when a young man suddenly appears in the market garden. He introduces himself as Richard Stern and tells her he escaped by digging a tunnel from the neighbouring man prison, only in the wrong direction. Mutz promises to hide him until he can dig a second tunnel to the outside. Walter and Vivi play a trick on Jutta, so Jutta has Vivi moved into Susanne's cell.
Sehnsucht (Desire)
20th July 1998
Walter and Vivi have a jealous argument, and Vivi bets Walter that she can get Susanne to go to bed with her, and almost succeeds. But Vivi is taken aback when she feels herself falling in love with Susanne. She realises that an affair would not be just for fun. But Susanne's own feelings are awakened and she finally seduces Vivi. Uschi comes back to Reutlitz completely changed and makes a clean break from Horst-Wolfgang
27th July 1998
Jeanette mistrusts her investment consultant Jürgen Krause and wants to deposit her cash in a bank safe-deposit box instead. She recruits Ilse to help with her project, as Ilse has just got her first day release pass. But Krause persuades Ilse to use Jeanette's cash for a lucrative speculation. Next day Ilse's man friend Gregor brings the code of a bank safe-deposit box, which Ilse gives to Jeanette, with some bad news: the office of the investment consultant has gone broke. In the meantime, Katrin is put by Jutta into the market garden as an auxiliary worker. Richard is curious about the "new one" and does not remain in his hiding place. Katrin and Richard are immediately attracted to one another...
Auf Männerjagd (Manhunt)
3rd August 1998
Vivi reads a newspaper article about the possibility of becoming pregant through artificial insemination. She plucks up courage and asks Walter to become pregnant for her. When Walter is supsrisingly sympathetic, Vivi goes to Jutta, to ask for permission for this unusual plan... Walter goes in search of a donor. She finally decides on the electrician, and a power failure comes their assistance...
Fluchtversuche (Escape attempt)
10th August 1998
Richard finishes digging the escape tunnel. When he tries to escape with Katrin, however, the tunnel collapses. Mutz saves the two of them at the last moment. Gitting finds Katrin's marijuana plants in the market garden; Katrin is immediately sent to solitary. Walter takes Katrin's place in the market garden and meets Richard, from whom she collects a semen sample in a jam jar. Isle panics that she has cancer when a medical examination program is announced which includes a breast scan. Lollo however wants to find out whether she is pregnant by Daniel.
Hoffen und Bangen (Hope and fears)
17th August 1998
Lollo is diagnosed with breast cancer. When she finally tells Daniel the truth, he promises to stand by her. She has an operation to remove the tumour. Jutta puts Gitting and Silke in charge, as she is leaving for a few days to look after her sick mother. Katrin finds out that Richard escaped without her. Soon after the "new prison chaplain" arrives to start his job, but it is Richard in disguise. He succeeds in releasing Katrin from Reutlitz.
In gutem Glauben (In good faith)
24th August 1998
Moehrchen finds Silke unconscious and raises the alarm. But it is too late, Katrin and Richard have already gone. Gitting holds the real chaplain, informs Jutta and leads the search... Evelyn returns for the investigation of the case after Reutlitz, but Silke is cleared. Walter finds out that she is pregnant and wants to share a cell with Vivi again. Jutta meanwhile lets everyone know about Walter's pregnancy.
Vivi's Versuchung
7th September 1998
Mona Suttner, manager of a callgirl ring, comes to Reutlitz on charges of tax evasion. She offers the women the chance of working for her. Mona arranges a day on the outside for Vivi and pressurises her to look for somewhere to live. Vivi is impressed by the luxury and takes up the offer. Lollo tries in vain to get in touch with Daniel, who has not been to visit her since the operation. But she finds out that Daniel has had another lover for a long time...
