HINTER GITTERN - der Frauenknast

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Jutta's große Tag (Jutta's big day)
2nd November 1998
Jutta Adler gets to know her new neighbour, Ulrich Lohmann. He suggests to Jutta that they could go out together for the evening. Jutta doesn't tell him about her mother. But Elizabeth surprises the two of them on the staircase. At the celebration for Jutta's 20. years of service Elizabeth collapses and has to be taken to hospital. Jutta falls in love with her new neighbour. Meanwhile Maximilian tries to get the inmates to help lift Lollo out of her depression. Jeanette continues to pressurize Ilse: she wants to have the 10,000 Marks for the forged "Sissi letter" smuggled into the prison. Ilse's fraud disappoints Gregor, and out of love for him she decides not to forge any more letters. Lollo's condition improves, and out of misplaced gratitude falls in love with Maximilian. She ignores Mutz's objections and tries to make Maximilian kiss her, though he resists. He then has the difficult task of telling Lollo he can't be involved with her. They both decide to be just good friends.
Die Versuchung (Temptation)
9th November 1998
Lollo finally feels in better spirits again. The reason is that she has fallen in loven with Pastor Maximilian Ahrens. Mutz tries to make Lollo realise how hopeless her love is, but Lollo ignores the warnings and continues to pursue the pastor. During the renovation work on the chapel Lollo and Maximilian get closer. The minister allows himself be tempted to kiss Lollo, but he realises immediately that his feelings for Lollo are incompatible with his vocation. Maximilian sees he now has the difficlut task of telling Lollo the truth without putting her back again in a deep depression. Elizabeth tries everything to separate Jutta and Ulrich and a row between mother and daughter results. Walter is still waiting for her 100,000 Marks, which Mona owes her after Uschi's verdict at the "trial". Mona organizes a one day pass on the outside for Walter through her connections with the Minister of Justice, She is to meet Mandy on the outside, and she will hand over the cash. But Walter waits outside the prison gates in vain: Mandy has deceived her boss and kept the money herself.
"Die Verführung"
16th November 1998
Mona realises to her horror that her former employee Mandy acquired in the meantime whole sections of the red light business as well as Mona's bank accounts. Now Mona is suddenly empty handed cannot pay her debt to Walter. Walter is furious about the missing compensation and bashes Mona brutally. Uschi decides the compensation payment should be reduced by 50,000 Marks as hush money for Mona. On the hospital ward Mona finally comes up with an idea, as she can come fast again to cash: she will to take over the drug trade in the prison. Using her powers of feminine seduction, she succeeds in inducing the prison official Kittler to smuggle cocaine into Reutlitz. Meanwhile Walter, who is for the moment badly out of favour with the women because of their strict code of conduct, has been sent to solitary. In discussions with Susanne, Vivi realises that Walter's aggressive manner is a cover-up for her loneliness. Vivi finally asks Jutta to be allowed to visit Walter in solitary. Astonishingly enough, Jutta agrees. Vivi and Walter are reconciled.
"Der Anschlag"
23rd November 1998
A disaster happens on the way to court for the re-opening of Susanne's case: someone makes an attempt to kill her, Maybach and the accompanying policemen. The policeman dies immediately, Maybach is seriously injured, and only Susanne remains unhurt due to a lucky coincidence. But before the killer disappears, he threatens Susanne that he will kill her too if she gives a description of him to the police. Susanne realises how serious the threat is, when she receives an anonymous letter a little later, in which the killer assures her that he wouldn't flinch from murdering her children. Susanne is panic-stricken and makes an official statement that she cannot identify the attacker. However, she tells Vivi the truth. When Minister Ahrens hears from Vivi about Susanne's problems, he arranges for Susanne a meeting with her children. Maximilian Ahrens succeeds finally in convincing Susanne of the security of the witness protection program for the children, offered by the police, and to persuade her to give a description of the killer. Since Vivi's affection for Susanne in this difficult time makes her stand by Susanne, Walter responds with scenes of violent jealousy. When Walter finds out that Susanne and Vivi had a relationship, she separates from Vivi. Meanwhile Katharina cannot bear the everyday life in the prison any more. Mona sees the financial possibilities in Katharina's almost uncontrollable longing for freedom. She persuades the completely besotted Kittler to arrange for one night in liberty from Reutlitz for Katharina in return for payment.
