HINTER GITTERN - der Frauenknast

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"Herzklopfen" (Heartbeats)
31st May 1999
Susanne starts to think that Walter is a bad influence on Nina. The two women have an argument and the situation escalates to the point where Walter becomes so offended that she tells Susanne they are no longer friends. Susanne soon realises that Walter means what she says and starts to avoid her. Nina is so disappointed with her mother that she hardly comes to visit anymore. Jutta takes the calculated risk of putting Susanne and Walter together to share a cell. After violent arguments, the two unwilling cell mates get surprisingly close to each other again. After a kiss follows a passionate night of love... Elke Meier is inducted in Reutlitz. She is a young middle-class woman who has hardly come to terms with her sentence and is in no way ready for the rigours of prison life. Mutz affectionately takes care of the newcomer - not suspecting that Elke is responsible for the death of Felix, Mutz's grandson. Mona has another idea for a new business venture: she plans to use the prison dressmakers to put phoney designer labels into cheap clothes. She manages to have herself, Conny and Blondie assigned for work duty in the dressmakers and to seduce the laundry driver to help them. Nothing more stands in the way of the new enterprise.
''Schuld und Sühne'' (Guilt and sin)
7th June 1999
Mutz returns deeply depressed from Felix's funeral. Elke, finding out that Mutz's grandchild has died, comforts her. But when Mutz shows her a photo of Felix, Elke is horrified to see that it is of the boy she ran over and killed. Elke wants to tell Mutz the truth, but she can't pluck up the courage. When Mutz's daughter Gabi comes to visit, Elke recognises her and explains to Mutz. She is furious about Elke's lies and slaps her face. Soon the whole block knows, and for Elke a cruel persecution begins... Susanne is happy with Walter, but she wants to hide the true nature of the relationship from the others. When Ilse catches the two women in a compromising situation, the news goes around like wildfire. Walter finally admits the relationship - much against Susanne's wishes. The two women fall out again... Gitting tells Blondie that he knows about her relationship with Stein. As a "good friend" he gives her the urgent advice to break it off as quickly as possible. Although Stone and Blondie are not happy about this, they have no choice but to comply with Gitting's demand.
"Baby an Bord" (Baby on board)
14th June 1999
Susanne and Walter are friends again - until Susanne finds out that she is pregnant and carrying Maybach's child. Walter rejects Susanne and tells her she does not want to take responsibility for someone else's child. Susanne is disappointed and hurt. As if that were not enough, Jutta takes a hard line and wants to have Susanne transferred to another prison. Jutta rejects Susanne's request to be considered for release. Susanne is in despair, as she cannot lodge an official request without the approval of the Governor. In this apparently hopeless situation, Nina comes to her mother's aid, by changing Walter's attitude during a long discussion with her. Walter realises that she cannot refuse all responsibility for Susanne's family if she wants to continue her relationship with Susanne. Walter decides to take action to help Susanne with her request for release... Mutz is horrified when she finds out that Jutta has appointed Hagen Keyser as the new psychologist at Reutlitz. Her fears are justified: Keyser strengthens his control over Uschi and promises her to lead her into a "better" life in the hereafter...
"Der jüngste Tag" (Day of judgement)
21st June 1999
Hagen Keyser reveals his plan to Uschi: she is to "release" herself and the whole of Reutlitz from their earthly existence with an explosive device containing poison which she is to connect to the central water supply of the prison. Uschi is completely under Keyser's spell and does whatever he demands: she knocks out Officer Dahnke and puts the explosive poison cartridge in the water supply, with the bomb ticking away the minutes. While trying to escape before Dahnke comes round, Uschi gets a lethal electric shock. As she hovers in a comatose state between life and death, only Mutz suspects how dangerous the situation is. Mutz has not been idle in the meantime, and through Maximilian she manages to discover Keyser's true identity: he is in fact a dangerous psychopath who had escaped from a mental hospital. But Keyser is nowhere to be found, and so the fate of the women in Reutlitz depends on Uschi recovering consciousness and admitting what she has done... Meanwhile life in Reutlitz goes on as usual. Susanne is worried about Elke, who is accepted by the women in Reutlitz even less after her attempted suicide. But Mona also starts to take an interest in Elke, as it becomes clear that she could be used as an informer.
