Steve Ryan's mother doesn't know he is in love with a prisoner.

First broadcast ... 1986 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Saturday 20 May 2000 04:40
DVD release: volume 37 disc 4 (AUS)
Duration: 0:45:20

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Joan ~ Maggie Kirkpatrick
Ann ~ Gerda Nicolson
Joyce ~ Joy Westmore
Nancy ~ Julia Blake
Rita ~ Glenda Linscott
Julie ~ Jackie Woodburne
Lou ~ Louise Siversen
Lexie ~ Pepe Trevor
Alice ~ Lois Collinder
Bob ~ Peter Adams
Dan ~ Sean Scully
Mervin ~ Ernie Bourne
Steve ~ Peter Hayes
Kath Maxwell ~ Kate Hood
Pat Slattery ~ Dorothy Cutts
Officer Hagen ~ Christine Andrew
Bongo ~ Shane Connor
Grub ~ Ingle Knight
Heather Ryan ~ Julia McDougall
Amy Ryan ~ Penny Ramsay
Det. Insp. Barrett ~ Ian Walker
Det. Waters ~ Steven Hutchinson
Deidre Sims ~ Patti Perkins
Ward Sims ~ Nicholas Trinder
Photographer ~ Elwin Bradshaw

  • Written by Kit Oldfield
  • Directed by Brendan Maher
  • Inspector Barrett takes the keys from Ann and throws them to the fingerpints man for checking. Unsurprisingly after such careless handling, we are told later there were "no clear prints" on them.

    Ann and Meg inspect Lou's dead body : there is a broken bottle next to it, which seems to have been the murder weapon. Ann points out that it would be wrong to assume that it had to have been one of the women who was responsible. Rita, Alice and Lexie all fail to conceal their delight that Lou is dead. The women are put back in their cells until the police can question them. Julie and Lexie discuss who had the motive and opportunity to kill Lou: Lexie thinks that Alice will be the chief suspect, but Julie has to point out to Lexie that the same logic and a similar motive would make her a suspect too. Lexie assumes that Julie can give her an alibi, but Julie reminds her that they weren't together the whole time. The laxative is starting to take hold of Alice when Bob locks her in her cell. The police arrive and Ann sketches out for Inspector Barrett the women's backgrounds and their possible motives for killing Lou. Bob assures Kath he didn't kill Lou. Joyce is worried that the events will overshadow her wedding day and admits to Ann that she is nervous about getting married again. Joan reports Bob's relationship with Kath to Ann before she leaves for her two days off. Steve gives Mervin and Joyce a picture frame as a wedding present. Bongo and Grub lurk outside Wentworth, with Bongo unwisely yelling at the top of his voice his plan to break Rita out of Wentworth. Alice's alibi is that she and Rita were hanging up a banner on a security gate, which is confirmed by Pat, who says she helped them do it. Steve goes home to his mother and sister and meets some of his mother's posh friends coming away from a dinner party. Steve's sister tells him their mother will be furious when she finds out why he has really stayed on at Wentworth. Inspector Barrett questions Lexie aggressively and incompetently: for instance, in the heat of the moment he lets slip what the murder weapon was, which is a bit of evidence you'd have thought he'd have wanted to keep quiet from potential suspects. Lexie is convinced that the police want to frame her for the murder in revenge for accusing Bassinger. Ann is annoyed with Dan for holding back evidence which might implicate Rita and says it doesn't bode well for the success of his chaplaincy. He responds to her remark that she has to be able to trust him by pointing out that the women will have to trust him too. Det Insp. Barrett seems satisfied that Lexie is the killer, especially when Julie has to tell the truth about Lexie going to the toilet block on her own, a fact that Lexie had omitted to mention to them. Nancy reads Rita the entry in her diary about the wedding party and Lou's death. Julie tells Lexie she was silly not to tell the police the whole truth in the first place. While the women are cleaning up the dining room next day, Rita suggests they should try to find out what the people were doing who didn't come to the party: such as Janet Williams or "the kid killer". Or even, as Rita suddenly realises, Joan. Steve has a row with his mother about his work at Wentworth when he finds her reading his notes and she tells him he obviously has quite enough material already. Bongo comes to see Rita with a fake story that Ida is in hospital after swallowing a rusty nut, but he's really come to tell her he's going to break her out the same afternoon. Rita tries to persuade him not to go ahead with the plan, suspecting that his brain is addled with drugs. After a little heavying from Lexie, Kath provides Lexie with a partial alibi as she says she heard the noise that could have been the officer being knocked out not long before laughter and cheers from the rec room. Kath tells Bob she won't stand for being pushed around any more and that she is quite prepared to stand up to the next person who tries to bully her. Mrs Ryan phones Ann to tell her the truth about Steve. Bongo prepares for the escape.


    Story Editor: Bevan Lee
    Script Editor: Quincy McQuade (616), (617); Alister Webb (618), (619); Quincy McQuade (620)
    Storyliners: Bevan Lee, Tony McDonald, John Coulter

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