"Schöne Aussichten"
(Pleasant prospects)
30th November 1998
Jeanette realises that Katharina is making night-time trips to the outside with Mona and Kittler's assistance. She threatens Mona to give the game away if she isn't taken on the next trip. Mona and Kittler have to accept despite Katharina's protests. But after the next illegal 'day trip', the way back to Reutlitz is blocked off, because Kittler may no longer take his car inside the prison itself. In the end, they have to get back inside in the back of the laundry truck before their disappearance is noticed. Vivi asks Walter to give their love another chance but Walter remains stubborn. Susanne is so pre-occupied by her concern for Maybach that she cannot mediate. Vivi withdraws into itself. The electrician Mathias Frowein comes to Reutlitz to correct the shoddy work of his colleague Krawinkel, who was the one who made Walter pregnant. Vivi and Mathias are drawn to each other. Meanwhile Mona notices that Gitting is starting to harbour dangerous suspicions about Kittler. She assigns the new inmate Conny to lay a trap for Gitting.
(Pangs of conscience)
7th December 1998
Vivi feels the same way about Matthias and makes enquires with Jutta what chance she has of getting parole. But Jutta is only willing to help Vivi on one condition: Vivi must keep an eye on Mona. Vivi indignantly refuses to be an informer, although she notices that life in Reutlitz becomes increasingly more difficult for her. Walter, who is suffering after the separation from Vivi, tries everything to win Vivi back. She explains that she is even ready to become pregnant again for Vivi's sake. Vivi feels pushed to a make a choice between Walter and Mathias. When Walter puts pressure on Mathias with physical force, Vivi finally realises that she does not love Walter any more. Meanwhile Conny tries to seduce Gitting as Mona instructed, as Gitting threatens Mona's drug dealing and her relationship with Kittler. However Gitting doesn't take the bait and notices how Kittler is becoming more and more jumpy. Conny takes more drastic action: as she is practically insensitive to pain, she injures herself seriously and pretends she has been raped. The plan works: Gitting cannot counter the weight of evidence against him and has to leave Reutlitz. By chance Vivi finds a piece of evidence proving Gitting's innocence and has to fight with her conscience: Should she tell the truth and increase her chance of getting parole? But then she would be branded as an informer. Or is she to keep quiet and to leave an innocent man to his fate? The simple wish of Mathias' small daughter, that Vivi would one day be able to come and visit them, finally makes up Vivi's mind and she hands the evidence over to Jutta. Jutta promises to influence Vivi's parole, but Vivi knows that by the prison code she has become an informer...
(Free as a bird)
14th December 1998
Thanks to Vivi's information, Jutta is able to send Conny to solitary. Gitting is rehabilitated. But it is now clear to the women in Reutlitz that there is an informer in their ranks. Mona assigns Kittler to find out the identity of the traitor and Vivi is soon exposed as the informer. Under Uschi's leadership, Vivi is tried and sent to Coventry by the women. Only Susanne and Mutz are friendly to her. Mona believes she now has a free hand to do whatever she likes and she makes life hell for Vivi. In her despair Vivi turns to Walter, but she is only ready to protect Vivi if she comes back to her. Deeply hurt, Vivi rejects this manipulative offer from Walter. When Conny returns from solitary, the situation gets more uncomfortable. When Conny tries to drown Vivi in the bathtub, Walter saves her at the last moment. Jutta realises that Vivi's life is in danger and decides to transfer her. Walter has come to realise in the course of these dramatic events how much she still loves Vivi. But the attempt at a reconciliation fails: Vivi is grateful to Walter for saving her life, but tells her that a resumption of their earlier relationship is longer possible.
"Die Fälschung" (Forgery)
28th December 1998
Vivi's transfer leaves a bitter aftertaste for the women. Walter compensates for her mourning by outbreaks of rage against Susanne. Only Lollo learns to deal with her guilt feelings openly and points out to Walter that she is going too far. Ilse has a much bigger problem: her joy over Gregor's rehabilitation doesn't last long, because by her own carelessness Jeannette finds out how Ilse paid the first part of her debts. Jeannette's greed suggests to her a plan to tempt Katharina with a second falsified Sissi letter and get another 10,000 Marks from her. Ilse has to become involved in Jeannette's extortion, even though she promised Gregor never to never commit forgery again. Katharina enthusiastically buys the second letter - but disaster takes its course, when Katharina decides to put her sensational "discoveries" at the disposal of research experts. When Ilse hears of the forthcoming publication of her Sissi letters, she is ready to faint away. Finally she confesses the truth to Katharina. But this does not stop the course of events: a negative report on authenticity from an expert and a hostile press are waiting for Katharina on the day of her release. The humiliated Katharina swears revenge on Ilse - but Gregor suddenly asks for a meeting with Katharina to put his side of the story to her.