"Liebesspiele" (Love games)
28th June 1999
Blondie is still suffering after her separation from Christoph Stein. Mona offers to arrange a secret meeting, if in return Blondie will get hold of some tablets from Stein's store. Blondie finally agrees to the blackmail - only to be caught in the act by Christoph stealing the tablets. Stein is disappointed, thinking that Blondie is just using him and breaks off their relationship. But Christoph cannot deny his feelings for Blondie and makes Mona admit the real reason for Blondie's apparent betrayal. Ilse has a day on the outside and wants to be with Gregor to celebrate their first anniversary. Gregor has two surprises for her: first he invites Maximilian along, so that Ilse can convince him he should return to Reutlitz and secondly he proposes marriage to Ilse, who is overjoyed. Meanwhile in Reutlitz, Jutta is anxious about the outcome of an official enquiry led by Evelyn Kaltenbach into the Hagen Keyser affair. To Jutta's surprise, Evelyn suggests a deal: she may keep her job, but only if she reinstates Maximilian. Through clenched teeth, Jutta is forced to agree.
5th July 1999
Susanne and Walter are still considering how to tell Nina about their lesbian relationship, when Nina sees them kissing and breaks off any further contact with her mother. Marlies, who feels she must prevent any discussion between Susanne and Nina, makes sure that Jutta cancels any future time outside for Susanne. In despair, Susanne approaches Mona for her help in escaping from Reutlitz, but the plan fails. Susanne has almost given up hope, when Nina comes for a surprise visit. It turns out differently than Susanne hoped for, since Nina demands that she chooses between herself and Walter. With a heavy heart, Susanne agrees to break off her relationship with Walter. But Kevin appeals to Nina's conscience, and eventually Nina is reconciled with her mother, before Susanne has let Walter know about her decision. Meanwhile Ilse prepares for her wedding in the chapel at Reutlitz. The women hold a hen night for Ilse before the wedding, where they all meet the new arrival Renate Keller. It turns out she is Silke's stepsister, sentenced to prison for right wing extremist activities. Silke persuades Jutta to keep Renate in block B. Due to a flood in block A another inmate is transferred to block B at the same time: a Turkish woman called Ayse Mankuli. The smouldering hatred between her and Renate is soon noticed by everyone. Ilse is in despair: Minister Maximilian will only marry Gregor and Ilse if at least one of them is Catholic. But Gregor is not even baptised even. Ilse swiftly forges a baptismal certificate for Gregor...
"Der rechte Weg"(The right way)
12th July 1999

Atto Suttarp (who plays the Kurdish prisoner Ayse Mankuli) is already known to German audiences from her role in the RTL soap "Unter Uns".

Renate Keller, Silke's stepsister, is imprisoned in Reutlitz for right-wing extremist activities, and because of the nature of her offences is strictly forbidden any contacts with people on the outside. Silke feels responsible for Renate and wants to win her confidence, as a way of showing her sister a new way of looking at the world. But Renate uses Silke shamelessly and trades on their "sisterly" affection to get her to smuggle a letter out of Reutlitz for her. Renate is put together with the Kurdish prisoner Ayse on work detail in the chapel. To all outward appearances Renate works together with the Kurdish prisoner, but secretly plots against her. Renate knows that Conny has stolen jewellery and cash from the other women on block B, and tries to throw suspicion on Ayse. She tells Conny to hide "evidence" in Ayse's cell. When Walter finds a lighter which was stolen from her in Ayse's cell, she bashes her - but Ayse protests her innocence. During a surprise cell search, Conny is revealed as the real thief. Silke becomes suspicious and opens one of the letters Renate claims is a private letter to her partner. When she reads the undisguised right-wing extremist messages of her stepsister, she realises that Renate has been deliberately deceiving her. Deeply hurt and disappointed, Silke turns her back on Renate.
