Vera is the only one who doesn't believe Bea has amnesia. Nick doesn't turn up for work. And Meg is delayed getting to court, where Mum is relying on her evidence.

First broadcast ... 1981 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Saturday 07 February 1998 4:40
DVD release: volume 13 disc 3 (AUS)
Duration: 00:46:22

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Judy ~ Betty Bobbitt
Lizzie ~ Sheila Florance
Erica ~ Patsy King
Bea ~ Val Lehman
Jim ~ Gerard Maguire
Doreen ~ Colette Mann
Vera ~ Fiona Spence
Mum ~ Mary Ward
Margo ~ Jane Clifton
Terry ~ Brian Hannan
Nick ~ Ned Manning
Officer Powell ~ Judith McGrath
Judge ~ Leslie Wright
Waller ~ Jonathan Hardy
Bailiff ~ Norman Hancock
Hartman ~ Peter Cummins
Det. Sgt. Rouse ~ Paul Karo
Dr Weissman ~ Bryon Williams
Mr Sutton ~ Alan Rowe
Samantha ~ Kirsty Grant
Policewoman (at court)

  • Written by Ian Bradley
  • Directed by Marcus Cole
  • The footage of Bea's flashback to Debbie is seen again as Bea reads the Coroner's report on her death.

    At meal time, Margo acts terrified of Bea. Both Mum and Vera notice. Bea later tells Margo not to act frightened of her. Margo then bashes Doreen in front of Bea and the other women. She asks Bea what she intends to do about it. Bea asks why she should do anything about it. Doreen is more convinced than ever that Bea must have lost her memory. Erica speaks to Mum about her trial and is not pleased with Mum's defeatist attitude. Terry and Vera make plans for the evening. Terry asks if he should bring along his uniform so that "he won't have to go home for it in the morning". Erica interupts them and Terry excuses himself. Vera is left with a big smile on her face. Bea meets again with Dr. Weissman. He shows her the coroner's report on Debbie. Bea has a flashback of Debbie visiting her and begging for help. Bea breaks down. She is still crying when she returns to her cell. Mum asks if Dr. Weissman no longer believes her. Bea tells her the reason. Mum then asks if it bothered Bea to use Debbie's memory like that. Bea confesses to her that her memory has indeed returned, but she desperately wants to get out of Wentworth. She does promise Mum that she won't let Margo hurt Doreen again. The next morning Bea pays Margo a visit, tells her to watch herself, knocks her about a bit and pours scalding coffee on her hand. Margo runs to Vera and says she has proof Bea is faking, but she won't testify unless she's promised a transfer to Barnhurst. Much to Terry's shock, Vera quickly agrees. When Margo leaves he tells Vera that Barnhurst is a medium security prison and that all transfers must be cleared with the Governor. Vera doesn't care. Bea, Mum and Margo are all taken to court (Margo claims to be going to appeal her sentence). Bea's phase of the trial begins and Margo ("Margo Jane Gaffney") is brought out as the first witness for the prosecution. She tells the (usual six person ) jury that Bea's amnesia is a charade and that she's been forced to back her up. The defense puts Jim on the stand to testify that Margo took over as top dog in Bea's absense and that she is hardly a frightened prisoner. Dr. Weissman testifies that Bea's amnesia is genuine. Mum's phase of the trial begins. Her chief witness is Meg, who is not there because she running around after Nick who did not show up to work. The prosecution does a good job on Mum. Meg finds Nick sitting on the steps behind his house getting drunk (on what looks like Fosters from the blue cans). They have a leisurely stroll through the park and Nick apologizes. As an afterthought, Meg remembers she's due in court. Meg gets to the court just in the "nick" of time, but her testimony ends up doing more harm than good when the prosecution implies that Mum deliberately went to see her to buy time to let Bea get away. Things look pretty bleak for Mum. Back in the waiting cell, Bea feels badly that things are going so well for her and so bad for Mum. She bangs on the door and asks to speak to her counsel. Mum asks her what she's doing. Bea says that she's going to testify for her.

    This episode summary was written by Matthew Bubb.


    Storyliners: Dave Worthington, Alastair Sharp, Peter Brennan
    Script Editors: Patrick Amer