"Große Pläne"
(Important plans)
4th January 1999
Jutta suspects that Ulrich is having an affair, but this proves to be unfounded. When Ulrich tells her that his company is planning to transfer him to Majorca, Jutta makes a snap decision to go with him. Ulrich also calms the fears of Jutta's mother Elizabeth, who is afraid of having to stay behind on her own: he insists that they will look for accommodation in Majorca with enough room for Elizabeth to come too. While Elizabeth starts to take Spanish lessons and Ulrich looks for a suitable house, Jutta finds out that that the Justice Minister has decided not to get rid of the job of director of Reutlitz. Jutta suddenly realises how important her work at Reutlitz is to her. She daren't tell Ulrich the truth about her change of mind. Her silence almost leads to the final break-up of their relationship, but a last minute discussion finally persuades Ulrich to make the difficult decision to turn down the transfer to Majorca. Meanwhile Susanne is still worried about her her fiancé Thomas Maybach, who has not come out of his coma since the assassination attempt on him. When Susanne gets to know the new inmate Benita Wolf, who says she had been in a coma herself and was brought back to life by the emotional support of a friend, a friendship develops between Susanne and Benita. Lollo and Minister Maximilian Ahrens also become closer again while organising together a charity event for the women in Reutlitz.
"Tödlicher Irrtum"
(Fatal error)
18th January 1999
As the trial of Maybach's assassin approaches, the friendship between Susanne and Benita becomes ever closer. Susanne does not suspect that Benita is in reality a hired killer, whose task is to prevent Susanne giving evidence in court against the assassin. Benita's first attempted assassination fails, but soon after the killer has a second chance: Susanne is lying defenceless in the bath tub, when Lollo comes to warn her on behalf of Ilse to keep clear of Benita. Lollo has put on Susanne's bathrobe - with deadly consequences, for Benita is in the bathroom, armed with a knife, and stabs Lollo thinking she is her "target". Shortly after Lollo's murder Gitting returns to Reutlitz. Mistrustfully he watches Mona, Conny and Kittler. Gitting knows that he must be extremely careful to avoid falling into another trap. But things have changed for Mona too, because Kittler has become so nervous in the meantime that he is no longer any use as a drugs courier. Kittler finally even destroys a drug delivery which has already arrived for Mona, for fear it should be discovered.
''Dicke Dinger''
25th January 1999
Mona has a new plan to smuggle drugs into Reutlitz. Through Moehrchen (Sibylle Mohr), a package is ordered labelled "Hygienartikeln", but which in reality contains vibrators, of one which is filled with cocaine. Maximilian is waiting at the same time for a new supply of candles, and the two packages get mixed up. Maximilian is not shocked by the contents of the package. Mona is dismayed by the mistake, but she does not suspect that it's even worse than she thinks: Moehrchen's curiosity got the better of her and before the packages were delivered she took the vibrator filled with the drugs, and hid it in Jeanette's cleaning cart. The vibrator falls open and the cocaine is mixed with dust. When the furious Mona finds the missing vibrator, it is clear that her drug supply is over. Meanwhile station B gets a newcomer: Barbara "Blondie" Koschinski. No-one can imagine that such a good-natured person could have carried out a large scale bank robbery. Even Gitting reacts with irritation to Blondie's innocent appearance. He is sure that there's something not quite right about Blondie. In this he is quite correct, but he does not know Blondie's true secret: she is actually innocent but is serving the fifteen year sentence for the sake of her sister, because she believes she doesn't have long to live. After Susanne's evidence, she and the children are out of danger, but the kids are put into a home...