19th July 1999

PCBH fans will notice two familiar plot-lines converging here. Renate Keller now seems to be clearly based on Janet Dominguez (though from the other end of the political spectrum) and Ayse Mankuli on a blend of Maria Mercedes' two roles over the years...

Silke admits to Jutta that she has smuggled letters out of prison for Renate. Jutta transfers Silke to the "air-lock" and forbids her to have any further contact with Renate. When Renate finds out that she is to be transferred to a high safety prison, she seeks the help of her friend Marco to break out of jail. But before this plan can be put into action, Marco has a fatal accident. Renate changes her plan and takes Jutta as a hostage for her escape. When the police block Renate's escape route, Silke intervenes and manages to free Jutta, but has to pay a high price by becoming Renate's hostage instead. Renate leaves Silke in no doubt that she is prepared to kill her own sister if she has to. But Silke convinces Renate that her plan has no prospect of succeeding. When Renate realises that she really has no chance of escaping, she tries to shoot her way out through the police barrage of gunfire...
"Zahn um Zahn" (A tooth for a tooth)
26th July 1999
When Elke finds out that Mona is dealing drugs, she decides to pull out of their business partnership, which leads to conflict between the two women. Not long after, Elke's husband Clemens turns up in Reutlitz demanding a divorce. Elke tries everything to win Clemens back, but finds out that he is already having a relationship with another woman. She decides to avenge herself on her unfaithful husband, but she needs Mona's help. Mona tells Elke she will help her, but only if she helps her in return with the drug business in future and Elke has to agree. Susanne has found a job with Maximilian's help and can now work on parole on the outside. With Vivi's assistance and support she already feels so much better after only a few days' freedom that she dreads returning to prison. Meanwhile Walter is on the trail of Mona's drug business and wants to stop it. But Mona puts pressure on Walter by threatening to harm Susanne and the baby if Walter doesn't leave her alone.
"Der Duft der Frauen" (Scent of a woman)
2nd August 1999
Stone wants to surprise Blondie with a small present, but is caught in the act by Jutta. In a panic, he offers the gift to Jutta instead - a gesture that Jutta misunderstands as an attempt to get closer to her. When she finds out that Stein isn't gay after all, she becomes totally confused. In order to set Jutta's mind at rest and explain how things really stand, Stein invites the chief of Reutlitz out to dinner - not realising that he is only making matters worse... A new inmate arrives at Reutlitz: Julia Neumann, or Jule for short, who was found guilty of robbery and grievous bodily harm - crimes she committed to finance her drug addiction. After being treated for withdrawal, Jule makes up her mind not to slip back into her old ways. But Mona, who is dealing once again, already has Jule marked down as a potential customer. Ilse wants to turn her day release into her honeymoon with Gregor. She visits a boutique to look for a suitable outfit. When Ilse is mistaken for a countess in the elegant shop, she thinks it is great fun at first, and she even climbs into the limousine waiting outside for her. Ilse has no idea that she is about to become the victim of a kidnapping...
"Die falsche Gräfin" (The fake Countess)
9th August 1999
Ilse has been kidnapped when she is mistaken for a countess during a day release. At first she thinks the whole thing is one of Gergor's jokes. But she soon realises it is no joke and she has fallen into the hands of a dangerous psychopath who is a fanatical admirer of the Countess. Held prisoner in his flat, Ilse plays the role of the countess. As soon as she is unobserved, she manages to phone Gregor, but unfortunately she can only give a very vague description of the place where she is being held. The situation takes a serious turn, when the real countess appears on television and the kidnapper realises his mistake. Meanwhile in Reutlitz the new inmate Jule comes under pressure from Mona. Jule, who has already been through withdrawal once before, tries desepately to fight against recurring addiction. She reports the incident to Jutta, but is not believed. Blondie feels repsonsible for Stein handing in his notice. When Stein is also refused a visitor's permit, Blondie is in despair. When Silke makes Jutta see how cruel and hard her decision is, the chief of Reutlitz finally gives in and gives permission for Stein and Blondie to meet.
