Lizzie refuses to see her son and Petra receives the results of her appeal.

First broadcast ... 1983 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Saturday 21 November 1998 04:40
DVD release: volume 26 disc 2 (AUS)
Duration: 0:43:35

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Judy ~ Betty Bobbitt
Lizzie ~ Sheila Florance
Joan ~ Maggie Kirkpatrick
Colleen ~ Judith McGrath
Ann ~ Gerda Nicolson
Wally ~ Alan Hopgood
Pixie ~ Judy McBurney
Petra ~ Penny Maegraith
Scott ~ Tim Elston
Sonia ~ Tina Bursill
Minnie ~ Wendy Playfair
Cass ~ Babs McMillan
Phyllis ~ Reylene Pearce
Bobbie ~ Maxine Klibingaitis
Officer Barry ~ Joy Westmore
Alice Dodds ~ Julia Blake
Daphne Brookes ~ Libby Gore
Clare Adams ~ Lisa Armytage
Wayne Adams ~ David Swan
Terence Makin ~ John Shaw
Billie Dorsey ~ Kristopher Steele
Sergeant ~ John Ramsay
Policeman ~ Robert McClelland

  • Written by Lex Van Os & Betty Quin
  • Directed by Greg Shears
  • Joyce finds Bobbie, still under the influence of drink, and Joan finds Sonia drunk in the rec room. Joan gets nowhere asking the women where the booze came from - not that she doesn't already know. Clare Adams and her baby come to Driscoll to escape from her husband. Joan tells Sonia she'll get rid of the booze if she confesses to making it all by herself. Alice tries to reason with Clare's drunken husband, who comes to Driscoll armed with a rifle: the police are called and Alice is shot in the arm in the struggle. Minnie is declared top dog, and decides to set up in competition to Sonia selling booze. Alice was only grazed by the bullet and is well enough to return to work. Wally tells Alice he is leaving, as she seems to have settled in and become accepted by the women. Sonia admits with a straight face that she made the booze all by herself. Ann clearly does not believe her but gives Sonia and Bobbie extra cleaning duties. Ann proposes an amnesty to allow the women to hand in any more booze then to hold a full cell search 24 hours later. Scott tells Judy he has been called as a witness against her. Joan lets Ann know that she thinks the amnesty is a joke. Minnie tells the women she's going to be getting some real booze into Wentworth. Scott and Petra are called to the Governor's office: a mistrial has been declared in Petra's case and she is released. Minnie phones up her solicitor to get him to to visit with a few samples of her old "pick-me-up". Petra says goodbye to the women and says she has Bea to thank for it. Sonia tells Phyllis to start collecting for the numbers game but no-one is buying. Minnie leaps in and offers to pay out double the prize money Sonia is offerring. Sonia explains to Bobbie that she needs the tape of Joan as "insurance". Terence brings in some miniatures of whisky for Minnie during an unsupervised visit. Ann tells Meg that Wentworth is to be connected to the Prison Broadcasting Service, and that a new officer is to be transferred from Woodridge. Lizzie gets a hand delivered message from Arthur. Sonia buys Phyllis' old tape recorder and cassette tapes while they are both on cleaning duties. Bobbie tapes an incriminating conversation between Sonia and Joan, as she has her headphones on and pretends to be listening to music. After a hint from Sonia, Joan catches Minnie being passed booze by Billy and takes her to the Governor to undermine Minnie in Ann's eyes. Sonia tells Joan that Minnie has already been handing out booze as prizes and must have wanted to get caught to put Joan off the scent and make Joan think she had stopped all the booze coming in. She demands that Joan brings in booze for her to use to win back favour. To help Joan make up her mind, she plays back a bit of the tape for her.


    Script Editor: ...
    Storyliners: Coral Drouyn, Andrew Kennedy, Alister Webb

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