''Falsche Diagnose''
1st February 1999
Maybach has still not come out of his coma. Dr. Lindner is convinced that only Susanne's presence by his bedside could lead to an improvement. When Susanne asks Jutta to be allowed to visit the hospital, she is turned down with reference to regulations. In despair, Susanne tries to persuade Dr. Beck to commit her to the same hospital as Maybach on a false diagnosis. Beck also turns her down, but when Maybach's conditions worsens and Susanne is close to a breakdown, Beck makes up his mind and "diagnoses" acute appendicitis. While Susanne's presence in the hospital does bring about an improvement in Maybach's condition, her two children Nina and Martin suddenly arrive at Reutlitz. The children don't like the home they are living in and want to visit their mother. Jutta, tormented by a guilty conscience, decides to take the children to visit their mother. The fraud is discovered, Jutta sacks Beck and gives Susanne with a three-month visiting ban. Blondie, who is convinced she will die soon from leukaemia, learns from Dr. Beck that she is quite healthy. When she tells this to her sister Doris, who committed the crime for which she is in Reutlitz, Doris makes is plain she is not prepared to confess to the crime she committed. In despair, Blondie confides in Gitting. It is Gitting who brings Blondie the next bit of bad news: In an attempt to escape abroad, Doris has had a fatal accident. Blondie does not understand the world any longer: it looks as if she will have to spend the next 15 years in prison after all. Conny tries to escape, but Kittler stops her. Mona protects Conny from being sent to solitary in her own peculiar way...
''Gefährliche Gier''
15th February 1999
Gitting takes over the running of Reutlitz as Jutta's temporary replacement. However hard he tries to act professionally, his feelings for Blondie are his Achilles' heel. Hesitating between the need to be close to Blondie and his conviction that she should not let himself get involved with an inmate, he finally cannot resist his attraction to Blondie. Blondie feels safe and happy for the first time since being committed to prison. But the romance does not last long, because Gitting cannot overcome his scruples. He pitilessly gives Blondie up, but installs a monitoring camera in her cell, so that he can watch her in secret and continue in this perverse way to satisfy his desire. In the meantime, Walter is also eyeing up Blondie and offers the naive young woman protection and friendship. But gradually Blondie realises what Walter really wants. Uschi takes up again her campaign against the drug trade in Reutlitz. Together with Walter she wants to put an end to Mona's cocaine business. When Solveigh, one of the Mona's customers, dies of an overdose, Uschi announces an anti-drug campaign without no exceptions made for any of the women.
''Der Besucher'' (The visitor)
22nd February 1999
Uschi has a surprise visit from a man called Hagen Keyser, and she finds herself unwillingly fascinated by him. Hagen Keyser says he wants to speak to Uschi about her daughter and it appears the stranger has intimate knowledge of Uschi's relationship with Sonja. When this mystery man persists in keeping his motives hidden on a second visit, Uschi suspects that her husband Wolfgang, whose letters she has been sending back unread, has sent Keyser as a way of trying to re-initiate contact with her. After hesitating, she decides to meet Wolfgang for one last time in order to make clear to him the finality of their separation. But when Wolfgang visits, it turns out that he does not know Keyser after all. Slowly but surely Uschi's panic increases: Who is the mysterious visitor, whose influence she seems unable to resist? Mona realises that drug dealing is to dangerous after the death of one of the inmates, and she decides to change to another business venture- telephone sex! Kittler smuggles a mobile phone into the prison, while Gina makes all the necessary arrangements on the outside. Within a short space of time, Mona's business is running at full speed, so much so that she enlists Conny as a partner. Walter finds out about Mona's lucrative scheme, and after getting hold of a mobile phone herself, she demands that Mona lets her take part. Now that the telephone sex line has three women working it - and business booms! Susanne cannot talk with Maybach, who has come out of his coma, because of the ban on contact and asks Silke to visit him for her. Silke learns that although Maybach is conscious again, he is suffering from incurable facial paralysis. When Susanne finds out, she pleads with Silke to at least let her telephone Maybach. Silke permits the telephone call unofficially, and finally Susanne and Maybach can confess their love to each other.