"Verkauft" (Sold)
16th August 1999
Mona has got Jule addicted to drugs again. When Axel the laundry driver finds out about Mona's drug trade, he tries to blackmail her. The price for his silence will be to sleep with Jule. Mona forces Jule to go along with it by brutally exploiting her drug dependency. Maximilian has noticed that Jule is back on drugs and tries to help her. He turns to Jule's foster mother, but she reveals the terrible truth: Jule and her natural mother, who have never met each other, are both inmates of Reutlitz. Maximilian works out that Jule's real mother is Mona Suttner. Jule's foster mother swears Maximilian to silence. Jutta also tries to prevent drug abuse on cell block B, but walter refuses to co-operate, as Mona has threatened to harm Susanne if Walter gets involved. A further problem arises for Jutta when Elizabeth wants her to give her great nephew Olli a job in Reutlitz. Jutta allows herself to be persuaded by her mother and finds a job for the somewhat dubious Olli. Gitting sees Olli as a security risk, but also sees in his appointment another chance to put Jutta in a difficult position. Susanne enjoys her freedom on her day releases and fails to notice the problems Walter has in Reutlitz. The two become more distant from each other.
"Allein unter Frauen" (Alone among women)
23rd August 1999
Olli wird von den Frauen beim Spannen in der Dusche erwischt und nackt angeprangert. Jutta ist ausser sich, behält Olli aber in Reutlitz. Conny, die Ollis Uniform aus der Dusche gestohlen hat, bändelt mit dem Jungen an. Sie will die Tatsache, dass er sich in sie verliebt hat, für eine Fluchtmöglichkeit nutzen. Uschi kehrt nach Reutlitz zurück. Außer Jule begegnen ihr alle Frauen mit größtem Misstrauen. Offenbar will niemand mehr etwas mit ihr zu tun haben.
"Schatten der Vergangenheit" (Shadows of the past)
30th August 1999
Mona finds out from Maximilian that Jule is her daughter. At first Mona is unwilling to accept the facts, but since the evidence is so clear, she can't conceal the truth for long. Mona refuses to supply Jule with drugs but otherwise she denies any responsibility for her daughter. Jule is desperate and ignorant of Mona's reasons, so she tries to deal with Axel behind Mona's back. He promises to supply her drugs, in return for sex. When Mona catches the two together in the laundry store, she separates them and insults Jule. Jule does not want to live after this experience and takes an overdose. At the last moment she is saved, and at her daughter's bedside Mona decides to help Jule, but without letting her know that she is her mother. On Jutta's advice Uschi is isolated from the other women. Even so, she manages to find out the brutal and unscrupulous methods Mona uses to carry on her drug trade in Reutlitz. When Uschi reports the circumstances to Jutta, the governor decides to set a trap for Mona with Uschi's help. In order to set this up, Uschi is put back with the other women. Susanne gets her final release date: in four weeks she will leave Reutlitz. She begins to plan her new life on the outside. Susanne also has plans for Walter's future: she wants Walter to graduate from high school, but fails to notice again how badly she misjudges what Walter wants herself.
