Jeffries has it in for Sara. Lizzie sees a chance to make illicit booze.

First broadcast ... 1983 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Friday 07 August 1998 04:40
DVD release: volume 21 disc 3 (AUS)
Duration: 0:47:00

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Judy ~ Betty Bobbitt
Lizzie ~ Sheila Florance
Bea ~ Val Lehman
Off. Powell ~ Judith McGrath
Chrissie ~ Amanda Muggleton
Margo ~ Jane Clifton
Paddy ~ Anna Hruby
Maxine ~ Lisa Crittenden
Sara ~ Celia de Burgh
Geoff ~ Danny Adcock
Nola ~ Carole Skinner
Hazel ~ Belinda Davey
Mr Jeffries ~ Syd Conabere
Valerie ~ Barbara Angell
Charlie ~ John McCallum-Howell
Tom ~ David Scott
Lil ~ Judith McLorinan
Shop Assistant ~ Vikki Eagger
Secretary (Miss Doyle) ~ Brenda Clarke
Man ~ James Wright

  • Written by Bryon Williams
  • Directed by Kendal Flanagan
  • Not surprising that Tom is a dodgy character: what is he trying to hide with that monstrous cravat?

    Chrissie and Bea discuss whether to bash the lagger or hand her over to the police: Bea suggests they bash her then hand "what is left" over to the cops. Mr. Jeffries' solicitor phones the halfway house asking to speak to Sara: Judy advises her not to speak to anyone until the hearing is over. Judy visits Bea and offers to contact Legal Aid for her to get her a solicitor. Lizzie gets cramp sewing the mailbags and uses it as an excuse to ask if she can be put on kitchen duty instead. Bea and Chrissie start asking questions about the fire on their own behalf: they start with Paddy and ask her where she was at the time the fire broke out. Margo edges closer to try to hear what is being said but Bea notices and tells her to move away. Paddy can't tell them anything they don't already know, but Bea tells her they don't suspect that she's involved. Bea suggests to Chrissie that they carry on questioning the least likely suspects to make their chief suspect sweat a little. A man in a suit comes to the halfway house, sits down and orders a coffee. As if this were not already suspicious enough, he asks for Sara and gives Judy twenty dollars in payment for some "information". Judy tears up his note and tells him to get lost (though in the next scene she can be seen trying to stick it back together with Sellotape). Lizzie gets to know the men working in the kitchen and notices them apparently smuggling in booze. A mystery woman arrives off a freight car. Lizzie checks the bottle she has seen the men put out of sight on a shelf in the kitchen, but it is empty. She then sees a drop hanging from the spout of an urn, tastes it and realises that the booze is in the kitchen and is being smuggled out to the cells. At the first opportunity, she tells Maxine to start a raffle and she will get something from the kitchen to be the prize. The mystery woman buys a wig, but is in too much of a hurry to try it on. Judy catches Sara packing her things ready to leave, so she reminds her that she is standing surety for her and has the power to "arrest" her if she tries to go anywhere else. Lizzie tells the women she can get a chicken as the raffle prize. The mystery woman comes to the halfway house referred by the Salvation Army, and introduces herself as Jean Carter : she says her husband ran out on her and she needs somewhere to stay. She is put in to share a room with Hazel. Judy can't persuade Sara not to talk to Mr Jeffries, so she goes with her. Sara reminds Mr Jeffries that his wife also committed suicide under the pressure of his intolerable expectations and that if anyone was responsible for Alan's death, it was him. He responds by throwing Judy and Sara out of his office, but later on leaves and tells his secretary to cancel all his appointments. Lil is questioned and asks for Margo to be sent away so she can speak freely. [After so long trying hard not to speak, she can only communicate in a hoarse whisper anyway!] She tells Chrissie and Bea that Margo wasn't happy with Bea's plan and disappeared just before the fire was started. Chrissie wins the chicken, but finds it's raw and straight out of the freezer, so Lizzie has to offer to get it cooked for her or find her something else. Lizzie tells Maxine she needs the cash to buy booze from the men. Margo threatens Lil to keep quiet. Tom Forbes visits Val: he tells her he's made "other arrangements" while she's been inside and has found another "supplier". Bea announces that it's Margo's turn to be questioned: she and Chrissie are just starting to heavy her when Carlson brings Val back after her visit. Jean lies and tells Judy she's broke, but we have seen her earlier with a thick wad of banknotes. She tells Judy she doesn't want to claim social security and doesn't put anyone's name as next of kin on the registration form for the halfway house, claiming she has no family left after her husband left her. Margo is bashed into confessing to the women that she started the second fire, but then refuses to admit it to the police and says Bea can't make her. Val tells Maxine she had been stealing goods from the department store where she worked so that her boyfriend could resell them in his shop. Colleen interrupts the conversation but refuses to tell Val how much she heard. Margo repeats that she isn't going to be confessing to starting the fire. Bea says she hopes Margo gets a good night's sleep, but agrees with Chrissie that there isn't much they can do to force a confession, for as Margo reminds them before lights out, if anything happens to her the police will know exactly who's responsible.


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