Untreue (Unfaithful)
14th September 1998
Lollo is hit hard by Daniel's confession that he has been having an affair and doesn't think she will ever be able to forgive him. When Daniel sends her a cassette of their favourite song, she weakens and allows him to visit. Daniel shows remorse, and finally Lollo forgives him. The love of the two seems saved - but Daniel tells the pastor Maximilian Ahrens that he has not ended the relationship with his lover. Lollo is meanwhile overjoyed and practices playing the song on a harmonica, so that she can phone Daniel and leave it as a message on his answering machine. But the highpitched note of the harmonica cracks the code of Daniel's answering machine and Lollo hears the whispered message left by Daniel's lover on the tape. Lollo understands that Daniel is still decieving her and makes a difficult decision. At the same time Vivi tries desperately to break her contract with Mona, but Mona remains inexorable. In order to pressurize Vivi further, Mona rekindles Walter's passion for poker hoping to put her in her debt also. Susannne and Vivi must watch helplessly, as Mona's plan seems to work. At the last moment, Vivi dares to tell Walter about her contract with Mona. Walter is furious and swears vengeance.
Auge um Auge (An eye for an eye)
21st September 1998
Walter swears to get even with Mona because of her contract with Vivi. When it comes to a fight however, Walter falls and suffers a miscarriage. Full of hate she contemplates her revenge. Vivi tries desperately to talk her out of it. At the last moment Uschi, who had kept out of the dispute so far, manages to stop the worst happening. So that Mona gets a fair punishment, she calls for her to face a "trial" by the prisoners. Mona is condemned to pay 100,000 Marks compensation to Vivi and Walter and go for two days voluntarily into solitary. Despite her violent objections, Mona finally has to accept the punishment. Maybach tells Susanne that her trial will be resumed as a result of Nina's statement. Overjoyed with the news, Susanne admits that she feels more than gratitude for her lawyer. Maybach seems to feel the same, and with the help of Minister Ahrens he arranges a romantic meeting with Susanne. Meanwhile Ilse is in a panic, because Jeannette wants to request a day pass on the outside. Ilse has managed to far to hide from Jeannette the fact that she used her cash in a dodgy "investment" and had lost everything. But now Ilse can see no way out and is afraid of Jeannette's revenge, if she should discover the fraud...
"Der Antrag" (The proposal)
5th October 1998
Attorney Thomas Maybach makes a surprising proposal to Susanne and gives her an expensive ring. Susanne feels out of her depth and seeks advice. Although Lollo and Uschi warn her against the dangers of a "prison marriage", Vivi tells her she can't see any problem, which encourages Susanne to accept the proposal. However the chaplain Ahrens advises her to wait until her trial is resumed and she sees whether the charges will be dismissed. Susanne changes her mind and returns Maybach's ring. Maybach is disappointed, but promises not to put Susanne under any more pressure. Maybach is not the only one to be disappointed: Susanne's children Nina and Martin are also cheated of their dream of a new family life. The situation takes a dramatic turn when Marlies, Susannes mother-in-law, has a heart attack after a violent argument with Susanne, and Nina and Martin are at risk of being put in a children's home. Nina decides to improve her mother's chance of marriage with the help of a cunning plan. Meanwhile the arrogant millionairess Katharina Preiss is brought to Reutlitz, after refusing to pay fines imposed for drunken driving. Stubbornly and arrogantly the millionairess confronts Jutta - who proves amazingly consistent: even a woman as rich as Preiss cannot expect any special treatment from the strict Governor.
"Sissis Briefe" (Sissi's letters)
12th October 1998
Ilse is terrified, when she discovers that Jeanette is to be released after all. She quickly mobilises Gregor, who is to keep Jeannette from her bank safe-deposit box, so that the loss of her fortune does not fly up to the dubious investment consultant. But Gregor fails and Jeannette to Reutlitz in a rage. She insists that Ilse pays back her lost fortune as soon as possible - about 20,000 Marks. Ilse finally does a deal with Jeannette and has to serve Katharina von Preiss as a charwoman. While doing so, she finds out that the snobbish Katharina is passionately interested in the historical figure Empress Sissi. Shortly afterwards Ilse realises how she can get the cash to pay back Jeannette: At much expenditure Ilse forges a letter allegedly from the Empress and offers to sell to Katharina "this unique rarity". The plan succeeds, and Katharina hands a cheque for $10,000 over to Ilse. Ilse's cellmate Lollo is not involved in this foolish escapade, because after the breast operation and the divorce from Daniel, Lollo becomes more withdrawn. Her only comfort is the illicit liquor made by Ilse, which she drinks in ever greater quantities.

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