"Liebe auf der Flucht" (Love on the run)
6th September 1999
Conny and Olli decide to escape together. Olli wants to smuggle Conny out in the boot of Jutta's car. Meanwhile Jutta hopes to be finally appointed as Governor, as an official decision is made to fill the post again, but Gitting is even more ambitious. Through his contacts in the Department he knows that Jutta has a good chances of getting the job, but a coincidence comes to his assistance: Olli mislays his radio and Gitting finds out about the escape plans. Gitting sees a possibility of putting Jutta out of the running. He hopes the police will arrest Jutta, when it is discovered that a prisoner - and the girlfriend of her own nephew - has been smuggled out of the prison. Gitting informs the police, but the car is involved in a collision. Jutta must watch anxiously as Olli frees Conny from the car boot to let her escape. She is terribly furious, but she doesn't mention the incident to the police, both because she wants to protect Olli and also she doesn't want to be suspected as an accomplice. Gitting is ready to wave goodbye to his dreams, but then he finds there was a witness to the car accident. Mona is glad that Jule has got over her withdrawal symptoms but Maximilian warns her that Jule could quite easily become hooked again. Mona decides to stop the drug trade completely and to break off her dealing with the laundry driver Axel. Susanne finds somewhere to live but needs money to support the baby. Walter blackmails Mona after she searches Mona's cell for the cash Mona owes her, but finds in the search letters to prove that Jule is Mona's daughter. However Susanne isn't happy to be supported in this way by Walter's criminal activities.
"Gittings Triumph"
13th September 1999
Gitting blackmails Olli with his knowledge of the background to Conny's escape and Jutta's connivance in it. This makes Conny decide to lure Gitting into a trap and kill him. But at the last moment she can't go through with it - she isn't a murderer. Gitting uses Conny's weakness against her and overpowers her. He returns to Reutlitz with Conny as his prisoner and puts pressure on Jutta to withdraw her application for the Governorship. Jutta is keen to agree to all Gitting's demands to avoid Olli and herself being accused of aiding an escape. Gitting therefore becomes the Governor of Reutlitz. Karin is inducted again to Reutlitz and it seems she has deliberately got herself arrested. When Mutz finds Karin in the hospital ward frantically searching for something, Katrin has to admit the real reason why she has come back. She is looking for uncut diamonds, which were extorted and hidden in Reutlitz. As soon as she has found them, Richard will come and get her out of prison. Walter and Susanne come to a violent disgareement. Susanne slowly comes to doubt whether Walter can ever manage to make a life outside prison without returning to a life of crime. Vivi tries to appeal to Walter's conscience, after which Walter wants to mak eup with Susanne and to get day release. Susanne assumes that the secretiveness hides some criminal activity and critcises Walter for it. The two women once again fall out, and Walter is finally convinced that her relationship with Susanne has no future.
"Abschied" (Farewell)
20th September 1999
Three days before her final release Susanne is allowed out on release to decorate her flat. Susanne also gets permission for Walter to have two days on the outside to try to repair their relationship. Walter tries hard to behave in a disciplined and restrained way, but finds it hard to get used to Susanne's changed attitude to her. When Walter leaves the flat early in the morning to get breakfast and looks like she won't be back on time to return to Reutlitz, this causes another argument between the two women. Walter goes missing and leaves Susanne to return to Reutlitz alone. Gitting charges Susanne with aiding an escape and makes it clear that her release is now in question. Fortunately Vivi manages to find Walter and persuade her to go back to Reutlitz. Susanne and Walter nevertheless finally break off their relationship after this incident. Mona wants to get closer to Jule, who still doesn't know she is Mona's daughter, but her attempts are rebuffed. The only course open to Mona is to write to Jule anonymously. When Mona sends a package to her daughter, Jule decides to end the secrecy and find out the identity of her real mother. Meanwhile, Katrin is still searching for the hidden diamonds. Mutz gives her a tip to check the confessional, but minister Maximilian is away at a synod in Kassel, and during his absence the prisoners may not enter the chapel. Katrin has to work out how to get around this regulation. Jutta cannot bear to be subordinate to Gitting and requests extended leave.
"Neues Leben" (New life)
27th September 1999
Gitting still hankers after Blondie and proposes a deal: if she sleeps with him, Gitting will give Dr Stein back his job in Reutlitz. After hesitating, Blondie agrees. Katrin and Mutz find the hidden jewels in the confessional, so Katrin gives Richard the signal to go ahead with the escape. The next day Katrin is called to Gitting's office to be given the sad news that her father is seriously ill and urgently needs a bone marrow transplant. Katrin is to be taken to the hospital: the driver of the ambulance turns out to be Richard, but the planned escape takes an unexpected turn. Susanne has problems with Nina, who wants to drop out of school to go with Kevin for a year to Australia. When Walter also tells Nina she can't leave school, the girl disappears for a few days. Sick with worry, Susanne contacts Walter. In the visitors' room in the prison, Susanne suddenly realises she is about to give birth to her baby. Dr. Stein cannot be found and no-one knows what to do. Only Susanne keeps a cool head and tries to ensure the baby is born safely despite the unfortunate circumstances...