'''Bitterer Sieg''
1st March 1999
Maybach succeeds with the help of legal trickery in getting a ruling that Susanne may visit him again. While Susanne regards Maybach's paralysis as a temporary condition, Dr Lindner reveals the truth to his patient: Maybach only has a short time left to live. Maybach accompanies Susanne to the reopening of her case, but keeps his condition a secret, in order not to divert her attention from the process. Susanne also gets support from Vivi, who has now been released. Finally Susanne wins the case: her life sentence is commuted to five years imprisonment. Susanne is overjoyed. As she celebrates her victory with the other inmates, Jutta brings her a message that Maybach's condition has worsened dramatically. Susanne immediately rushes to the hospital, but she can only be by Maybach's side in his dying moments. Uschi realises how important Hagen's visits have become to her. She tries everything to trace him and finally succeeds. In a long discussion, she confides in him completely and once again enjoys being able to feel able to lean on someone else for support. Uschi hopes her relationship with Hagen has a future and looks forward to his next visit. Walter has also realised she cannot really forget Vivi. A surprise visit from her brother Andreas, who looks astonishingly similar to her, gives Walter the inspiration for a dangerous plan: Andreas is to take her place in Reutlitz for a short time, so that she can pay a visit to Vivi on the outside...
''Hahn im Korb''
8th March 1999
Walter wants to be reconciled at any price with Vivi and puts her bold plan into action without hesitating: Walter's brother Andreas, who looks almost identical to her and owes her a favour, is to take her place in Reutlitz for some days. After exchanging clothes and applying a false beard in the reception room everything goes without a hitch - Walter leaves Reutlitz unidentified and Ilse and Mutz, who have been let in on the plan, take Andreas under their wing. But it doesn't take long in prison for some delicate situations to arise. Andreas has difficulty not just with the telephone calls he has to take for the sex chat line and with pretending to be a lesbian, but also the smoking and the brusque manner people expect of Walter represent insurmountable obstacles for him. Soon both Jutta and the inmates become doubtful about the changes that seem to have taken place in Walter. Meanwhile Walter waits in Andreas' Cadillac outside Vivi's house. She wants to wish her a happy birthday and to ask her forgiveness, but Vivi refuses to get involved in any discussion. Vivi only weakens after Walter has waited a whole night and day outside her house. The two are reconciled, and Walter returns happy to Reutlitz. But unfortunately changing places with her brother doesn't go as smoothly this time, owing to Uschi's suspicions.
''Partner fürs Leben''
15th March 1999
Jutta and Ulrich want to marry and have soon found a house together. When the two are happy outside their new home, Ulrich explains to the speechless Jutta that he does not want her mother Elizabeth to move in with them. Jutta eventually understands Ulrich's motives and promises to talk to her mother. The discussion takes an unfortunate turn, because Jutta does not manage to explain to Elizabeth calmly but brutally confronts her completely unprepared mother with the decision one morning. Elizabeth reacts surprisingly: she takes the news with resignation - and so makes Jutta feel even more guilty. Jutta explains to Ulrich on the wedding morning that she cannot go ahead with it. She has made a final decision to stay and look after Elizabeth. Walter returns from solitary to the cell block. She is tormented by the thought that her brother Andreas managed to sleep with Blondie and decides to seduce Blondie too, giving her a large dose of Ilse's grog, as she cannot take any alcohol. Gitting returns from sick leave to Reutlitz. Jutta is disappointed by his unsatisfactory performance during her vacation. Naturally she really does not suspect the reason for his strange behaviour: Gitting is still obsessed with Blondie and cannot help indulging in his perverted spying on her via the video security camera.
''Versteckte Kamera''
22nd March 1999
Blondie discovers by accident the camera Gitting has planted in her cell to watch her secretly. She keeps the discovery to herself and begins quite deliberately to pose and undress for Gitting and is careful to give him the impression that she is enjoying it too. But when Jutta, who is trying to compensate for her private misfortune with greater intolerance, catches Gitting in the act one evening, the game comes to a sudden end. Believing he will lose his job, Gitting confides in Maximilian, who advises him to draw a line under the whole affair and to leave Reutlitz. But to Gitting's surprise, Jutta doesn't demand his resignation, but contents herself with demoting him and demanding that the camera is immediately dismantled. When Blondie notices the camera has gone and asks Gitting about it, the two of them have a violent argument. Jutta decides to punish Blondie but leaves Gitting to decide what to do, to give him the opportunity to demonstrate his obedience to her. He sends Blondie to solitary for three days. Mona's telephone sex business flourishes, and so she enlists Jeanette, Blondie and Ilse to answer the calls. While Jeanette agrees immediately and Blondie turns it down only due to Walter's opposition, Ilse hesitates for a long time. Finally she agrees, because the cash can be used to buy a dictating machine that Gregor urgently needs.
''Falsche Freunde''
29th March 1999
When Uschi introduces Mutz to Hagen Keyser, Mutz is overcome by a sensation that he is totally evil. Mutz wants to warn Uschi against Hagen, but even Minister Maximilian regards Mutz's fears as groundless and exaggerated. In her helplessness, Mutz tries to prevent any further meeting between Uschi and Hagen. But she only manages to provoke Hagen to a sudden fit of rage and Uschi angrily breaks off her friendship with Mutz. Ilse finally gets a day release and can surprise Gregor with the dictating machine, paid for with the cash she earned through Mona's telephone sex ring. But when Gregor invites her to a coffee morning with his colleague Professor Linsel and his wife, Ilse's self esteem is restored. To Ilse's horror, Professor Linsel turns out to be one of her regular customers. When the Professor treats Ilse in an insulting way, she reveals the "secret" they share and forces him to retreat. Gregor is surprised at the sudden departure of his guests, but Ilse shrugs it off - she does not suspect that the Professor is already making plans for revenge. On the hospital ward in Reutlitz, Dr Beck's position hasn't been filled. After what happened last time, Jutta would prefer to give the job to a woman, but Dr. Stein, who is a shy type with horn-rimmed glasses, seems a good alternative. In Jutta's eyes, Dr. Stein is not a real man, the kind the women might take a fancy to. But Blondie doesn't see it quite like that...
''Unter Mordverdacht''
12 April 1999
Walter's brother is suspected of the murder of Wolfgang Konig. But the day on which Wolfgang died was the one when Walter swapped places with her brother and he was in Reutlitz. In order to protect her brother, Walter must tell Jutta the truth. The confession of the swap has serious consequences for Walter, because she now comes under suspicion of the murder herself. Although Walter vehemently protests her innocence, she must count on a new trial for murder. Walter feels misunderstood and unfairly treated by everyone. When she expects Blondie to be as a friend to her, she gets a shock here too: Blondie reminds Walter furiously that they were not lovers, but only had a sexual relationship. Walter is so angry over Blondie's rejection that she attacks Dr. Stein, when he tries to help Blondie after a sports accident. Ilse is also having a hard time, as Gregor has found out that she works for the telephone sex ring. He comes to Reutlitz to give back the dictating machine Ilse bought for him with her "dirty money". Ilse is hurt by Gregor's uncompromising attitude and despite her love for Gregor she decides it would be better to end the relationship.
''Blondie greift an''
19th April 1999
Blondie experiences a bitter defeat, when she tries to get closer to Dr. Christoph Stein and is brusquely rejected by the young doctor. Blondie is shaken, because no man has refused her before. When she hears of Christoph's, Walter says he must certainly be homosexual. Walter's assumption quickly becomes the talk of Reutlitz, and Jutta is happy when she learn this "fact", because she thinks there will now be no possibility of sexual liaisons between the women and Stein. The truth is rather different: Stein is very attracted to Blondie, but he is afraid of women and embarrassed by this. Blondie is persistent, and so finally the two of them are sharing their first kiss. Jutta hasn't yet got over the separation from Ulrich and takes out her disappointment on the inmates. Maximilian wants to help her - and also to protect the women - but Jutta refuses to talk to him about her personal problems. When Jutta finally tries to force the women to work unpaid overtime in the laundry on Sunday, Maximilian organises a protest service in the chapel with Silke's help. Jutta and Maximilian come into open conflict. Marlies Teubner is discharged from Reha hospital and Susanne's children can go back to stay with her. Marlies seems to have become more stubborn after her heart condition. When Nina and Martin fail to turn up for a visit with Susanne, she assumes Marlies is behind it. Nina confesses to Susanne that she has her first boyfriend and didn't come to the prison because she was meeting. Susanne has to come to terms with the fact that Nina is growing up and starting to go her own way.
26th April 1999

Kevin is played by the teen idol and pop star Oli P., who is also known for his role in ''Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten''.