"Diamantenfieber" (Diamond fever)
4th October 1999
Richard gives Katrin a tablet, which will put her into a comatose state outwardly resembling death for several hours. He will then find a way of getting Katrin's "corpse" out of Reutlitz. Walter overhears Katrin discussing the escape plan with Mutz: she immediately decides to steal the tablet from Katrin and let herself be taken out of Reutlitz in her place. When Walter searches Katrin's cell, she finds Jeanette there looking for the jewels. Katrin has no option but to share the jewels with walter and Jeanette. Next day Walter takes the tablet and is found by Katrin in laundry store, appeantly dead. Katrin is furious that Walter has once again got the better of her. To top it off, Katrin is suspected of murdering Walter. After Richard's initial shocked discovery of Walter instead of Katrin in the body bag he collected from Reutlitz, he puts a spectacular escape plan for Katrin into action, landing a helicopter in the exercise yard at Reutlitz. Blondie decides she doesn't want to sleep with Gitting any more, but he puts her under pressure, by threatening to tell Stein of the affair. Blondie tries to frame for rape - but her plan goes wrong...
"Sex, Lügen und Video" (Sex, lies and videotape)
11th October 1999
Stein is happy with Blondie and unaware that she is having to put up with Gitting's ever more outrageous demands. His latest thing is that he wants to video tape himself having sex with Blondie, but Dr Stein inadvertently witnesses the whole thing. Deeply hurt, Stein hands in his notice and breaks up with Blondie. The next meeting between Blondie and Gitting ends in a fight: Blondie pushes him away and he falls and hits his head. Stein has to tend to to his hated rival, but in doing so he finds out that Blondie's version of events is true. When Gitting is back on his feet again, he discovers that the compromising video of him and Blondie has vanished. He assumes that it was Stein who has taken the tape and asks for its return in exchange for his silence and his promise never to touch Blondie again. Jeanette decides to sell her share of the diamonds and gets a bad price for them from a shady dealer on a day release. The punishment for this impulsive act is not long in coming: a few days after the day release, Jeanette is interviewed by the police and the proceeds confiscated. Mona is released from solitary again and tries to take up where she left off with Jule. Jutta (?) watches with irritation Mona's repeated attempts to get closer to Jule. When Jutta finally asks Mona to leave Jule in peace, it causes a violent argument between the two women, in the course of which Mona confesses to Jutta that she is Jule's mother. [Note: it said "Jutta" in the summary on RTL's website but actually it was Uschi!]
"Eine zweite Chance" (A second chance)
18th October 1999
By coincidence Jule discovers that Mona is her natural mother. Frightened and speechless, Jule rejects Mona's repeated attempts to befriend her. Even Mona's attempts to explain and apologise fail to have any effect. The situation escalates until Jule snaps and is put in solitary by Gitting after a fight with her mother. When Mona demands that Gitting should lift Jule's punishment and he refuses, she blackmails him with her knowledge about the missing sex video. Gitting suspects that Kittler is the only one who could have got the cassette for Mona. He puts pressure on Kittler to get the tape back for him, but Mona has hidden the cassette in a safe place. Gitting now decides Mona must be disposed of and intends to make her death look like a "industrial accident". But his plan fails - and it is thanks to Jule, who saves her mother's life at the last moment.