Conny cannot bear being locked up any longer. When she sees Maximilian's prison key lying on the altar, she takes it. But before she can escape from the vestry, she is caught in the act by Maximilian. When Jutta finds out about this, the minister is in serious trouble, for ever since the protest service Jutta been looking for an excuse to fire Maximilian. The minister nevertheless unselfishly helps Conny out by giving her an excuse. In the event, Conny shows no gratitude, and immediately makes another escape attempt with Kittler's help, but this second attempt is also foiled. To save herself from solitary, Conny implicates Maximilian, saying her left the way to the outside unlocked. Jutta dismisses Maximilian. When Conny is sent to solitary anyway, she completely loses control and suffers serious head injuries beating her head on the wall. Meanwhile, Mutz meets Hagen by accident in the visitors' room. He threatens Mutz, that something terrible will happen, if she interferes in its relationship with Uschi interfere should. It soon becomes clear that Mutz is powerless to help Uschi, as she is now completely under Hagen's influence. Susanne's daughter Nina meets her first boyfriend, Kevin. How will he react, when he finds out that the mother of his girlfriend is in prison?
''Das Rattennest''
3rd May 1999
Conny is desperate and will not give up trying to escape: she starts a fire in the laundry to create a diversion for her latest attempt. Gitting finds her, so Conny runs into the chapel and asks Maximilian for help. Maximilian gives Conny asylum. Jutta is beside herself with rage and is only stopped from taking the chapel by force by Maximilian's announcement that he will contact the press and by Conny's threat to commit suicide. Jutta tries to stave Maximilian and Conny out instead and cuts off the electricity and heating. While trying to barricade the chapel, Maximilian is bitten on the hand by a rat. The wound becomes inflamed, and soon it becomes clear that the minister contacted blood poisoning. Meanwhile the women in Reutlitz find out what is happening in the chapel. After much argument, the women agree that it doesn't matter who it is in the chapel, only that it is one of them, fighting for her liberty. Under Walter's leadership, a mass protest is organised. Jutta notices that the situation is getting increasingly out of control and decides to storm the chapel. But before she can carry out this decision, Conny voluntarily surrenders, in order to save Maximilian, who condition has got worse and now urgently needs medical assistance. Maximilian is taken away by ambulance, and Jutta triumphs. She puts Conny into solitary. What she does not realise is that Maximilian has taught Conny the willpower and imaginative techniques to survive solitary without cracking up.
"Teuflische Zufälle"
10th May 1999
Uschi comes more and more under Hagen Keyser's influence. Keyser convinces her that her life is meaningless and that an existence in the other world is the only thing worth striving for. This misanthropic attitude isolates Uschi from the other women. When Keyser tempts Uschi with visions of her family and promises that she will be reunited with Wolfgang and Sonja in death, Uschi prepares to commit suicide... She asks Hagen to help her to die. Mutz makes her grandchild Felix very happy. She convinces her daughter to encourage the boy in his talent for football and to let him play with the Bambinis of Hertha BSC. Mutz is extremely proud on Felix and gives him a leather football, which he is mad about. But this leads Mutz and her grandchild to a meeting with Hagen Keyser, an encounter that fills them both with terror. When Mutz receives the terrible news that her grandson has been run over by a car while playing with the ball, she is convinced that Hagen must be responsible for the boy's death. Blondie finally seduces Christoph; however it becomes difficult for them to arrange to meet. In order to be able to see each other, they invent an allergy for Blondie, which must be treated regularly by Dr Stein. Nobody suspects them, as Stein is widely thought to be gay. But then Connie discovers the relation between Blondie and the young doctor...
"Eigentor" (Own goal)
17th May 1999
Gitting finds out from Conny about the relationship between Dr. Stein and Blondie. Gitting is jealous and tries to get rid of Stein any way he can, but without Blondie noticing that he is behind it. First he steals Stein's keys and plants them on Conny. Conny is caught as expected, and Stein gets a warning from Jutta. Gitting has already thought up a new plan: this time he wants to have Stein charged with professional incompetence and secretly exchanges some of the drugs in the surgery. But Gitting falls into his own trap and is poisoned himself by the tablets he swapped. Stein saves his life. Nina asks for Susanne's advice: she would like to sleep with her boyfriend Kevin for the first time, but doesn't know what to do. Susanne thinks she is still too young and hesitates to give any advice. Walter becomes aware of Susanne's and Nina's problem, and gives Nina some tips. Nina finds Walter and her attitude to sex very cool and the two make friends. Susanne is however not so keen on the growing trust Nina has in Walter's views.

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