"Gittings Fall" (The end of Gitting)
1st November 1999
Gitting's attempt to kill Mona is foiled. In the meantime, Jutta has found out about the dubious video and is on Gitting's trail. When Gitting finds out he's in a tight spot, he makes one last attempt to win Blondie's love and suggests they should run away together. Blondie refuses. Gitting has a breakdown and when even Kittler turns against him, Gitting makes a terrible decision: he will kill both himself and Blondie. Mona and Jule come closer for the first time. Mona promises her daughter she has changed and won't take part in any more dubious business deals. Despite Uschi's warning, Jule decides to give her mother a chance. Katrin and Richard have taken the diamonds to a fence to get a bit of money for themselves, but Walter is right behind them. Before Katrin and Richard can leave for the Caribbean, where they plan to start a new life together, Walter manges to make them a proposition...
"Abschied für immer" (Goodbye for ever)
8th November 1999
Walter finds a shocking report in the newspaper: Susanne has been shot, after witnessing a bank robbery committed by brutal gangsters. Deeply saddened Walter arranges to meet with Nina, who is also consumed with grief. Nina asks Walter to let her come to the Caribbean with her and Walter - moved by Nina's despair - agrees. But first Walter wants to say goodbye to Susanne and goes to her funeral in disguise. Unfortunately her disguise is seen through, and Walter is brought back to Reutlitz by the police, where Jutta punishes her for escaping by sending her to solitary. Meanwhile, Dr Stein meets an old acquaintance in Reutlitz. Anna Talberg is suspected of her husband's murder. But although Anna admits to Dr. Stein, that she was humiliated and even raped by her husband, she persists in maintaining that she is innocent. Mona and Jule spend some time together and tell each other about their past. Mona wants to prove to Jule that she is a good mother and showers gifts on her daughter. Jule does not like the feeling that she is being bought. Mona also sees in the end that she has been forcing matters with her generosity.
"Das Geständnis" (The understanding)
15th November 1999
Anna is losing her nerve because of the approaching murder trial. She still hasn't told anyone that she shot her violent husband, but then her son Jan finds evidence of her crime. Anna finds it extremely difficult to talk about it, but after a discussion with Jan, she is close to breaking point. When Dr Stein inquires in a friendly manner about her condition, she confesses everything to him. Stein advises her to be honest in court but Anna is too afraid to confront her children with the murder. However during the court hearing in the witness box, she can no longer carry on lying and confesses that she killed her husband in self-defence. Her honesty has cruel consequences for Anna: no-one believes her story, and she is found guilty of murder. Her son Jan also rejects her in horror at her crime. Meanwhile, Mona has confessed to the women that she is Jule's mother and asks to be allowed to work together with Jule in the dressmaking business. Jutta agrees after some hesitation. Jutta has much less tolerance for the career plans of Birgit Schnoor. But when Schnoor threatens to take up the offer of a better paid job in the Justice Department, Jutta finally promotes her to wing governor and deputy governor of the whole prison.
"Steiniger Weg" (Rocky road)
22nd November 1999
When Jutta comes home one evening shortly after her official appointment as the Governor of Reutlitz in the mood to celebrate, she finds her mother unconscious. It is suspected she has had a stroke, and the doctors want to carry out more tests. Jutta wants to take a few days leave, but the conflicts among her colleagues in Reutlitz make this impossible. So Jutta must take on both the leadership of Reutlitz and the worry about her mother's health, which almost causes her to break down. In this difficult time, Dr. Stein stands by her, and tries to reassure her that Elizabeth will soon recover. Elizabeth regains her power of speech and suffers no serious after effects from the stroke. But then comes the shattering diagnosis: a malignant brain tumor was the underlying cause. Elizabeth has cancer can only look forward to a slow and painful death. Jutta at first decides to keep this tragic piece of news from her mother. Elke learns that Mona is keeping her illegal business deals a secret from Jule. She finally sees her chance and steals Mona's business from under her nose, but Jule realises that Elke has gone behind Mona's back. Anna works as a nurse in the infirmary with Stein. Blondie is terribly jealous, because she assumes that the two are a couple, and realises how much she still suffers from the breakup of her relationship with Dr Stein. As Walter is taking Susanne's death badly too, she and Blondie slowly become closer again.

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